Well, this is going to be an unboxing video of the zemo, or is it called the zed mo? How do you pronounce the letter z? Is it z or z, when you put it in a word like this im gon na call it the zemo, i dont, know omp hobby sent this to me and it comes in a huge box like this, and you dont want to throw away the inside box Because that is your carrying case to and from the field, if you dont know what this beast is, if you havent been watching youtube, this is a vtol vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. So its like a drone when you take off and the reason we have vetoes in the world is because of no runway or poor landing area its winter here right now for me, so this is gon na be perfect. Just take off from the snow go up and then it flies straight out and you can put fpv goggles on its got a digital communication system that comes back to your video goggles. So you see everything really clear. You can also put a gopro up front, so let me take it out and tell you some more about it all right. I took off the cover and it looks like this now. Ive already opened the case once before and looked inside, and i swear, i dont know who packaged this thing, but its pretty cool its like a huge plane stuck in there.

Now. I have some specs down here to tell you about it. So its a drone and a plane stuck together, and i want to tell you the size of it – i have it written someplace here. Where is the size there? It is right there, so the wingspan from tip to tip is 1200 millimeters, which is 47 inches, and the body from nose to back is 31 inches 788 millimeters. Top speed of this baby is 110 kilometers per hour, which works out to 69 miles per hour. Im. Looking here it says it will cruise, if you just let go of the joysticks and just cruise nicely it cruises at 45, kilometers per hour flight time is one hour. It flies for one hour on the included battery comes with a 4s battery and its a high voltage battery flight range. It says flight range is 40 kilometers, which is 25 miles, but that range is um. Basically, if you take that battery that flies for one hour and you flew it straight in one direction, i think thats how you get that range, because, if im flying this with a dji remote that youre going to see inside and goggles im, not getting 40 kilometers Or 25 miles, thats for sure all right, so opening this up, let me show you how its packaged inside its really sweet check that out is this camera picking it up. Let me go this way. Oh, my god. This thing is so huge.

There we go its pretty cool, now im going to take all the pieces out, because i havent even seen all the pieces myself ive just opened the top, but im going to pull them out and see what we get. One thing i love about this plane is on their website. They say it is crash resistant, its made out of crash resistant material and then right after they write that they write the speed of 110 kilometers per hour and im thinking this things not going to look like this. If i crash it into the ground after 110, kilometers per hour, so already i can tell the foam theyre using for this is the high end foam and even on the ailerons look at that. That is very nice and look at the servos high end planes uh. Usually have the servos hidden and theyre hidden theyre, underneath here so i cant even access the servos. That is really nice on the ailerons and the motors themselves: huge brushless motors up front and when you lift this up, yeah theres a servo in there to lift it up and break it down. So you can go like that. Fly up like a drone and then go like that to go like a plane and connectors on the arms here. This does have gps built in so it has one button, push to return and the next wing we have right here. It looks just like the first wing i took out so heres that battery huge battery here the 4s battery.

You know what, for my swann k1 pro its pretty much the same battery, i think pretty close to it. You know xt60 connector. So that means i have a crapload of batteries to fly in this thing. What else do you get? You get a charger, an isdt charger, so thats a good brand name, its a 60 watt, smart charger, so thatll be for the battery. I already have chargers, but that you know an extra one. You got instructions over here you get the dji fpv remote, so the black ones. So if you buy this vitol and then later you get into the fpv hobby flying fpv drones youve got the remote for it because thats the remote for the fpv hobby from dji and then i believe, im on the last piece from what i can see, which Is the body the this is the largest piece? So let me yank that out there we go. There is the body so thats the tail, and then you have a motor here. You have a piece of carbon fiber going across there. You got the motor up here. The gps unit right there because it runs on gps, so it can return to home and know where it is in the sky. You have your antennas here for your uh digital unit and i think its a cadx vista unit inside. Let me open this. This top comes right off. You put your battery in there, so you can see right here, theres a spot for your battery plug and inside.

You can see in there that you have the dj. Oh the cadx system, its right in there. You can see it a little bit better and on the front uh, you can see the face plate right now is for fpv, but you can change that face plate because i have another one here. So this one here you would put on if you put a gopro in the front along with your fpv camera, so you record both thats how ill fly it thats pretty much it. The flight controller is in here theres a heatsink on the flight controller connectors in the body just connect right to the connectors in the wings and thats it. I could see this going together quite well and on the back you can see here once again: youve got elevators with servos built in theres, no external wires any place on this thing. It is really well made, and i will say the foam construction on this now. I know its made out of foam and a lot of you would go its made out of foam. It should cost next to nothing. This is true, but this is industrial foam. This is like the high end foam on airplanes. You know rc planes, because let me show you, i have a one over here, one second, so heres another rc plane and this one i havent taken out the fly i got to take this out. So youll see a review on this one too.

So this one is made out of the typical foam you get on rc planes. Rc planes are very inexpensive. They only cost a few hundred bucks for an rc plane and because theyre just made out of foam and theres nothing in them, so the cheapest hobby that you can get into in the rc hobby is the rc plane hobby pretty much, but this vtol is expensive. Let me tell you the price on it. I have it down here. So it starts. You can buy this thing, starting at 899 dollars u.s. You can go all the way up to one thousand eight hundred and ninety nine dollars. U.S yeah. It gets very, very expensive because i guess i dont know i guess the digital system, the technology everything else has made it that way, and i guess well find out how crash resistant it is and if it does crash in the rc plane hobby uh its pretty Easy to fix things you either buy another wing if thats, what you damage or you use some foam tack its glue. You glue everything back together. I just dont know how i would fix those servos, because they are really well made holy crap. So lets see im. Looking down my chart, is there anything i havent told you so blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. So i can tell you i read the manual already. I took it out its a very small manual, its like a quick start guide and heres how it flies so youd have this powered on and then here you have your switches and basically you just fly it around like a drone going around and then you take It up about 25 meters up in the air when you want to fly it like a plane, and then you just flick.

I think its one of these switches – probably this one, you just flick this. It will cause the motors to go forward and ramp up and now your throttle control over here has more throttle control, so you can drive it through the air through the wind or whatever you fly it around and then, when youre getting tired of flying it you Want to bring it home, you can either fly it overhead at a slow speed, flick this button and it goes back into the horizontal mode like a drone, or you can flick this button over here and it will go into return to home. Come back to you and then go into that mode itself, and then you bring it down for landing. I dont know if it maybe it comes down and lands itself, because its got gps in it. Im not really sure were to see when i take it out. All right so thats going to be in a future video when the weather warms up and youll see it. Then this is just a quick unboxing to answer any questions you may have and if you have other questions, just post them below and ill get back to you and if you want to check out the prices and more specs on this im going to put links Below to where you can check it out on the omp hobby website, it might also be on other websites too. If i can find this on the banggood website, i might be able to get bango to give me a discount, so it doesnt cost as much and if thats the case well, then it will be below as well.