Is one of the first drones ive ever owned? Well, it is the first drone ive ever owned and it was its called a green hornet, se its not the most expensive drone, but its really a good one for starting. I think my wife got it on amazon and has a 2k camera so to speak. So opening it up, we saw that it had obviously instruction little book different things: some extra propellers, some propeller guards, and so this is uh. This is what came out of the box, so poor propeller as a camera altair made by altair all taylor aerial, ultra aerial 818, green hornet, se, users manual now weve been using it for a couple weeks and one of the things i would say about this. Is it has a special battery thats unique to this drone, and so, if you want to get more batteries, so you can go out in the field and use it more for more hours or more minutes. Youll have to get extra batteries, but the batteries cost about 15, a piece and theyre unique. I ordered two batteries off of amazon and when they got here, they were actually for a different model. So i couldnt use them, but id have to say id have to complement these customer service at altar because they immediately agreed to send me two other batteries that will fit, hopefully when they, when they get here, not require me to send the other ones back.

So i i was impressed with the quick response from customer service, so the battery goes in here. Clicks in it does have a spot here for an sd card. 32 gigabyte sd card is the largest you can put in there and ill have to say this about the battery battery takes several hours to charge and youre lucky if you can get 15 minutes of flight time out of that battery. So this is not a professional grade. Um drone, its really for record recreational reuse, its really just a little bit more than a toy, and it does weigh 230 grams, which is slightly less than what i understand. The faa federal flight administration, ffa, whatever it is, what they require for the drone to be registered if its over 250 grams. Apparently, you are required to actually register the drone and then put a number on the drone, but because this one is under 250 grams. This is my understanding you dont have to register or have a number listed on it, and that is in the case that youre using it strictly for recreational use, which is really quite limited, its not for use if youre, using it for your company or for monetizing. On youtube or anything where youre actually making money, then they consider that commercial use, and in that case, then you need a commercial drone. Pilots license under chapter 107, i believe which is doable. I think that you can take about 15 hours of classes online.

Take the test and get your commercial drone. Pilots license thats my understanding, uh. The battery is charged with this little special um connector, its not a typical usb connection, its a special connector and then that plug you plug it into a an adapter um im. Using my one for my samsung phones to charge, but again like i say it takes about two hours to charge it so two hour charging time for 15 minute. Flight time is not the greatest, but the learning process. It takes a little bit of time to learn how to use this thing. First of all, theres this control module control thing with the joysticks and it has a little nice little card on there. It helps you gives you some cheap, a cheat sheet thing telling you exactly what the different things are on the controller, one of the big things that they say that you need to do is make sure you, when you start this thing up, you need to turn The controller on, and then you turn the drone on and then you have to um youll see that these lights are blinking. You have to orientate this thing so that the gps will pick up on the gps satellites and since im inside i dont think itll work. But you have to rotate this thing: 360 degrees, um, im, not sure if all drones do this, but you have to do this on this one 360 degrees until it locks onto these satellites which its not going to do inside.

I guess and then youll get a beep, and then you have to do it vertically, like this its a little bit itd be nice to have it on the rotating thing. That would be easy to turn it around like that, and you do this until that beeps, then it locks onto the gps, um satellites im going to turn it off turn this off, but one of the things with this controller is that you are able to use Your smartphone as your screen, the only problem is, is that my note 9 with a case on it on it, will not fit so it just no matter how hard i try to get that thing in there. It just is too big a little bit. So what i did is i took this old note 5, which was my previous phone, and i took the case off of that and made sure that the battery was charged up which its not but then i can take that and i can use. I can actually put that in here quite easily, so itll fit in here. What you have to do is you have to download a special program on my android, its from the play store or the google play store, and you download that that app seems wanting to power off my power off so go backwards. Okay, so, first of all, since lets see if we turn this on turn, this on first turn the drone on not sure if you can see that real well, so the drone is on um.

What you have to do is you got ta have to go into the um wi fi settings on here and so well. Go to wi fi settings unlock and the drone will be putting out a a signal on wi fi, and so then you connect to that which this is already set up to automatically connect so its connected to this. So now my phone is connected to the drone. So thats fine, then i go ahead and go to the to the app and so open up the app and that comes up now. I can put it into the controller here so then this will say: go flying. I can click on there and say go flying. I think because i havent orientated it with the satellites see if it will actually work this time, 360 degrees yeah. I guess it actually did that is so hard theres, nothing to grab onto now. Okay, so now i guess its locked on and then it says, gps accuracy, test system needs to gather gps accuracy. Information around you please place the mobile on a flat area. Keep these things within half of a meter, so im going to say next again, i dont think its picking up satellites very easily inside the house here so im going to skip that and its telling me that it has a weak gps signal and the lights are All blinking so its not its not going to work in here, but once its set up like this and the lights go out, and then you can take these little deals like this and you go.

You hit them in a 45 degree angle in the blades start. Turning and then you can use the controller to go up and down left and right a little button here on the side, so you can start videotaping um, but thats it. It basically is um pretty pretty decent. So the next issue that we have, let me go ahead and turn this off next issue. That we have is that in testing this out, we took it outside and tested it out and for a couple days it worked really nice and getting used to it and one day last week i flew it up in the sky, probably 100 feet up in the Sky and was moving around a little bit around the house here and then i proceeded to fly it directly into one of our fur trees, its about 65 feet high. So i felt like an idiot to fly my drone right into the fir tree right at the top of the per tree, so we spent several days trying to figure out how we were going to get that thing out of there and, as you can see its Its here now so i i have retrieved it, but i guess thats. The next story so well go to that next story.