Today we have a brand new, a brand new release from emacs. This is the emacs nanohawk x right here, and this is essentially a little truex backyard ripper that you can fly on a single 1s 450 milliamp battery and get around four minute flight times on this quad, which is pretty nice. It also has around a 100 milliwatt vtx on board. It is resting, just above the flight controller. We have an f4 flight controller with a built in spi receiver for d8. I believe it might have d16 protocol as well. Youve got your usb port right here and also a bind button right on the flight controller on the other side on the opposite side over here, if you put a little bamboo skewer in there, you can bind this up to your taranis, fr sky radios and we Have new motors on this baby too? Aside from the unibody, we have th, and these are emacs branded motors 12025, and these are 11 000 kv lets see if i can get that in focus. There thats pretty cool four bolts on the bottom here, two bolts coming in the box for the hardware on these newly designed bond props super super fast and it does not fly like a tiny whoop forget about the tiny move. This flies more like a three inch in a a small space in the backyard which is kind of crazy. I think this ones going to be a pretty good price too, and you guys have to check out these new batteries.

The new emacs 450 1s battery hv with now guess what xt30 already put on there for you. So you have better voltage with this battery and not as much sag. If you have a ph 2.0 connector like comes standard on these batteries, it gives you too much voltage sag when youre trying to run high voltage on something like this, when you want some extreme performance. So this quad has all the performance on something like a three inch were just gon na, take it out in the backyard now – and we are gon na, give it some full throttle and were gon na try to power loop. Some things back here low to the ground and were gon na, do some massive big power loops with this guy, so uh were gon na see how it flies in the backyard fast and slow today, in this review, so enjoy the flight footage and well come back After that, well talk about this little guy on the bench and uh what i think about the new, the new new from emacs. Here we go Music Applause, Music, so Music Applause, Music, okay, guys lets go ahead and set the quad on the scale, thats a dry weight. Without a battery. It looks like 44 grams and with the one s 450, it gets you up to 57 grams, total takeoff weight so well under 100 grams and really not a whole lot heavier than what i was flying recently.

You guys saw that little baby nasgol. That was super fun um and most of you guys are going to ask me: how does this compare to the baby nazgul? Well, i have to say that this guy is kind of its kind of its own breed. It really doesnt fly anything like the baby nasal. I felt like the baby nasgol is smaller and probably better suited for, like some backyard close in really technical flying, whereas this one you can do backyard sort of close in technical flying, but this guy wants to go big. It wants to go like three inches. You know way up in the trees. You could do huge power dives with it um i mean its its its crazy power loops. It will power loop, stuff low to the ground. It will power loop, larger things like the the overhang off the back of the house, which was crazy. Ive never tried that with any other quad before and this little guy was able to handle that, and i mean how many times did we crash, we crashed quite a few times didnt we um. I crashed into a big tree on the far right hand, side of the yard, all the way down hit all the branches on the way down and i dont have any frame damage at all, which is i mean you know not super surprising. It is a really lightweight quad, but check out the new motors. These are the th 12025 motors.

Again they look pretty nice two bolts on the top on the top of this prop Music and those are not super aggressive on the pitch which i like. That is nice, they have a nice wide cord in the center here and it smooths out to a nice smooth, sharp tip, and what that does is it gives us a nice quiet prop when it pulls up, but it also gives us a nice punch for punch Out when we need it that power at the bottom of the power loop, when we come back around thats when you need a lot of high throttle when youre coming back around and this guy didnt have a problem pulling out of even the steepest power loops. Coming back in so sometimes when you come in late, you need a lot of power to just save it from bottoming out, and i feel like this did pretty well with the performance of the xt 30 on this battery. So that really kind of wakes. The squad up now in stability mode for the beginners, if youre brand new to flying fpv, start out with this little guy in stability mode. It does come in beta flight setup for uh stability, horizon and acro mode. So, if youre flipping your mode switch. The third position down on your mode switch, which mines always this one all the way down: thats acro and all the way back up, and i was also happy that they included a 100 milliwatt vtx.

It is sitting just above right here just above the flight controller and the escs, and it is soldered down now one other thing thats cool about this is that i did take the top off for you guys and do a little investigation underneath the hood for you. So to speak and there is an s, bus port, on this flight controller. So if you want to add your own receiver on here, you can do that and thats thats really nice. You can add any type of s, bus receiver on here so and i believe there is a three point: three volt tab for spectrum, guys if youre running any of those older receivers, it should handle that too. So futaba fly sky spectrum, taranis and im, not sure. If you could put a tvs, crossfire nano on here or not ive, never done that on this quad. But i was happy to see it when i pulled it out of the box, and it did have an xd30 on here, because flying 1s didnt get me super excited until i fired this thing up and took off so the durability factor on this one is going To be a thumbs up, the fight fun factor is like two thumbs up. I mean its freaking so fun to fly. If you get this one, i suggest grabbing like five or six batteries youre going to want to keep these in rotation, because if you have a big backyard or one about the size of this one youre going to have way way way way.

So much fun. Um – and i would be careful with this one at the at the park – this one hit somebody in the face. It would definitely probably cut your face so um with the girls back here running around today. I was staying way up high and staying away from any low level, flying just keep it away from the kids so yeah. If your family is around when youre flying this one just make sure you keep it away from the kids. But otherwise, when you have a nice empty backyard, just go for it, and youll youll have a lot of fun. With this lets open up the box, real, quick and ill just show you what comes in the box. Oh look! Look at that guys theres another one in there, so we have two of these. You guys think i should do a giveaway make a comment down below. If you think i should. There is one of the connectors and i believe i got two of these per box, and these are the extra props here you get six of them in each box, which is nice, and you get some hardware, some standoffs and an extra little tiny screwdriver, the worlds Smallest screwdriver, you guys have seen those before if youve been on my channel for years, youve seen some of emacss releases and they have a card in here that sends you over to emacs tech support, so, usa, canada and international qr codes, pretty cool.

So if you need to email these guys, you can do that and you can check out their site its on emacs, and international. They have a different site: facebook, instagram and youtube so pretty cool. But you can check out my link down below if youd like to grab one of these and as always so guys if you grab one from my link, um yeah, it benefits my family and helps the drum fans. Army grow a little stronger and you also get emac stickers, which is pretty cool, always cool to have some extra e master because ill stick those on my toolbox or out in the field, but anyway, guys thanks for hanging with me and be sure to comment on This video subscribe and send us an email at because were giving away that theme, x8 mini coming up in the first part of september, so stay tuned guys be safe out there and happy flying everybody. Hopefully you enjoyed this review. Another fun review today and weve got two of these, so who knows maybe ill announce in the next video or so that were gon na probably give both of these away to you guys. I dont think i need them, so i think you guys need them.