Music were making progress yeah. We are look at this guy whoa. You relieved my heavy burden, nice. You got him. You could build the better part of a house with this one tree. Really oh yeah. Its got to be. I dont know close to 30 inches across at the bottom, so you could. You could square that into like a almost a 24 by 24., so thats like three thats, like nine, eight by eight all at one time, wow. If you stood those up as posts in your house – and you put them, you know, you say you span them 10 feet, thats a 20 by 20. 400 square foot, just out of the first length just out of the bottom 10 feet of this tree is all The posts yeah the next length you get all your beams. Okay, we got a piece of land were trying to find its way out here. It has no access. As far as we know, it has never been accessed ever by a road or a trail or anything absolutely in the middle of the woods, yep and uh we thought snow showing was a good idea, but we maybe should have waited until march still yeah until later. When the snow got crunchy but were gon na make it in there and the girls, the girls are coming another way and they are gon na go uh past the spring and collect some water for us and then were gon na go and try and find this Piece of land and weve been thinking of a lot about this.

We really want to do the off grid camp out and were going to let you know by the end of this video, whether we do it and if we do, it were going to open it up and you can register and – and i think it would be A blast but were going to check this bit of land out and see if it would be a great place to camp out, so um were heading to spring to go check it out and theres a bunch of these checks. Wow. Look at that thats crazy. Its been like minus 30 for two weeks, its still open, okay lets fill up, so we got to the spring and we drank some of the water and now were gon na go up here and try and meet up with dad and mom and christina. This is a good workout, hey yeah, my eyes will be. Are you lifting your legs with your arms? Well, they kind of get stuck hey Laughter. Well, how was your road howd you like the amount of snow on yours? I dont know it was like six to eight inches or something i had to take off the camera, because the snow was up to here. Yeah. I know it was something else. Have you seen lots of moose tracks, theres tons? We crossed a bunch. Oh yeah, like totally fresh, smooth poop, like oh yeah, like he did it today, oh yeah, so water, delicious yeah it didnt, even taste so fresh.

It smells a little slow free when you like, have it in your hand or in your bottle, but it doesnt, taste plus sulfur is good for you right its part of a balanced diet. Okay! Well, i think we got ta head on out there just through this stuff. Yeah lets find a spot to have lunch. Where are we there yet uh? No, we got ta go, find the uh spot. We wan na get to the close to that property. All right at least close. I wan na be able to see it its not too much further just twice as far just that way: Music Applause, Music, nice elk, rub it looks low to the ground, but were three feet off the ground right now, and here its like the elk majors are Up and then the bear came along and said, yeah just so, you know im around two. That tree has a long history of bears, climbing it oh yeah. Here it is. Ladies, this is the property. Well keep going. I want to see a little bit more Laughter. Thats awesome more elk sign like this. One has a whole bunch of hair in it. Oh boy dead, spruce here, im in a hole now, can you hold that for a second yeah? You know what it really drops down here, but this is a south facing. This. Is a south facing look, you know yeah if a guy thinned out a spot here, youd have like a huge, a huge south facing sky nice.

Okay, well lets find a nice tree to have a. We need a view with some shelter from the wind and some nice dead sticks around right. There really right there well theres some dead sticks and theres the view. This is one of the most beautiful creations ever look at that its a monster and what cant you do with a tree? Hey, you can breathe what it breathes out. You can eat it dry. You can eat the old mens beard, it tastes like lemon. You build a house out of it, you can heat the house out of it and by that time there will be another one growing there, nice, no youre nice. Okay lets have a fire yeah like now right now, nice fire, julia thanks. It just looks like life looks like we can survive now, thats what it looked like. I threw my beard on the fire. Oh man, this is great. Well, if we do, the camp out were gon na. Do it in may, and in may in may may is just so wonderful its like that special time in between winter and mosquito season and then next winter. What we would do is wed have a whole bunch of you out here. Individual people couples families whatever we come out and well have a trail cleared all the way in here, not actually a driving trail like more like a quad trail and wed, walk in and wed set up a whole bunch of different spots to camp and then wed Set up like a big fire pit area with a with a covered kitchen and were even thinking about dragging a wood cook stove out here we could have a wood cook stove, maybe like a a pizza, oven or something i think, wed butcher.

A pig wed like use the whole thing wed cook it all up, wed eat. The whole thing rose, would cook the whole time and i think a couple clinics dave could put on like a little wood work clinic, maybe uh, maybe using the pole, lathe and julia. Could do a leather work clinic and maybe make a belt or something like that and spend half a day doing that and other than that uh its gon na be a whole lot of you know. Experience some low tech off grid stuff get to know a whole bunch of other cool people because im pretty sure, im pretty sure, theres a whole bunch of cool people out there and wed love to meet you and im sure some of you would learn from each Other itll just be for four days, but youd almost want to stay forever like just like. Why would you want to leave? What do you think should we do the way off grid camp out yep yeah? Would you girls all be there? Would you be there cause at the camp out Laughter, i guess so julie would have to be there. If shes going to put on a leather work clinic, hey yeah, we could cut down some standing dead, pine tree and bucked and split all our firewood like we could cook entirely on our own wood from the forest. Yeah thatd be a lot of fun. Wed probably play some games too, probably games for the kids.

I think itd be a great adventure. Actually, i guess if we commit to do it, we probably can only do it if we get a certain amount of other people, a certain amount of you that want to commit. So if we put it out there, it would probably have like a minimum number, and certainly a maximum number. Okay well were gon na keep thinking about it. Look at this wow that blue sky is growing. I know theres a gorgeous view here, like you, can see. Probably for miles and miles if we were just above the trees or if we cut a few trees, Music, protecting us its really difficult with a two foot trench but like we did a couple loops and we thought maybe youd kind of like loop back and make A wrong turn: the smell brought us in yeah. It really lingers Laughter come by your fire. Have some pepper nuts pepper nuts now were just making tea perfect yeah. We only brought two cups, one for your family, one for our family whistling. No, it doesnt whistle. Oh so were trying to make the final decision are. We gon na do a way off grid campout? Yes right, the decisions made. What look at this it is yeah were doing. It were doing it come on youre right its like its too fun out here. Its gorgeous right yeah its just like a chunk of woods that no one has ever been to, except like theres, no road here, yep no ones ever had a road here that i could tell youre gon na do a little clinic yep its gon na, be awesome.

Okay, everyone gets to build their own piano, yeah, well, youll get youll leave with like the basic skills to go home and build a piano Laughter. I think itll be an awesome introduction to green woodworking, yeah, okay theres a lot of green wood around here, yeah yeah. You could actually like just cut down a tree harvest all the nice clean parts and then like make the thing all in the same day. Yep. That is what well do. Oh thats awesome, hey. You could uh, you could play harp at the campfire yeah. Why not to buy me? Why are you laughing well whats funny about that? Well, harps! Arent harmonica was never used in rock until neil young right right, and so you could bring harp to the campfire whats. Another name for a harmonica harp, monika Laughter, okay, well dave says, were doing it and whenever are we doing it are we doing it were doing it? Oh man way off grid camp out, okay were doing it. Dave! Okay, well, okay were gon na think about this, because we probably need to tell you some more details. Lets just get some of the details: okay, yeah, like whats the date right may early, may its gon na be mid. May i think mid may yeah and then uh yeah well get well think up some details. Well tell you and then youre gon na have to go to our website right Is it dot com, yeah, gridlessness.

com Laughter? Oh man, look at that sunshine wow! So i just had a drone accident. Oh that looks yeah. I flew the drone into my face. I dont know if you can see that, but oh no laughing no laughing, you cant laugh Laughter when it happens no anyway, so i flew the drone the wrong way. Instead of away, it was like that sesame thing like near far, but i went near instead of far youre gon na have a fat lip. I am, i already feel very fat yeah, its puffing up a bit im gon na start slurring his beach im. Sorry dont laugh, remember, okay! Well, what else do we have to like figure out about our about our way off grid camp out man uh, just how many new best friends its true? Well, i think theres only one right answer to that jeff. I think its gon na be one oh dave. Nothing could replace you nothing, i think were gon na have like 40 or 50 people. Yeah thatll be good, okay. Well, we would love to have you come out. It would be a lot of fun. Can you see this im sorry anyways freak drone accident, true story, thats? What youre apologizing for dont make me laugh man, i cant were gon na soil right now were not even gon na. Tell you exactly where this is because were not gon na tell the whole internet where this is but were gon na.

Tell you roughly where this is and youre gon na get yourselves out here and then i said no, i said no laughing Laughter trying to be serious, Laughter wow. It actually still looks really nice. I can feel the heat from it. Yeah yeah, just not enough. Oh, i love this time. Look at it its like what is it its its like hot, pink, open, glow, open glow. Is that what thats called is so come join us head to the website its so go sign up. It might not have all the information right off the bat, but itll have enough. I think that you can sign up and well probably add some information or some questions and answers when we get when we get them, so i guess thats it for now.