It has altitude hold headless mode, one button take off and landing three speeds: 3d flip and a battle game Music. It comes in red and yellow, so lets check out what we get in the box. We get a user manual Music, a packet with a screwdriver four spare props usb charger to charge your 3.7 volt 180 milliamp hour. Lipo batteries heres the controller that requires two aaa batteries, and here is the a21 Applause, Music Applause Music. So the a21 mini battle. Drone is a drone where you can either just fly it by itself as a drone, because it does have a lot of different features on. You can also fly two or more of these around and battle it out. So that is the infrared beam that sends the signal out and then here is a receiver module which will tell you if you got hit with the infrared beam. So i know what youre thinking. How can i test it out if i only have one drone san cisco sent me two of them so were gon na go, do a little battle test out the battle mode and then test out all the other features that come with the a21 its time to Fly the san cisco, a21 and right there is the battery hatch slip the battery in and then it plugs inside the hatch there, its a little tough to plug in there. We go close that and it does latch. We have the on and off switch right there and there we have it.

So blue is for the front and red is for the back after you turn the controller on it does auto bind so to calibrate the gyro you go down and out and once they stop flashing, then its calibrated so theres two ways to take off. You can take off by either pressing this button here which arms it and then it takes off by itself and then thats the same to land. It press the button and down it goes or you can do it. This way you go down and in it arms the motors and then you hit up on the throttle and there you go and then you can just land it just like that and then thats the other way to land it and theres. One more feature lets take off here. One more feature is an emergency landing is, if you push the right and left stick in for one second and hold them in, it cuts the power for emergency landing, and then this is your left and right trim and your forward and backwards trim right here now Lets talk about the speeds and the flips, because this has three speeds and it does do the 360 flips so lets do the flips first. All you do is press the right stick. Now you hear the beeping Music pick, which direction there was a front flip lets. Do that again, lets do a roll, so it isnt that strong on the on the flips.

It does lose altitude. A little bit lets do a backflip there there. I did all four directions: Music now lets check out the speed. So the speed buttons right here now were in the second rate. You can definitely notice that you all picked up a little bit and lets go three rates. Oh there we go so we are in the third rate now. So the only other thing theres the funnels testing out the funnels okay, so the only other thing that is left is headless mode besides the battle mode but headless mode. If you want to fly this by itself, this is also the battle mode button, but you short press it when youre in battle mode. If you want to shoot at the other drone, you long press until you hear a beep, yep, look headless mode, wow headless modes. Actually, really good on this one, so lets get out of headless mode. Well, do a long press again and we are back in regular mode. Okay, now its time to try out battle mode so lets land this land it right there. Okay, now were ready for battle mode, were gon na take off im gon na? Let the one just hover around and im gon na shoot at it with the infrared beam, whichever drone gets hit with the infrared beam it like shakes. You get hit four times and it automatically lands so lets. Try it out were gon na take off in three two one: okay, the head of the drone has to be facing the one youre firing at oh, i just hit it lets see if it yep theres twice now lets do it again.

Oh there it got it. Theres three times this will be four lets see what happens on four. Oh, oh, oh it just it. Just drops thats four hits and now hes done so now were gon na go into like real battle. Music. Did i get him Music? Oh, i missed. Oh, i did get them Music. Oh i got hit. Oh i got hit again. I hit him. Oh Music. Oh i got him again. Oh this is pretty fun these drones. They should sell these in a two pack where you can get two of these because its fun like flying around. Oh, we got him again. Oh hes, Music. Oh what happened there. Can you take off Music? Oh, i got him Music. Oh, we hit each other. Oh, that was the fourth one on me and i got the fourth one on him at the same time, so thats pretty fun. These are really cool drones. Now, when low voltage is detected, you will see that the leds are flashing. You wont be able to do any more flips or anything like that, but that is it for the san cisco a21 battle drones such a fun little drone, it flies really good and theyre great flyers. The battle game is, is really fun to fly around and just kind of like pew pew pew at each other, and so yes, highly recommend right now. These are on amazon for 35. At the time of this video, these are for 35, but theyre offering a 15 coupon.

You can select at checkout, which brings it down to 20. This is worth 20 dollars. You can buy both of these for 40 bucks and have a little battle game. So i am gon na give these away. Not these ill send brand new ones to you, but im going to do a giveaway on the san cisco a21s, because i highly recommend them. They are a lot of fun. So lets go back! Well, talk more about the giveaway, oh theres, low voltage. It just happened right now see the leds flash when low voltage, so the a21 is a pretty good drone. I definitely recommend getting the second one, so you can have a little battle game if you just want one drone thats fine too, because this is a decent drone to fly around indoors. It does. Okay, with the flips does lose a little bit of altitude with the flips. You do get about eight to ten minutes of flight time, so thats not bad at all the headless mode works flawlessly. You do get the three speeds. The third speed is pretty fast. Altitude holds so its very beginner friendly, so i would love to put this in for the november giveaway now, i know were in october, not november, but this is going to be for next month, along with some other rcs that im going to feature for the month Of november october is just gon na, be the traxxas blast if you didnt get entered for that, go ahead, hop on over to that video get yourself entered in the 5k giveaway for the traxxas blast thats.

Why im jumping this to the november giveaway watch for other rcs to hit the channel, get yourself entered im, doing a new way for the giveaways? So if you want to enter all you have to do is be a subscriber from the us and then comment down below and your comment is your entry and then im gon na pick 10 names from each rc that i feature for the month of november. Put everybody on the wheel spin, the wheel, eliminate names till were down to a final name and thats the person that wins and they will win the rc from whichever video their name was drawn from.