Take a look in the box, see what you get comes with a manual a full set of spare props a usb charger to charge your 3.7 volt 200 milliamp hour lipo battery here is the non altitude hold controller. That requires two double a batteries. Here is the eachine e012, its a ducted fan drone its a micro, its pretty small. It has features like headless mode, one key return, three different speeds, and also it does flip. Some rolls Music. All right lets take this eachine for a little test flight. There is no on and off switch. You have to plug it in to turn it on, so the easiest thing would be plug it in first and then slip it in the little battery compartment there. The battery sticks out further than the plug, so you wouldnt be able to plug it in if you put the battery in first, so we have some cool leds. We got some blue, some green, some red. So, oh and theres the front we have a nice bright, led in the front im gon na put the head facing this way just in case. I need to do that for headless mode. So turn the controller on and up down and do we have a bind? Oh yeah, we have a mine, this is non altitude hold and then here are the trims, so thats forward and backward trim and then left and right trim. So lets take it up in the air, so it does have headless mode.

It seems like im drifting to the right there come on get over here there we go thats thats, a pretty good, pretty good, hover right there, okay, perfect, so it does have headless mode, so lets go into headless mode. Now now it wants to drift over there again all right lets bring it down so to calibrate the gyro it is down and to the right – and you saw it flash now. The gyro is calibrated, so lets take this up in the air. Now it wants to drift to the left all right. Okay, lets go into headless mode, now see it flashing. Oh yeah, yep, hillis mode works, pretty good lets get out of that, so well hit that again and then it says auto return, which is the other button up top here, lets see what happens. Oh here, it comes coming right back all by itself, nice, okay. So the auto return works as well, so lets check out the speeds. The speeds are on the left. Stick you push the left. Stick in! Oh, you hear the second beep, oh, that that go quite a bit faster, but theres. Three speeds to this lets push this in again, three speeds: whoa, this thing moves really really fast yeah. This is pretty quick and i dont know why but im in low voltage already you see the flashing leds but wow this thing, this thing moves pretty good. In the third rate, i cannot believe the battery is dead already or almost dead.

Anyway. Things awesome. This thing, zips around pretty good lets, see ill, try to flip nope it doesnt. Let me flip so yeah. It is in low voltage. I cant believe its in low voltage already. That is rather disappointing. Music huh well im going to charge this battery up were going to do some flips, because i want to show the flips so to do the flips, i think its funny in the in the book. It says you have to be at least 10 feet off the floor, but at least 10 feet below the ceiling. So what the books saying is you need to be in at least a 20 foot tall room. We dont have 20 feet here. You dont need to be in a 20 foot room lets. Do some flips here see how good it flips you push the right, stick in and pick your direction. That was a pretty good flip. You definitely dont need to be in a 20 foot tall room for a flip like that. That was a back flip lets. Do a roll to the side? Oh almost hit the lift there and lets do another. It doesnt lose altitude at all. When it does the flips it flips pretty good, i just thought it was pretty funny how they say you have to be in, like a 20 foot tall room. Now you can fly this outdoors were not flying outdoors because it is cold out and it is windy, and i dont think this little drone will handle the amount of wind that is out there right now.

So we are flying in the shop, but i love this thing. This thing flies really really good, so i am, in the third rate, still yaws, not that fast, but it does turn pretty good when youre flying. I think the yaw is a perfect yaw speed anyway. Sometimes these drones, when you put them in the high rate, i think they yaw a little too fast and it makes it hard to control. But i think this i think this is a perfect yaw rate for the speed. Oh and there we have low voltage and low voltage is why the leds are flashing. It just ran into the air hose there, which is one nice thing about these ducted fan drones is you have prop guards? They act as prop guards. Well, just fly it around see how much longer we can fly and low voltage so im not super impressed with the battery life, especially especially on the size of the drone. This is a really small drone and oh boy and its its pretty light, and i did not get a long flight time out of this, and this drone only came with one battery, so you get just a few minutes of flying and then you have to take The battery out and charge it and sit for like 40 minutes for it to charge. Oh, oh, get off the hose get off. Oh there it is its dead, so that was the eachine e012 and it is a great flyer i enjoyed this drone.

I thought it did great with flips the headless mode works. The one button returned three different speeds, which the third speeds pretty fast on this the battery is the only negative thing about this drone. I wish i had a little bit more battery life 200 milliamp hours. I thought it would last a little bit longer, maybe closer to the eight minute mark, so this will be going in for the november giveaway and how my giveaways work is theyre, a monthly giveaway, and i give away one of the rcs that i feature for that. Specific month so for november, im gon na have the eachine e012. Some of you seen the a21 battle drones from san francisco and then i have the dwi, the dalwell and i think thats, how you say it but um. I have this coming up next, so we will open this up and see what comes in this really nice case and how good the drone flies, but these are gon na be the ones for november. So if you want to get yourself entered, you have to comment on the video of each rc. You want to have a chance to win. You just have to be a subscriber from the us, so you, like the a21s, go ahead over that video drop. A comment get yourself entered you like this. One comment down below get yourself entered your comment.