Today we take a look at how to prevent your drone from updating automatically, specifically the firmware, as well as doing the mod on the mavic air 2 to remove the no fly zones as well as the altitude limits Music. Now, why would you want to prevent your drone from updating? Well, just go into google type in dji, firmware problems and youll see why, in my opinion, if it aint broke, dont fix it and only update. If you really need to, in this case, dji has released a version of the firmware that prevents the new drone hacks mod from removing the altitude limits and the no fly zones. If youve updated, you would lose that ability in this case were just going to log into drone hacks, and we can take a look at what mods are available. As you can see, im going to register a brand new license to the current drone that ive got and its very simple you just need to purchase a drone hacks license on their site, its affiliated with your account when you log in it will automatically check now. Since the drone is already being connected, it will automatically open this page, where i can check or implement any of the mods that i want, but lets just go to the main page quickly and check the firmware that im currently on. I do not want to be on the latest firmware. I want to be on 0. 6.

1. 0.. Now remember if youve done the mod and your drone updates the firmware youre effectively going to lose the mod. So what we want to do is you want to go to the fly. App click on the go fly option go to the three dots on the top right and then check your current firmware. Now, if youre not sure how to do this, you can do it in the dronex app or you can do it right here now, im checking for new firmware and i dont have a new firmware because it does seem like dji recall the latest firmware that they Dropped out, but we want to prevent this from ever happening again. So just go back to the fly, app tap on your profile and then scroll down to settings once youre on that page, you can say firmware auto download you can enable or disable it. In my case, i would always want to disable it, so it doesnt automatically download, because then the app can technically force you to upgrade. Instead, where you have the option to cancel it, so in this case im going to leave that off, i can also check your firmware and youll see that theres no firmware update available. But how can you make this permanent, so it does not give you any issues in the future. You can scroll down to privacy and you can enable or disable local mode. Now, when youre in local mode, you need to pay attention because youre not going to be able to see or use the map anymore and youll find my drone option, obviously its not going to work because youre not uploading.

Your flight data to the dji account anymore. Now, if you dont want to do this, you do not need to enable this. You can just leave your drone offline, so it does not connect to the internet at all. But if you are going to connect to the internet, i would recommend using local mode so that you do not accidentally update something on your dji fly app once youve done. Whatever you need to do on the internet, you can always just come back and disconnect from the internet and enable local mode again, as you can see, the dji flip requests you to manually close it and reopen it again to enable local mode, but since local mode Is now in a world, it cannot check for map. Information cannot check for find my drone options and obviously it cannot automatically update as well. This is a great option for those of you guys that do not want to get tracked by dji or, if youd like to update something on your drone. You enable something on your tablet or your device to update and you make sure that your dji and your software does not get updated in the background now, once the app is fully rebooted, you can just click on, go fly and were just going to do a Quick test to make sure local mode is enabled all you need to do. Click on go fly. The three dots from the top right then go to the about section and then tap on your check for firmware update.

If you see the message that you cannot do it because youre in local mode, then you know everything is fine, all you can do now. Is you can close it out? You can go back to the drone. Hacks application connect your drone and then wait for it to be detected by the application once its done youre going to see your options that you can do in this case, youre going to see fcc modes always enabled, but its not enabled on the drone, its just The default setting so click apply to apply fcc mode. Remember it does not mean that fcc was enabled on your drone, its just the default setting. It cannot read it from the drone, so when you click apply its going to send the mod to the drone and start to apply the fcc mod to your mavic air. This can also be done on your mini 2 as well and youll notice that the drone is going to start restarting quite a few times in total. I think there were six restarts in this process. You can just stick on the screen, some numbers on there. Every time it restarts now, this is mainly to make sure the mod processes correctly. So dont worry, you can just leave it theres, nothing that you need to do from your end. You literally just need to leave the drone connected and drone hacks will do everything for you in my case, ive gone and just closed, the pop up for the sd card and the on board storage, because it just irritates me, but the mod still continues.

In the background, ive not done anything so once the mod is applied, you know after the sixth time, then you will have fcc mode enabled and ill show you how to check if fcc is enabled or not now guys, if you find any of the content that Im making useful please consider to click the subscribe button at the bottom of the screen. It really helps out the channel now remember. The reason that we want fcc is for the extra output on your antenna. Your range will get improved, but this is not specifically to go further, its just that if you fly behind buildings or trees, your signal strength will be better, so its not going to hurt your drone or damage or anything like that, and you can easily just come To the dronax application and then just go to regular mode again and apply it its quite simple other way to do, it is to simply just upgrade or downgrade your firmware and itll also restore to the default settings as well. But in my opinion, i see no reason why you would not want sec mode. It simply makes your connection better to your drone and i would almost always fly in ssc mode clearly, because for me the most important thing is the connection quality back to the device. Im using now for those of you guys that are watching the video and youre not sure what drone x is or where to get it from im going to put the links in the description below.

I also have a full tutorial on how to do the mod on the mavic air, the mavic 2 pro and so forth. In this video. Ever we are going to do the mod on the air 2. The fcc mod were currently busy with and how to implement the no fly zone. Mod im also going to show you how to check in the app itself and how you can turn it on and off right after this mod, as you can see now, the final restart has happened and the fcc mod has now successfully been implemented. Dronex will also show you a little pop up to tell you that its successful, and you can also look in the log in the top of the screen, to see that the mod has successfully been implemented now. Youll notice that the pop up also says do not update your firmware, because if you update your firmware, it will automatically restore back to default and you will lose the fcc mod as well as any other model youve implemented on the drone itself. Now, next up, we can just quickly go into the fly app to check that your fcc mod has successfully been installed and its quite easy to check. Just click on go fly tap the three dots on the top right then go to the transmission section once on the transmission tab, just scroll down to the little lines at the bottom of the screen. It shows you your output of your antenna now on android devices.

The text 1km will be above the line thats above the 90 db line and on ios devices. The actual line will be above the 90 db line on the left side. So, basically, if the 1k line is higher than 90 db, youre in fcc mode cool, so lets quickly jump back to the dronex application. Just connect your drone again and then were going to do the no fly zone mod. Once again, the dronex will automatically detect your device and it will automatically start loading the exports available now, depending on your internet connection. It can take quite long, but in this case ive sped. It up. Click on the install button theres a little warning that pops up youve got to agree to it and youll also see that once again, if you update the firmware or make any changes to the software, you can potentially lose the bot. Once again, it takes me back to the beginning of the video, where i said, put your phone or device into local mode only so that you do not accidentally update your device software. If you really need to, you can just turn local mode off again and update whatever you want to do on the device or the settings to upload your flight logs and so forth. But remember if youve got an active internet connection and youve got the firmware updates available, then the dji fly app might force you to automatically update, meaning that youll lose the no fly zone mod as well as the fcc mod.

Luckily, the no fly zone mod only requires two restarts and you can have a little pop up that once again states. If you make any changes to the firmware or the software, you could potentially lose the mod on the drone itself. So please make sure you do not update or have your device connected to the internet if you dont have local mode enabled, if you have a local mode enabled you can be on the internet, it should be no problem, but in my opinion i would rather be Safe than sorry, once again, the age old saying goes even end broke, dont fix it. So, in my opinion, only update firmware. If you have an issue or if you need the latest features. Remember, if you guys have any questions, please leave it in the comments below and dont forget to click that subscribe button to be notified. Whenever i release a new video. Finally guys that is all we dont need to do anything else. You have successfully now remove the no fly zones put your drone into fcc mode and all the remains is for us to go test. It out. So once again jump to your drone, your fly app and then go to the go fly option and were going to go for a big dash flight now for this test flight im just going to keep it safe and nice and low first. What im going to do is im just going to go to my safety tab and make my altitude, nice and low so in this case, lets just select 45 meters and then see if its enabled remember, we have now just run the mod.

We have not changed anything else in the app and were just going to take off and see if the mod is applied by default. So in this case my return to home altitude has been detected, thats. Fine. Everything else is working 100. The correct way remember: this is not going to affect your return to home or any of those settings. It just removes the limit. This is just a certificate that basically improves your ability to fly in certain areas. As you can see, ive just passed 45 meters ive gone up to 60 meters, theres no issues whatsoever, and if i go to the safety tab, you can see that my max altitude limit is still 45 meters and im obviously well over there. And for those of you guys that are worried that for some reason the certificate will stop working while in a flight here, youll see that its impossible. While you are in flight, it is not possible to change it, so you can see im now on 30 meters. Im just going to go down to my geo zones again select it and you can move over to the aircraft, unlocking license option and youre gon na see that the drone hack certificate is currently enabled, but while youre in the air, you cannot change it its locked. So all you can really do now is land and then make the change so quickly, gon na just drop down to my driveway and then just disable this feature over there.

So once again just go back to the settings. Click on geo unlock zone go to the aircraft option, and now you can see im able to disable this. So if you, if you want to keep the no fly zones, enabled maybe youre going to give the drone to someone else, you want to be safe and you dont really trust them that much then you can always just disable the drone hack certificate and then limits Like the altitude limit, as well as a no fly zones will then be implemented again. So im just going to quickly go up again. Ive slowed 45 meters, as you guys can see and im just going to go back up quickly. Past 45 meters, but in this case youre going to see because i have disabled the certificate, i should not be able to pass the 45 meter limit. This is the easiest and quickest way to test. If your mod has been successful, theres no need to go to the max limit and try and go past 500 meters once again im in the air. The dronex certificate has now been disabled, but because the aircraft is active, i am unable to enable the certificate again. The only way you can do it is to land and then enable the certificate again. Every time you enable the certificate, it asks you if you are going to take responsibility for the flight, and you can then enable the certificate. So, in this case, its a simple toggle take the two check boxes, enable it and youre good to go now.

This is going to apply even to the built in dji limit. So if i go to my max altitude, which is currently 45 meters – and i take it up all the way to 500 meters – i can accept the liability and the drone hacks will still enable you to go higher than 500 meters. If youre ever going to do this, i would always recommend opening up the uav forecast, app or similar app windy. I think, is another one: click on the wind profile option and then just check what the winds are at a different altitude. Remember the high up. You go, the wind might be very different and you could potentially lose your drone like that. Always guys fly responsibly, make sure that you obey the local laws and pay attention to anything thats around you and, if possible, always have a spotter with you. As always, im gon na have the links to drone hacks and everything you require in the video description. If you guys have any questions whatsoever, please pop it in the comments below and ill try and answer them as quickly as possible. This brings us to the end of the video. Thank you guys for watching. Please consider subscribe.