Today on the drone camps channel, i have something pretty special from h, o m fpv. They sent me this pretty cool sweatshirt. It has their logo on the front. Drone cams rc down the side, vrij ontzagwekkend, so what's up with this quad. Goed, it comes with its own little bag. So you know something that comes with its own little bag. This nice velvety bag. It has to be something serious, so let's go ahead and take it out of the bag. Now it is a dji 2.5 inch, 4s vista setup called the wingsuit and it's looking pretty good. Vandaag, you guys we're going to go ahead, strap up a 4s 850 to it. With my insta360 go on there, zoals altijd, i'll show you guys some on board footage as well as some of the stabilized footage. They have a pretty cool little grommet system underneath the camera that i'm going to show you guys when we get back into the studio, but first and foremost let's go ahead and do what we always do on the channel. Let'S go ahead and send it out there and see how it does as compared to some of the other 2.5 inch cinewoops. Hier gaan we Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, dus Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, dus Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Lachen, Muziek, Lachen, Muziek, muziek maken, Muziek, Muziek, Oke, guys let's, go ahead and get this review underway and let's talk about the hom fpv wing suit. Now they, when they first contacted me, i thought it was a super cool.

Looking quad, i love this big kind of sort of sturdy looking top plate. They designedand you can see it definitely looks like a wing suit, dat is super cool, just remind you of flying down through the mountains and skirting through the trees and that's, pretty much what we do with these top quads um. You can do some i'd say short to medium range type of flying with this quad. You can use crossfire on here or you can use the vista. I happen to actually use my dji transmitter on this one and the vista was already wired up so that's. The good news we've got a hanging vista in the very back sort of a backseat vista four bolts there, and this antenna coming off. The back is fairly sturdy. We have a tpu mount right here and there's, not a lot of slack on this cable coming off. So that's kind of nice, some of the other designs, have sort of a lot of a lot of slack and a lot of wire for the cable to run around um and this one's up nice and tight in the back. You have easy access to the usbc port in the very back as well. You guys can see that right there, the foam, bumpers really really held up well and the plastic on this frame for the prop guards, they're actually kind of translucent a little bit. I thought they were more kind of like a dark black metal cut.

I thought they were more kind of like a just a solid black plastic, but now that i have it sitting here on the bench, i see that's kind of translucent, which is kind of cool and they are fairly durable. They have three strut support and three different dual strut support, underneath over top of each motor and we've got four bolts on each motor on the top. Here we have 25 amp four in one esc's, with an f4 flight controller and it's a suspended flight controller, and it does appear that it is an inverted type of flight controller. You can see all the soldering joints in here. Look pretty good they're. All nice and shiny they've got that tpu plate on the very bottom that's, a bumper for when you land, if you land on concrete we've, got our 2.5 inch props here with two bolts on the top of each motor, en deze motoren zijn 1106 4500 kv and They'Re kind of a nice little rainbow anodized aluminum bells on those motors which look really nice and the nice thing about this style. Design with the inverted motors is that you get a really nice clean flying type of center whoop there's, not a lot of interrupted air underneath the quad. Normaal, when you have the motors coming off the top, you have a little bit of disruption from the frame, and sometimes you know very seldomly. Can that affect the tune on the quad, so i think it's as far as the durability test goes, i did crash it and it did go in pretty good.

I was able to recover it by using turtle mode and flip it back over. It took me a couple times, but the second time i did it, i was able to take off and come back across the field, so super happy about that and the tune on here on the flight controller it it can be loosened up a little bit. I think this is again this. This type of center whip is not really a freestyle beast. I i think um. If you want one that freestyles a little better, the beta fpv 95x does freestyle better than this one, but the way that the tune is set up on the wingsuit is very, very soft and mild on the controls. So it's it's been tuned back a little bit. So it's it's, more of a cinema style rig and speaking of cinema, i i think it did pretty good um. The one thing that is uh interesting is that they do have that battery right in the center. So when you give your camera a little bit of tilt back, it does kind of rest on the battery at points and i'm wondering if that's, adding more vibration to the camera, because it sort of takes away from the dampening when it's resting on the back of The battery so that's one thing to think about there try to get your battery back just a little bit away from that camera, so that you're not resting right on the battery causing vibration to come up through the center of the quad to your video.

As far as the video goes, i i think that the insta360 go has been serving me well on these sub 250 gram type of center loops and they are they're a little bit pricey, but you can get some pretty cool video um. One thing that i did notice is that this three point dampening system is quite it's, quite nice in comparison to what i've used before they have. These actually have tpu posts that are going through. Je kunt zien. I pushed that one back down and started to come up. These are not metal posts on here, they're actually tpu through each dampening point, so it even gives it a little more dampening. So we have rubber grommets here here and one in the back right there and this mounting plate right here is a carbon fiber mounting plate and then just above that, you have the foot which is also tpu. And then you have a long bolt running through here, which is an m2 bolt with a little tiny nut on the end, and i took i just put a little bit of loctite on that, so i recommend doing that. So it doesn't kind of just come off on you, but it is pulled pretty tight against that tpu and the tpu will actually help it hold in place pop your insta360 go in there and you can make some nice videos it has. You can get a ton of tilt out of this camera as well.

I believe this one was the nebula on here, some guys don't like the nebula, but right now it seems like there's two choices available for this quad um. It looks like there is an hd version: what they're calling the hd version, which is the pnp version for 135 dollars on the banggood website and then there's also one that's. This version with the vista nebula for 285, dus um ja, that's that's under 300 dollar. So it's it's fairly competitive for this quad versus some of the other quads the same size and setup, and our wheelbase on here is a 100 millimeter. So it's 100 millimeter frame 2.5 inch, props and able to run 4s and, zoals ik al zei, the the the punch out is is good, but the the freestyle maneuvers i did have some wash out and there was some kind of freak out in the flight controller. When i did hard maneuvers but as far as your cinema goes on this quad that's they've got that tuned perfectly for cinema and that's again that's what this quad's all about, and i think it was a smart idea to put the phone bumpers on here. If you want to take these phone bumpers off, you could, and you might get less wash out if you wanted to do some freestyle and that's the biggest difference between this one and the beta fpv 95x is the 95x is not rocking these huge foam. Bumpers they're, not that big, but they actually make quite a big difference when it comes to flips and rolls.

But you know if that's what you want to do just take these off and you can get new replacements of these. They are individually on the frame for pretty cheap, and it looks like this one's actually in stock right now, too guys which is awesome. Oke, guys let's go ahead and put the wing suit on the scale and let's see what it weighs by itself coming in at 140 grams that's, not bad for the cadex fista and everything with the mount on there and let's start out with the 650. No insta360 go on there yet 221. Now we'll try the 850 and that's a 4s 850 238 gram. So that combination right. There gets you under 250 gram. If you just want to record with the onboard vista to your dji goggles and adding on the insta360, go puts us at 257, so just above 250 gram, there might be a way to shave off some weight, possibly with this design. But the insta360 go with the 850 is going to get you over 250. If you want to have this combo with under 250 gram, what you have to do is fly the 4s 650 and that will get you at 2', so that's. The way to do that should get you about five to six minutes flight time on the 650., and i got ta say i i really like the way this quad looks aesthetics, verstandig, i've, seen a ton of quadcopters in my time, and i have looked at all Kinds of different frame – ontwerpen, i've flown everything from the old school brushed micro, brushless um, the owl series type quads, and these are kind of a spawn of the original owl type series and the owls were insane because they had like they were sort of an inverted Caged type of motor design and they had a ton of bolts, they're really hard to work on so it's nice to see that we've kind of taken that same sort of owl caged in design and sort of made a modern version of it that you can access.

Your stack a lot easier it's, niet zoals 35 bolts to take out of the top of this quad to get to that bottom plate and your escs and your flight controller or if you have to get to your cadx vista but i'm, expecting good things from this Company i am impressed with the aesthetics of the design. I like the name of it and pretty nice that it came with a nice bag. To put it in. I haven't seen a whole lot of bags lately for quads and it's kind of nice to be able to put this in the bag and keep the dust off of it, while you're storing it just a really nice nice addition to this kit. So i think you guys, if you're looking for a cinema, whoop tile style quad. I think that this one would be a great choice because it it didn't, let me down and it performed where i wanted it to in the cinema category. So this one's going to be up in the runnings this year on my cinewood best out video, we have um a video coming up for all of these types of quads, de 2.5 inch cinewoops series and we're going to go through them and we're going to we're Gon na pick out i'm gon na pick out my top five and we're also gon na do a video on my sub 250 g long range quads that have four inch props on them.

So uh stay tuned for that. Video that one's gon na be a lot of fun because we've been having a ton of fun with those sub 250 g4 inch quads that are coming out, that's a big trend right now: um flywood gap, rc diatone just released one, and i have it it's the Roma f4 that's that's, coming up on the channel too it's going to be a really sweet review. I'Ve got crossfire on there, for you guys and wired it all up yesterday and it's ready to go, but today it was all about the hom fpv wing suit and i have to say congratulations to the hom crew because they really did a good job on this. One and i'm i'm happy with it. They sent me a nice sweatshirt that always goes a long way with reviewers but uh i'm, not giving any kind of you know fluff here about this quad, and just because i got a sweatshirt um i'm telling you guys straight. The facts on my channel all the time and trying to give you guys a sober review on things but it's it's beasty and i think you'd really have to smack this thing hard to break something on here. But if you break something nine times out of ten it's, probably your fault um, because you crashed it right. Yeah take responsibility for your crashes. Unless something fails on here, and it happens from time to time. Failures do happen on quads, because that's kind of the nature of the hobby, maar ik vind het leuk, i think it's a pretty good value for what it is.

Het ziet er cool. It flies good and it's super fun to fly on the cinema side of things, and i can just this one is one i could keep looking at all day long, but uh super cool and i'm glad. I got to fly this one. It seems like this one kind of came out of left field, and this company is, U, Weten, kind of a new startup and they might possibly might be ttrt's ttrc's new brand, because there is quite a bit of ttrc components on here. The motors and there's a ttrc logo on the top of this, so maybe they're, trying to reinvent themselves with hom fpv, but if it's a reinvention of the company it's a damn good job. So you guys can pick one of these up at the link below. Als u wilt, it will benefit the drone cams channel. If you decide to buy one, so that'll be super awesome but uh. I hope you guys are all good and well and staying safe out there and and you're doing some flying with something new or you're. Looking to get one of these and add another quad to your collection of quads, but guys take care, be well i'm.