You need to get a sinner whoop today on the channel we're gon na check out the Holly Brooke office, and there it is guys it should be in every filmmakers toolkit. You should have a nice 4k camera, a nice drone and also now you're gon na need a nice Center whoop, because this can achieve things that your regular standard, Drone, couldn't dream of it'll go places and bounce off things, and you can still get 4k video on It and with the stock DJI setup, you can record 1080p, which is not really the filmmakers best friend, but you can put a GoPro on top of here and you can get some ultra ultra smooth, beautiful video, something like you've, never seen with any type of drone. On the planet, so the sin of evolution is here, and this one's gon na be one of the big contenders for a lot of them out there and by the way, if you know anything about flight controllers, this one is rocking and f7, which is my flight Controller of choice for any type of Center whoop Holley bro, has achieved a pretty nice product here, but we're gon na give an honest review on it. So let's go ahead right now, won't make you wait any further. We'Ll, go ahead and jump right into some flight footage. I'Ll, give you a flight test and then we'll come back into the studio and I'll. Give you a little bit of closer look at the components on board and then my my final thoughts, an opinion on the coppice in a whoop.

Here we go so let's, go ahead and get it up in the air we're using multiple flight modes, today's stability horizon and acro inside beta flight, if you've never flown. One of these before beta flight is available for download and I'll put the tomb down below, but you'll need to update it to the latest kakou f7 firmware before you apply my CLI dump to your particular quad right here: I'm, going through the tree instability mode now, I'M back into acro mode and acro mode is nice for filmmakers, because it'll give you that twist on the perspective and it'll, really let you kind of do things that you really can't do with normal stability motor to let you flip roll, do big power loops and You can do actually some pretty nice pants, still very smooth in the acro mode. You can do nice tracking with it right hereI'm, just sending just a little bit, so you might see a tiny bit of jitter there, but what's neat about cinema is you can really get in there, and this is just an example with the prop guards you Can go really low to the ground and if you decide to fly in stability mode what's really neat about is that it also includes DJI. You can also get the regular analog version with fpv on there. If you don't want to do the DJI route it's a little more expensive, but the DJI fpv is nice, because you can really do things with this drone if you can't do with a race drone like a particular five inch eraser on, I wouldn't do things like This which you can get away with with the center whoop, and these are just examples of what you can do with the Center whoop right now, you're also looking at it in four three so for three 1080p at 60 frames per second and now, we'll switch over To my favorite in the DJI goggles, so it crops it a little bit, but it makes the image bigger and right.

There is a four s: power loop, I'm running a 4 s 1550. Weet je – and I made it this time and almost biffed it on that. Eerste, one it's been a little bit of time since I've flown freestyle on this particular style, fpb, race, Drone, but it's it's different, because it has prop guards on it, so it doesn't have the same characteristic flight characteristic as far as aerobatics go. This drone is just going to be a little more cumbersome for aerobatic, so this one doesn't have the washout that I've seen the washout means it lumbers and kind of wobbles back and forth. When you do an extreme maneuver, this one does not have that which is nice. The f7 has kind of eliminated the wash out with this quad, I would still say, it's awkward to freestyle, but really the cinah whoop is all about your cinema shots, and this is without a motorized gimbal. This is just the stock camera and the tune that's on here very nice, no vibrations, no jitter jello. Any of that typical, echt slecht. Looking drone shots that you're seeing around the internet when people have a bad gimbal or a bad mount setup, and this is just straight mounted to the side of the front of the quad with TPU mounts in the front. And I guess one of the cons of this one is that you are stuck to that fpv camera, which is provided by DJI on here.

If you decide to get the analog version, you can use various different cameras, but digital fpv is way above the analog standard. As far as your experience in it, it allows me to just see so I have to say you know thank you to DJI for finally letting me see things in fpv, the small branches, the ghost branches and here we're, just playing around with the trees, and you Can mess up and sometimes get to bail out other times I'm, not so lucky, but the prop guards again they are made from nylon 3d printed and you can print out new ones. So if you break yours or crack it like, I did mine here. One con of it, you can replace them and you can print your own, dat is leuk, maar weer, Ik moet zeggen. I think that the most impressive thing about a Center whoop is getting out there and getting shots like this. I wouldn't do that with my standard 5 inch race drone, I just wouldn't, go through a barbed wire fence without prop guards, but it's a really flat narrow design. So you really can't fit a lot of spaces and it's running 3 inch props on here, which actually seemed to work quite well. I'Ll try to list the props that I'm using down below. If you guys want to use my toon on this and the props that I'm gon na share with you guys, you'll get something like this, dat is echt leuk.

So I think we have a nice result out of the coppice Center whoop it's performing very well aerobatic Lee it's, Oke, it is better than some of the ones that I've flown in the past, but where this one really stands out, is the smooth tune on here That we have going no jello, no vibrations, just really nice solid, smooth video from the DJI module so either way. If you want to put a GoPro on it or you want to record 1080p 60 frames per second videos like this one here, dat kan, but the experience of DJI digital fpv is just changing the game for everybody and it's, going to be a big Winner in 2020, so let's go ahead back now into the studio. Alright, guys welcome back to the studio, let's go ahead and open up the box, it's really nicethat they do give you a nice case for it that the sinner whoop fits into. If you have a GoPro mount on the front, you might have to take it on and off, if you put it in this box, but has a nice sort of sort of a rubber finish on the outside of it. Matte rubber finish with a nice thick zipper and foam padding and the inside for the ducts. So if you're traveling, you put this in your suitcase it's not going to get messed up, it has a nice mesh zipper right here. I usually put props in this to carry along with the quad and also in the box.

You do get a USB data cable, and this is important, because this will allow you to connect to beta flight and transfer a data back and forth. If you didn't have a data cable, it actually wouldn't connect a beta flight, so this is pretty important. The next important thing about this cable also is the fact that it does have a 90 degree connect our angle right here. This will come up from the bottom and connect to your cuckoo f7 flight controller. Now go ahead and get you the weight of the quad it's let's go ahead and set that on the scale, see what we get two hundred and seventy seven grams. Nu, met een 4s 1300 battery we're, looking at 4' grams with a TPU couch and a GoProand this is the GoPro Hero – 7 black puts us up to about five hundred and sixty grams. So now that you know what the quad weighs let's talk a little more about the quad itself, they have chosen to put their antennas along the side of the ducts right here out to the side. You can see I'm, just barely poking up right here on each side, and I experimented with bringing them up and also having them out to the side like this, I thought that it might be quite a bit of interference to have them tucked in the side like This, but this actually worked out quite well, and I didn't get a lot of interference coming around trees and things like that.

It has a pretty nice penetration on 700 milliwatts there's, also a hack out there, where you can make this unit blast out like 1200 Milliwatt. But you want to be doing that on your colder days. You wouldn't really want to do that in the middle of the summer. Time so be careful there, but we have, zoals ik al eerder zei. 145 millimeters squared it is some kind of a squash X design. We'Ve got 3k carbon fiber on the top and bottom TPU protective mount in the front for camera. Protection looks very well protected, top bottom and side to side and there's. Onze 145 millimeter unibody frame on the bottom here with these posts, extended out to accept the prop guards and you can see a bolt there there and there's one here as well and in the past I've had issues. I will just show you real, quick here: there's, not a lot of space between this bolt and the outside edge of this frame, so typically, where a lot of these will break is on this bolt right here, when this hits the ground really hard. At a certain angle, it can break this bolt completely through this carbon, so I'm. Happy to see that this one came back in my testing without breaking the one that I had before a few months back the Angela, not quite as nice, a carbon fiber it's, not 3k carbon fiber on the Angela. So I did eventually break mine on my hand, which was a disappointment, but on this frame also, you have some extra TPU 3d printed parts, and this is kind of a nice feature right here.

It has TPU feet so when you set it down on your bench that it sits flat for it's kind of a nice option for calibrating or seller ometer, and in the back here we also have an XT 60, which is TPU mounted back here in the back And it will move a little bit and give so that's kind of nice. It is a very short cable, so there's no way to zip tie this off but I'm, hoping that this TP amount right here will keep this cable from being pulled now, you're getting a little bit of a closer look at the duct itself. De 3 inch prop they've included and the motor just under the prop right there, the prop itself as a team owner a 3140 prop that's gon na be a three by four prop which is not super high pitch and it's, not super low pitch. Traditionally I like to fly three by threes: those are kind of nice, but these have a nice wide cord here, which is going to give you a nice punch out for aerobatic and then a nice smooth tip here, which is really going to smooth out the flight Characteristic of the drone itself, depending on what type of flying you're doing with a quad, depends on what kind of pitch you're gon na use. If you're racing you're gon na use a higher pitch you're trying to get cinematography stuff, you're gon na go with a lower pitch prop, which I think this is kind of a good medium range here.

As far as the pitch that way, you can have quite a bit of punch out for your aerobatics. If you choose to do that, or a nice smooth, soft flying prop the more aggressive pitch you have on a prop or the more bullnose you have on the prop yeah, really terrible. Prop you're gon na spend more time tuning it to the flight controller, because it's gon na aggravate your flight controllers, accelerometer quite a bit more. So this is nice that they've included a nice smooth prop and they also have chosen the 1507 3800 kvt motor motor. To put on here for the power systemand that is also a premium motor in my opinion now over on the right hand, side of the quad right hereyou can see a few things here. We have motor wires running by this USB connector at that bottom. One down there that's your flight controller that's, the Courte, f7 flight controller and you'll need to put that Android cable up through here and connect it to get to beta flight. Ook, if you're wanting to bind up your DJ air module, what I suggest doing is taking a bamboo, skewer and running it through here and pushing on this button right here to bind it up to your goggles that's, going to be the easiest way, and typically, I Use wood or a toothpick, of zoiets, instead of a paper clip, you don't really want to touch metal to metal, while this quad is plugged in on any of these components too, honestly I'm just kind of taking a chance.

Als je dat doet, but just underneath that bind button right, there is your micro SD card slot I'm gon na suggest you guys use like the SanDisk Extreme Cart, it's, probably the best choice for the DJI air module. So I think overall we have a pretty decent quad here. The the coppice soon whoop excited me when it came out, because I have the original coppice, the coppice too, and now I have the coppice in a whoop. The compas DJI version is also available. The five inch version of this it is a very fun stable, smooth to fly quad, mainly because it's it has that f7 flight controller on there and that's really really changing the game. There'S seven, you arts on there. So if you want to add GPS and all the bells and whistles, you can do that on this flight controller, dat is een beetje geweldig, there is a trick. You'Re gon na have to do to get your OSD to show up on the kakou f7. Osd is now enabled on DJI the air module, wat super super leuk is. So you can see all of your own screen telemetry. You can add your quad name, how much battery you're using the voltageand you can even see milliamp per cell and just go crazy with all the additions that you can put on there, but it has a nice smooth and stable and powerful power system. One here with the 45mm PSC's in combination with the the t motors is a really nice and and fairly quiet for a sinner would because, generally, the sinner whips are quite noisy.

If you fly this at the park, people would definitely take notice because it has a much higher sound level than one of your smaller micro style quads. You can get away with a lot more with a micro sized quad, but if you really wanted to send this quad meaning get it out there miles, you could put a TBS crossfire antenna on this one, and I really go up and down mountains and and have Some fun with it, but that depends on you. Mensen vragen me de hele tijd: how far can it go? Well that depends on you how far you know how to make it go right, so that's, that's gon na, do it for this review guys, and hopefully you you learned something this review as always, and now you know more about the capo soon, but I think it's, A pretty decent quad, but I would definitely recommend updating the kaku f7 software on here, because the the firmware is actually from like June in 2019, and it will need a firmware update once you do that to the latest version. You'Ll get a really nice smooth flying capo cinebulle, so it's been a lot of fun to review this one and definitely definitely a quad worth looking at picking up either way you go analog or DJI. Fpv you're gon na have fun with this one. So take care guys, and I appreciate you watching my videosplease do subscribe on the channel.