The Easy Drone to FlySYMA X23W – Demo & Beoordeling

It is a nice drone for indoor and out of doors flight. It is extremely simple to fly and is troublesome to crash or injury it. You should purchase it in White or Black from Banggood right here:

Banggood Latest & Hottest Drones: (maar liefst 50% uitschakelen)

GoPro hoed:
GoPro Hero 5:
Tascam DR - 10L:

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  1. What's it like too fly outside? Bedankt

  2. 6:14.. they use a barometer for the altitude holdWould have like to see a range test.

  3. Everybody and his dog , I mean Drone, cost under $50 nu. And most of for instance those countless Mavic pro look-alikes fly as well and have a better camera. I wish that more YouTubers would for once in a while be more critical or compare Drones instead of just praising the one in the latest video. I would not buy this for instance because of the 0.3 camera.

  4. super nice review ….your a great flyersomeday ill save and buy me one of those ☺

  5. I am really interested in getting one of this cute drones for my selfIt is really well put together!
    I wish you had talked and tested it outside thought =[
    can you plz tell me how it behaves in outside flying?
    How it deals with the wind, how far from the transmitter, enz?

  6. Duuude…. You need to get out of your Mom's basement

  7. I buying a symax23 drone thank uncle

  8. Is it the best recommended drone for beginners for the price ? Or something else

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