Syma X23W Wi-Fi Fpv Drone Unboxing & Volledige Review

One other Nice newbie flyer from Syma, this I’ve purchased with my gearbest factors and a present card I had. The x23w was properly definitely worth the buy, its not a foul


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  1. Lol i tried to fly the x23w when there was like 2 mph wind gusts and it can't even keep its position with max throttle.

  2. This or the x5uw which is currently in my amazon cart

  3. Mooie een Donnie, it makes me cringe when you are so close to the trees, lol.

  4. Thanks for the vid really helped me our!!

  5. You are always so supportive of my channel i thought I should pop on over and see how you are doing….and the answer is very nicely I see. Good work mate, i don't actually get time to watch a lot of YouTube so a nice treat for me to get a break. Good review I just got one and did similar, nice to see a different style. Well done and keep them coming, cheers and a paw up from me 😉

  6. your a great piolet brother donnienice review flightgona save and buy me one of those ☺

  7. to get the point of interest working it has to be smartphone control only so turn of the transmitter and it should work

  8. Syma should really put 3 rates/speeds on all their dones….

  9. Aardige video man! Been waiting to see a review on this one! I believe the point of interest draw tracking only works when controlling with phone or tablet. Won’t work when connected via transmitter like the syma x5uw & other models. Verlenen op te uitproberen!

  10. HELLO THERE great topic and content. i'm still working my way up to getting a drone loved the video

  11. Which is good x23w or x5sw
    pls tell me

  12. I just found your video I did not get ant notification at all today is March 7th I just found this video on

  13. Question for you…. I have a Hubsan H502S drone. Is the Hubsan X4 app ,( phone app for android,) compatible
    with the H502S. I cannot find the H502S on the app. Was also wondering if the H501S on the app will work for the H502S
    Probably a dumb question, But at my age thats normal …..Thanks for your time. Great video's Keep em coming

  14. What is the flight time?? Nice vedio

  15. Cool stuff buddy. It flies super nice but the video is so-so at best. Video isn't big deal to me when it comes to these toy grade ones. Mooie review! have a good one brother 🙂

  16. I wish I can fly drone like you 🙂 that's cute little drone. the camera quality is so clear, how much is that cost?

  17. Cool drone, I need to watch more of this kind of video. thanks so much for sharing, this very helpful video for beginners like me 🙂 great share, Houd ze komen. Happy Monday 🙂

  18. Nice flight and video man! Ik hou echt van deze quad, good work 👍

  19. Great video and review buddy. 👍👍👍👍👍.

  20. Looks like a good one Donnie! Bedankt voor het delen!!

  21. Good to see more new models from Syma. Uitstekend overzicht, Donnie!

  22. Hello cool video I added your channel I found through a live stream please consider supporting me back. Have a great dag.

  23. Good job Donnie, very good review👍😎👍

  24. Did I miss it or did you mention the range?ok 200ft thanks

  25. Mooie kleine flyer, I always liked all my Symas, local retailers want a lot for them, but no regrets, great starters. Glad to see you enjoying that Spark, very nice videos you've done with it.

  26. The camera angle when flying low is hard to see where you are going. But at that point you can just fly LOS.

    I agree though, not bad for new people to the hobby

  27. Great full review brother. The camera seems a little bit different from the 22W. Is there also a difference in specs? Cheers. Robby.

  28. Nice video and review my friend

  29. It wasn't too bad I didn't care for The Break-Up in the camera though but other than that it looks pretty nice hope you're doing well my friend

  30. Great vid donnie, looks like a nice little drone just wish it had a better camera.

  31. Should be fun with an fpv camera. Looking forward to it

  32. Great video thanks for sharing. What a nice flight & the camera is very nice aswell

  33. Very Nice Donnie, I'm still waiting for mine seems a great addition of the 'X' family 🙂

  34. Great review Donnie Syma sure makes some good drone's for the money just not all the stuff work like it said. How your Spark flying?

  35. Great tips Big Drone, thanks for letting me know. I almost bought this one but I want a mini with more range for outdoor flying. Still a cute lil mini

  36. Good job Donnie, Ik vind het leuk.

  37. Oh my brother nice to you have fun outsidewe have 3 feet of snow so we are not flying at all ;(… be well!!!

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