Review and How to of Holy Stone HS300 RC Quadcopter with 1080P

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  1. So what are you using it for? I am sure you are complying with all the FAA regs.

  2. You may have mentioned it, but will it fly FPV with the Holy Stone camera?

  3. That one, Ik hou van, quite stable & responsive, ook!!!))))))))))))))

  4. Leuk filmpje, definitely looks cool. And you're really good at maneuvering the drone which is cool.

  5. My HS300 video looks awful compared to yours. There is highly noticeable wavy lines going through it constantly. HS sent a replacement camera, hetzelfde. Tried putting upgraded camera shock mounts, hetzelfde. Any thoughts on what's causing this?

  6. この商品を購入しました最高です!
    I bought this drone.It’s nice!

  7. Have you ever tested to see what it will lift? Like one or two pounds?

  8. Does anyone know how much this drone is?

  9. Does the camera have a microphone?

  10. can it fit a gopro instead of stock camera?

  11. I got the same exact drone for Christmas and I love it. I enjoyed watching your video on here and you've showed me a couple cool things. Hoe dan ook, Ik heb een vraag:
    How do you activate the camera to use it? I have it on my drone, plugged in and ready to go. But I'm not quite sure if there's a certain trick I have to do to turn it on.

  12. Can you change a go pro out with the camera

  13. Can you connect to your phone and see what it sees while flying?

  14. just got this for Christmas, I am very inexperienced with drones lolguess I got a new hobby

  15. Would this fit on a DJI phantom 3 travel case?

  16. all that fancy shit and its not FPV?

  17. Does this drone show the video in ur phone or somewhere else while it's recording

  18. So much help I know who to thank for giving me a good review!

  19. Two questions. One, is the camera live action and two, can it fly in windy places?

  20. Does a gopro fit on the cradle? I hate the blueish tint the normal camera has

  21. is it fits gopro in side camera space?

  22. Is the Return to home very accurate Preliminary Films?

  23. How much did this drone cost Preliminary Films?

  24. I just got one and love it but I noticed when I look t the video on my computer it is choppy. Has anyone experienced this?

  25. I just got this drone as a gift.
    I'm a beginner and have an issue with the drone taking off not very gracefully. sometimes shoots toward me and doesn't make it far before it's on the ground (thank goodness it's durable so far)
    I'm hoping some practice will iron out the kinks but it's difficult understanding how to adjust the trimmers and the gyro reset doesn't work as the manual says.
    eventuele tips?

  26. Bedankt, Ik heb de 200 and was considering this one next.

  27. For sure I though you where going to loose it. Wow it went far! And you have some great flying skills. And your own little tunnel in the trees. Lol

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