So today we have this huge box right here or you're, Gaat worden herziening van de Maximus door dhj hobby, Oke, Muziek. So here we have the bare bones of the Maximus truck and it is very big indeed, it looks very high quality. You have a lot of metal and aluminum on the frame and quite a big motor and also comes with two lipo batteries. Dit zijn 7.4 volt. 2 s 3200 million barrel batteries and it runs on two of those and they do have a standard hobby connector. So one other thing about this truck is that the wheels do not come assembled on the actual frame. You have to put it on so I'm going to show you all how to do that. Just to save you some time, so you put this side on and you're gon na have to line this hexagon shape up with this hexagon shape on the nut, see behind look at it. Ja, now it's on! So now you can see this little part is bulging out so I'm gon na take one of these dip. Copper, colored, nut yeah. Now you're gon na take your tool and then you don't stop until it's, nice and tight perfect all right, we're gon na finish the rest of the wheels get back to you: Wiel, montage, Muziek Applaus, Muziek, Muziek, Applaus, Muziek, Applaus, Muziek, Oke, so we are done. We have all four wheels on the truck and let's just go into more detail about the inner working of this vehicle.

Allereerst, you can see that all the wheels are connected, and basically what that means is that this is a four wheel drive vehicle. So all your wheels are going to give you that extra power to get up to the 15 miles an hour claimed on the box. Plus, you can see here the huge shock absorbers, that's, really gon na help you get over the rough terrain. Another thing that comes with this truck is, of course thermal, so it's, a pretty standard remote that you would see with most RC cars and vehicles, but on the back here you can actually see a few knobs and basically, what these knobs are is right. Here you have the th dr throttle direction, inverse knob right there right here you have the St D and our throttle right here you have the trim and right here you have the second and then the onoff switch. So we are gon na throw some we're gon na throw some batteries into this thing and then put see the cool looking top on the truck and we're gon na get for a dry okay. I just paired my remote on Music, OK, we're gon na put those well Music. I would, I would say one the lesser and no experienced when it comes to driving these things, but it is surprisingly manageable. I mean I know after that big crash to Royal yeah right, but I mean it basically has two speeds: are we going and you've got it all the way Music? Music it's like to be Music, 20, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Oke, so the Maximus by dhk hobby? I think this thing is an absolute beast: Oke, it it's so it's I don't even know where to begin it's so fast, it has a time torque the suspension it's just insane it's like high quality, it's, it's it's, very it's, zeer snel.

It pulled me on a skateboard. I can't believe that it pulled me on a skateboard. It was insane. I think that this thing would be great for experienced drivers and hearing the experienced drivers, because it does have those throttle knobs that you can change to make it easier for yourself. I give this thing a huge thumbs up because it we took it out there and we just had fun with it for a good hour so and it still has battery to spare that's fantastic. It pulled me on a skateboard, that's fantastic. I would have one grievance, Hoewel, and that is that when you go too fast, it tends to flip over on occasion, maar eerlijk gezegd, it was so fun that we just we didn't, even think about it.