Precision Landing TestDJI Spark vs Mavic Pro vs Phantom Pro

Do you personal a DJI Spark or Mavic Professional or Phantom 4 (Professional or Superior)? Right here is an easy check I carried out to see how correct every of those drone’s Precision Touchdown software program is.

The small hardshell backpack for the Mavic Professional/Spark will be present in my video right here:

The touchdown pad will be discovered right here:

Purchase your DJI Spark right here: http://click = hyperlink&as=0001

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  1. Why not just hit the precision take off button

  2. This test is floored, my P4P beats my mates mavic every time on precision landing, i didnt even see you tick the box for precision

  3. Mavic pro has more accurate landing. The P4P is damn loud though. Anyway great reviews.

  4. Zeer informatief. Dank u. Tried this a couple weeks ago on my Spark and was amazed as it came back from 600 meters away and landed right in the H pad. I was stunned. DJI really is getting a lead in the flying camera quadcopter field. I would not buy anything else. Great products.

  5. I am sure somebody already commented that you are doing it wrong, read the manual about home point.

  6. What happens if you move the pad over after it takes off and is out there a couple hundred meters? Say you move the pad about 8' away? Will it adjust?

  7. Great review Thanks for sharing

  8. Why does my spark rc make a different noise when returning home? I’ve seen many videos in which the sound is like yours and many in which it is like mine. Your rc sounds clearer than mine

  9. Sparky your dangerous but pretty fun hahaha that was funny

  10. Grappige, and quite creative with "sparkey!" I envy you guys that can both fly and edit video. I got called out by iKopter for not having any videos on my 'channel.' I'll get there. Maar, dayum, you guys set the bar so high for a beginner!

  11. On the spark. How do you activate R T H. do you have to do it on the app???

  12. Geweldige video…. how about mavic air..

  13. Thumbs up for the birds precision!

  14. Hi my name is ron and ive been watchig you guys do these test vids .so far im partially leaning to you . Would love you advice on what i should do. Ya see ,im a right side amputeeand and AM getting a drone. And after all these testsi leaning heavily towards the mavic air. Now my question should i wait to see if mavicpro 2 gets relesed and what price drop we can in a wheelchair and feel if im careful that i can do this!!! Thank you for your time 😁

  15. It's good having a 4K UHDTV now , because all you tubes 4K content loads by default. unless my internet speed is slower then whats it's advertised as.

  16. Indrukwekkende. Going to try testing my Spark.

  17. Great Spark! You're my joy and pride! 🙂

  18. Great Job There Captain , Highly Appreciate your Good effort ……,,May I Kindly ask couple of Questions Please ?
    Does Any Of Those Drones Keep Recording While RTH Is is effect or does it stop as soon as you press RTH on The RC
    how long do I need to press RTH Button on the RC to make the drone RTH , I tried it on my spark & also the Mavic Pro By just pressing RTH once for a second and it does not work

  19. press the controller on/off button once and it will turn off the annoying RTH beeps!

  20. I am having a problem with my Mavic pro remote control, the battery goes of within minutes this is after i upgrade what my be the problem?

  21. My experience with the Mavic Air is it doesn't return so precisely every time. I've tested the precision landing with many different distances and altitudes. Sometimes it will land right from where it took off but in at least one instance it was several feet off. Haven't figured out a pattern to this randomness. Echter, overall I would say it will land within a 1-2 feet radius most of the time.

  22. "A test where I ensure no variables are the same or let alone noted. I'm so smart tough" –

  23. Ik echt genieten van uw video 's! Just want to say I purchased a spark on your recommendation a while back and I absolutely love it! I already had a mavic pro last year and I ended up selling it to a co-worker who begged me for it! LOL I think I'm going to purchase a second-hand mavic Pro in the near future hey, do you have any recommendations you think it's a good or bad idea to purchase a second hand used mavic Pro? Are there any pros and cons to doing that and is there anything I should check upon purchase? Once again thank you so much subscriber for life! Joey

  24. That thumbnail is a bad idea after gatwick

  25. DJI precision landing don't need any portable pad. You can try!

  26. DJI …YoU mAkE sOmE rEaLlY gOoD pRoducts

  27. Zoals altijd, I enjoy your videos — always learn a lot! BTW, I’m curious as to whether you purchase the drones or does DJI gift you?

  28. I was so wishing the spark would be the closest 😂😂 great vid !

  29. Is it me or the spark 1080p footage upscaled is a tiny bit chopy

  30. I follow you and really enjoy all of your work. you are Great! Can you do a video on Typhoon H RTH as well thanks Tom

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