Muziek Applaus – all right so just like other uh drone companies out there potenzic has its 4k gps flagship camera drone called the dreamer. Potenzic is a good company. I'Ve enjoyed most of the products i've flown that they make. They seem to make pretty good toy grade drones, maar dit, Geloof ik, is going to be a little higher level than a toy grade drone with a 4k camera and gps there's the instructions. It has a plastic shell. Oh there, it is right there, Hey, kijk daar eens naar. Guy looks fairly similar to a lot of the gps drones that you see a white color looks like it has brushless motors. This feels like the battery charger here in this piece plastic. This feels like the battery it's, all wrapped up nicely let's, see what's in here the remote control and i think, unless there's something under here, nope that's everything that's in the box, let's start with the remote. So it looks like it has two antennas, a uh sort of rubbery spot here for your um. For what i'm? Assuming would be your phone? It says tips the joysticks are stored in the remote control, top storage box, Oke, so we'll open this little. Take this little tab off. Thank you for that tip and we will open up this little storage box as they call it and hey there's the joysticks, so we'll pull those guys out. Those are going to be important at some point.

They just screw in to the remote like this all right and they feel pretty good they're kind of loose but um. You know we'll see how they feel when they're, when you're flying let's get the props out and it comes with six props. So a set of spares or a half set of spares and let's see it said to make sure you get the props on the right motor, ah it's in white there it there it is. It is super duper hard to see because it's it's right there. It says cw ccw, um again potenzic i mean thank you for marking it, but i would make it a little bit um more obvious, so this is cw, so this is a cw prop. It does say it in red here on. The prop, which is excellent in here. Is the battery charger get that out? This is a us plug and it has a usb a micro usb, for i assume charging the remote control right there again always prefer. Als, if we could start moving to to usbc instead of micro usb and it looks like it comes with one battery, let me double check that real, snelle, Ja, one battery 4s battery 3000 milliampuur, so decent size battery, not not huge, but you know big enough To carry this thing, which has the camera built onto it, i'll go ahead and pull the foam out that's. Protecting the camera. Camera has a little kind of jello these little things that kind of keep it from going there.

So there is a wi fi password that you need to connect the wi fi to it. Battery charger we'll get this on the on the charger. So we've got the potenzic dreamer out here in the field ready to give it a flight. I have not flown this thing, yet i did set up the app and everything at home. Before i came out, i did do a compass calibration. It may want me to do it again, i'm, Ik weet het niet, but it is a really pretty drone. Ik zal zeggen.: it's got it's got a very sleek uh phantomy kind of look to it and i'm excited to get it in the air and see how it does so. It did only come with one battery. This battery has a i'd say 90 charge on it. I did use it slightly to get the app installed and everything at home didn't have a chance to recharge it, so we should still get enough flight time out of it i'm going to go ahead and slide. The battery in the back, which is pretty standard, should be pretty easy to pop it in there and when you pull it out, you want to squeeze these tabs at the front of them closest to the nose of the drone. So you can pull them out. They won't come out if you just pull on it, that's how it stays in there. So let me set, let me turn it on and set it down.

Okay and then i'll turn on the remote and usually probably want to do that in the opposite order. Um and then my astute uh camera guy here vinnie discovered that this thing slides, Open, that's how you get your uh that's, how you get your phone in there, which is actually really nice. It has a nice rubbery kind of texture here, so the phone's gon na sit there on that. The springs are gon na hold it in place and so that's kind of exciting. So i'm gon na go ahead and start a screen recording here on my phone and then i'm going to go ahead and um see. If i can find um this network there, it is butenzik d1, a bunch of letters and numbers, then i'm going to bring up the potenzic app enter device. No sd card detected ah i'm glad it warned me. So let me get an sd card in it. Real quick i'll put my phone right in here and hey that's, vrij goed, Eigenlijk, okay sd card in the camera. We will format, sd confirm, formatting, voltooid. Oke, it says it's connected, zegt, ready for takeoff uh, so yeah let's give it a shot Music. I will back up just a little bit and see if we can get it up in the air. I'Ll go and roll video, so i'll just do a quick compass calibration just to be safe, um so start calibration, pick it up and give it a little spin.

This way now i'll turn it. This way do the same thing: Oke, er staat: it's all good got a little check mark success. Oh een, really important thing when i first turned this on at home, it was in mode one. You want to make sure if you are flying in north america, um and most of europe. I think mode. Two is where you wan na fly it's the more common mode mode two is where left is yaw left stick is yaw and um and um power right. Stick is uh pitch and roll says. Ik heb 76 battery it's a 4s battery. All right let's give it a let's, give it a try. So i'll start the thing uh it doesn't doesn't, take off by pushing the stick up. I'Ve probably got to push this. Take off button there we go so it wouldn't take off by just pushing the left, stick and saying, take off so i'm going to take my hands off the stick for a second and so far, gps seems pretty dialed in like it's just hanging in one spot. Pan around a vinny now i'm trying to tilt the camera, it looks like the camera's tilting. Yes tilting very slowly now it's facing straight down, tilting back up it beeps as it tilts it's very slow tilt, says it has 18 satellites and it's. So it's kind of just hanging out here it's bouncing up and down a little bit, but not too much, maybe five six inches each time it kind of goes up and down, but holding pretty steady in this decent amount of breeze.

So now i'm going to go ahead and just take it out into the field, see how quickly it stops yeah. It stops pretty quickly when you let go of the stick. Gps is working well tilt. The camera back up, rotate it around. So you can see me now: i'm gon na take it up. Uh, pretty high we're in meters by default, so i'll take it up to about 100 meters over 300 voeten. It'S still pretty close to us, see how it does up there in the wind says the drone is about to reach maximum height limit. Please fly carefully okay so that again we're 30 meter, high okay, so maybe it's um, maybe it's got a height limit that is set up initially, that you have to disable because i'm only about 100 feet in the air and it's telling me that's as high as I can go, let me see if i can go any higher. Nope 30 meters is as high as it will. Let me go, um beginner mode is off: Oke, that's there's a there is a setting here for altitude limit and it doesn't seem to want to. Let me change that right now, let's see go back to maybe i have to change it. Um, Oke, it says to ensure safety, please change the setting after returning. So by default you can only go 30 meters and only 30 meters in distance too so i'm gon na take it out what will be 30 meters and it's, probably going to stop.

Yep drone has reached maximum limit distance limit. Oke, so by default about 100 voeten, 30 meters up and 100 voeten 30 meters away from you um to start, but you can't override that so we'll bring it back in and override it and see what happens here, bring it back in there's a little just a Little back and forth and yeah there's definitely not a gimbal there. You can really see it as it's, going back and forth, bring it down here and see if we can land it on the pad. Remember this guy. This guy has no um, no obstacle avoidance, so i'll just land it right there, so that was a decent first flight. I don't see any sort of electronic stabilization going on, but um what i'm going to do now is go into the app here and change this from uh 100 meters to i'm from 30 meters to see, if i can make it 100 meters yes see. If i can make it actually 300 meter, which would be about no it won't, let me do that uh. Can i do 120 meter? Ja, dus 120 meters is going to be about 360 voeten. Let'S see 150, no meters won't. Let me do that. So it's kind of tap – Oh 120, is the altitude. It says right there it's the highest. You can go so i'm going to put it at 120 meters and the distance the farthest it'll. Let you go: is 800 meter, so i'll set it to that 800.

and then i will, Denk ik, just cancel out of this and take back off and see if i can get it up higher and further away this time. Muziek, yeah so i'm. Already past the 30 meters uh height i'm at 60, nu 70. um, take it up to 80 90 slowing down and it's definitely windy up there. I can see it just kind of rocking around it's, giving me a little pacman signal. I don't know what that means. So it's, at its max height and honestly, i can see it up there i'll. Take it a little ways off, but i kind of want to keep it over this field in case there's. Any issues yeah it's, definitely getting rocked around up there by the wind, it's kind of moving back and forth, and shaking and um and in fairness. It is a fairly windy day. Vandaag, uh and i'm sure it's much windier up there than it is down here under the trees. OK, we're gon na bring it back down it's, not updating its height on my app here. I can still see the video signal it is coming down. Oke, it's! Coming downand it is uh coming back to meMusic and it still says it's at 119, uh meters, but it's, not it's. Nu, probably at about 50 meter, and now it says, n a n, a n, a for alland it says disconnected interesting, so it's getting close to me, but it says disconnected um will it recover.

I can still control it, though so it's still letting me control it, but it's not connected to the to the app all right, let's see. If i can reconnect to it i'm going to try just going back into wi, fi and yep. I see it there and it seems to still see it and then go back into the potenza cap. Oke, so now i'm reconnected to it and it's giving me an accurate uh reading of its height and distance. It says it's four meters about 12 voeten. That seems about right and five meters distance about uh 15 voeten. That seems about right too. Dus, it's it's. Eigenlijk, once you reconnect it it's good, but there was a little while there where it was disconnected from the app, but i could still control it to bring it back. So that was kind of interesting. I usually think of those things being uh problematic, like disconnects from the app you're, not gon na be able to fly it anymore, so let's bring it back over here and we'll give the um a couple of the intelligent flight modes. A try i'm gon na see, if i can make it um, follow me so i'm gon na rotate it over here i'm, going to tilt the camera down and i'm going to start, recording and i'm going to go into. Follow me whoa up. It goes and it's facing that way now, but let's see if it follows me, oh yep here it comes it's very shaky on the follow me now.

If i walk towards it, does it go backwards now? I'M under it? Looking for me, Oke, it sort of follows. You i mean it does follow. It does so with a lot of um herky jerkiness, OK, let's get out of that mode, confirm and i'm going to go back and i'm going to say circle, flight circle, vlucht, oh and it's, trying to figure something out it's facing me again now it should Do a circle around me, en het is, although it's not really got me in the camera, shot very well, that might be a tilt issue and it won't see those trees over there, but it's far enough away. Oke, Er. I am all right, i'll end that stop the circle flight and then i'll, try uh some waypoints and see if it does waypoints, Oke, Muziek, so it's giving me instructions on it. So the problem with this is currently i'm zoomed in i'm zoomed out too far to really be able to tell what the heck's going on here so i'll tell it to go there and then i'll tell it to come back so i'll say: go let's see if It does it, Oh, where are you going buddy? Oh goedheid? Oh goedheid, i did not want that. So i thought i'd put it out over the uh over the field and it turns out i'd put it out over the road. So that was a little scary but yeah i'm not going to try waypoints one thing i will say it looks like the kind of drone you can easily hand catch let's.

Try that, Ja, it is easy to hand catch all right, so the potenzic dreamer. Allereerst, i'll tell you the stuff i like about it, it's a very good looking drone. I love the way they designed the remote control, that's, actually really cool, and i do like the fact you can also take these sticks off the remote and they can store back here in a little pocket back here, Zo dat, if you're wanting to put this in A backpack or something, let me show you, you can actually just stick the put the sticks in here and yeah kind of, like kind of like other manufacturers that make drones um. So the remote is well made, and i like that, um the other stuff about it. Uh it's kind of clunky. In all honesty, it has a very wobbly flight, like it's it's, really a little bit of breeze today, but it's really kind of shaking up there on the breeze. The mode thing is a little confusing because it says mode, one which is actually it says, model one which is actually mode two, so make sure you check that before you go out and try to fly it so that you're not putting it way up in the Air and then realize that it's in a mode you're not used to, because that makes it very hard to control the intelligent flight modes kind of work but they're again very very especially the follow me was very kind of stop start herky jerky it wasn't very smooth At all, it didn't really seem to lock onto me.

It just seemed to be kind of like calculating every so often how far away the remote was and making a move and then stopping and making a move. I don't know about the image stabilization. I haven't seen the footage yet but i'm guessing from what i saw on the screen that it's not very good, that it's really again very jerky kind of footage. I don't think the camera is too bad. So if you were doing stills or if it was a very uh calm day with no wind, you might be able to get some decent footage with it, but it doesn't have a gimbal and if it doesn't have electronic stabilization that works well, it's not going to Do very well so, overall uh, i can't, really recommend this as a quad for you to buy for getting uh, cinematography and uh nice looking video shots, vooral voor de prijs, it seems like it's a little expensive compared to other drones. You can get for a little bit more that do a much better job it's fun to fly. It flies a lot like a phantom. It looks a lot like a phantom and it's. You can hand catch it and so as a toy or a sort of beginner drone to just kind of start out with and see what it's all about. It'S not bad, but just as a as a quad that you're going to try and do aerial photography or video with.

I certainly think there are much better things that are in the same price range or even a little bit cheaper, now again good job on the remote control uh. One other thing i didn't mention that i don't like the battery charger, for this thing is proprietary, so you have to have the proprietary battery charger and it's very wonky, how you, how you put these pins from the batteries into the charger like it's. It doesn't have a nice solid, fit to it. First time i tried to charge it, i thought they were on there and they weren't, and so it didn't actually charge. So i had to go back and recharge it and you want to make sure you see the lights blinking on there, but yeah the battery charger is pretty poorly designed and it only comes with one battery. So not a big fan of that either. So yeah sorry potenza big, miss on this one. I i would say um if you have an opinion on the potenzic dreamer, please uh put it down in the comments below and let me know what you think and i appreciate you watching.