PHANTOM 4 PRO ADVANCED – Camera Gimbal Lock

The Freewell Gimbal Lock is offered right here:

Try the AMAZON FREEWELL STORE: provider=A2OGOWCR9BZX7P&redirect=true

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  1. Mooi!! Hey Captain.. do you have a favorite camera drone?…

  2. 0:46 I don't like the way yours loosly holds the camera. Still wiggles in that holder..
    I been using a PGYTECH Lens Protector and Gimbal Lock for a year now on my P4P+ and it only costs $3.84USD with Free Shipping. It also automatically centers the Camera correctly and holds it firmly…. Here's a link to the one I bought

  3. Not fit for purpose as it is Not a gimbal lock.

  4. Hey kapitein, GREAT VIDEOS! Vraag: What is that metal piece attached to the landing gear of your phantom 4 Pro? Is it some sort of brace? Als dat zo is, adviseert u het? And if so where do we get it? Bedankt!

  5. Nice going to look into most likely buy lol this gimbal cover.👌

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