Mavic Air Camera FiltersFreewell Professional 4K with Polarized Coating

Immediately it appears everyone seems to be an amature photographer taking superb pictures and video. In the event you want to take your photograph and video manufacturing to the following degree, then a set of high quality filters will assist. Freewell makes among the finest drone digital camera filters. You should purchase them right here:
of hier:
or in Canada on Amazon right here:


GoPro Hero 5:
GoPro Hero 5 Session:
GoPro 3-Method:
GoPro hoed:

10 Opmerkingen
  1. Bedankt voor de video, im thinking to purchase filters and now this freewell make rethink about the polarpro, what can you say to help me? Bedankt

  2. No difference enough to buy

  3. Can stacking one polarized filter and a ND filter possible?

  4. How do you determine what setting to use when you dial the filter?

  5. Nice Vid, can you attach the gimball cover with the ND filter on the camera?

  6. Nice filters and great review and footage!

  7. Just wanted to say thank you. Your videos, voor mij, are outstanding. Everyday language and helpful to those who are continuing to learn and become better at their craft. I appreciate your hard work!

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