Nu, before i get into all the nerdy details of what makes this drone special and how it compares to other drones in the market, i just wanted to talk about the hobby in general for a second, because i know a lot of folks have tuned into the Channel already own drones, you're avid drone flyers and you're watching the channel because maybe i'm reviewing the drone you own or another drone you're thinking of buying or i've got an accessory. You can use with your drone, and i love that. I also love that a lot of times you'll put comments down the bottom about a drone in review and saying. Goed, i think my drone is better than your drone that's a healthy thing to have that kind of conversation, so don't stop doing that. But there are other people that watch a channel that don't own a drone yet and they watch the channel thinking. Man i'd love to get into that hobby and it looks so much fun when those guys are flying their drones but they're afraid to get into the hobby, because there's a lot of drone channels out there and news reports out there about how drones are causing problems. In the country and regulations are changing and the police are confiscating drones and china is spying through drones and you're afraid to get into the hobby and i'm here to tell you, you have to put all that noise aside. You got to put it in perspective.

A lot of people out there love to make noise about drones, because it's it's easy pickings, it's sensational, it's, new technology that nobody understands really in the general public and all that stuff doesn't, really impact the hobby i'm. In new jersey. I fly almost every day. I fly all over the country. I know pilots all over the world that fly and we're here to tell you, as a group it's an amazing hobby. I can't stress that enough it's, unlike anything i've ever done in my life and i've, been flying for a lot of years, but every time and i mean every time i have charge batteries and i race out the door to go flying on a beautiful saturday afternoon And put that drone up over a lake, it changes everything for me. It just changes your perspective. I can feel my stress relief go. I just i have so much fun and i bring the family out and we're out in the sunshine. The fresh air we're excited about where we're driving to go fly today. It just would change your life, so what i'm trying to do is encourage you not to wait, because we have a tendency as people. I guess to use that word someday. You know someday we'll, buy that drone someday we'll go visit. Our relatives or we'll take that vacation someday is a dangerous word because it's one of those lies. We tell ourselves that we know is never going to come.

True it's a placeholder for something that all of a sudden you get to the end point, and you really haven't done what you thought. You were going to do so i'm, a big fan of of taking action today. So if you're thinking about buying a drone jump into the hobbyand i know it's expensive, but it doesn't have to be because a lot of us own, multiple dronesi know everybody out there. That'S got a second or third drone is looking to sell it and they'll give you a good deal on it, there's all kinds of flying clubs around that you can go to and you can find a secondhand drone. Eerlijk gezegd, you can fly a drone like the telo which will cost you less than an admission to a theme park for a day. So you can get a drone at a reasonable price to get out there and start experiencing beautiful hobby itself, so i'm encouraging you that don't let someday get in the way of doing it. Because if you're on the fence jump in nowand i don't work for any drone company i'm, just an avid drone flyerand i love this hobby. But i can tell you so many times. I talk to people that are thinking about getting in the hobby and i kind of nudge them a little bit in the right direction. They buy a used drawing they put it up and next time i talk to them.

I can't shut them up about how much fun they're, having flying their drones and what an experience that is for them so definitely get into the hobby and there's also opportunity for you to use this hobby to make money. Maybe you want to study and get a part 107 down the road and all of a sudden you're, doing real estate, photography on the weekends and making a couple extra bucks. So there's a lot of ways this hobby can go, maar aan het eind van de dag, for me nothing delights me the way this does as a hobby because putting it up in the air and getting that view of that lake at sunset. I don't know it just lifts my spirits. It really does, and we all need that in these difficult times with the coronavirus and the politics and all the nonsense going on in the world having something that you can use as a stress reliever after a long day at the office or maybe a tough day. Someplace else, putting this thing up in the air and just having a great day is really a good thing. Dus toch, don't wait get out there, don't let someday get in the way of that all right. So the drone itself, let me get into the details, because that's really what i'm here to talk about the mavic air 2, is really the culmination of years and years of development for dji. They built larger drones.

They built smaller drones, but what they've done with the mavic 2, the mavic air 2, is they've, basically taken all the pedigree that they've learned from the early days of the phantom products all the way up through the inspire products and crammed it into a single airframe. Bovendien, there are technologies in this airframe that aren't on any other drone out there today and when i look at a drone and i'm, comparing it to other drones, there's, echt, five things. I look for starting with portability technology imaging, which is really the reason we're buying a drone to get a beautiful camera up in the sky smarts, which is the intelligence behind the drone. Can it do tricks? Does it do things autonomously and then? Tot slot, probably most importantly, the price of the drone, because if they build a drone that packs in some amazing technology but it's way out of our price range, most people can't afford it big deal. They'Ve got a flying machine that nobody can own so i'm, going to start with technology. Actually i'll start with portability, because i really want to talk about that. A lot because one of the problems with portability with a lot of the larger drones is that you've got to think about it. So i've got three drones in front of me: here's the mavic mini mavic air 2 and the mavic 2 Pro. It looks like and they're all great drones. They'Re, wonderful drones, this one beautiful drone a little bit small.

You get it out in stiff wind it's, going to float on you a little bit. This one has got big enough. Airframe it's strong enough smart enough to stay in place when you put it up in the air, even in stiff winds. But if i move up to the mavic 2 pro it's, a bigger drone, now it's, not gigantic bigger but it's, big enough, where i've got to think about bringing it along because it's, not just the drone that's bigger but it's the batteries that are bigger, it's. The charging kit that i've got to bring along with it so the mavic air 2 is a good version of the mavic 2 pro it's just smaller, and the portability in this thing means i don't have to think about it. This thing folds up so small and the case, takes up about the space of a large book, really that i can bring it with me everywhere. So the key with portability is finding a drone, that's competent enough to do what you need it to do out in the field, but easy enough to bring it along where you don't have to think about it. This is in my car with me every day and wherever i go it's in the car, whereas with this one i've got a much bigger case, bigger batteries it's heavier. So in general, i have to think about bringing that along. If i move into a phantom or an inspire, those are definitely something i have to think about, especially if i'm traveling, because i got a big case, i got to stick in the overhead compartment with this.

One goes under the seat. Goes in my bag. It'S really easy to take with you so for portability smaller, but not quite as functional, bigger, bigger headache to bring along sort of goldilocks zone right in the middle, where it's the perfect size to take with you everywhere, you're never going to have to think about. Should i bring the drone because if you have to think about that, let me tell you the time you don't bring. The drone is when you have that beautiful sunset over the lake and there's there's heron and geese swooping down over the lake and it's like man. I wish i had my drone. Goed, you don't have it with you, because it's too big this one will be with you every time, OK, so let's talk about technology. Next technology is extremely important because a lot of the drones out there look the same, but they don't operate the same. And when i talk about technology i'm, talking about the brains of the drone to stay in one place, because one of the fundamental things a drone has to do when you put it up in the air is be stable, number one you don't want it flying all Over and being wonky in the air, but you want it to stay where you put it. This is an incredibly stable drone. It'S got imus inside a compass inside. So when you put it up in the air and you take your thumbs off the joysticks, it stays right where you left it even better it's, smart enough that if the wind kicks up it can sense that, because the imu knows it's moving around and it'll adjust Its its telemetry, basically it'll, adjust its spin of the rotors and and its stabilization technology inside that'll, keep it right where you left it.

So if the wind kicks around it's going to stay where it is and if it buffets a little bit, the gimbal is going to correct for that, so you're going to be spot on that shot. You want to take so technology is important. Now what's different about this particular model is they've done a couple of things they built in ocusync 2., most of the drones out there, waaronder deze, use some version of wi fi, which is like an enhanced wi fi. This is a wi fi carrier, but it's special, like martian technology, that rides on top of that wi fi carrier with ocusync too now dji's had lightbridge technology. Lightbridge 2 they've had occusync one, which is the original mavic pro. This is ocusync 2 and what makes ocusync so special compared to standard wi fi is standard. Wi fi typically locks on a frequency in that 2.4, 5.8 gigahertz band and it stays there for the entire flight. Het probleem is, if you enter an area, that's got really powerful, wi fi in that in that zone, or in that particular channel you're on you could have communication problems where you got spotty video or maybe even a loss of communication with the drone. What ocusync does is it? It has access to the band, but it picks the best frequency, the solid frequency for connection between your drone and your controller, but it's sniffing around other bands. So if the band you're on gets noisy or there's a communication issue on that band, it already has another band picked out where it can flip to that band and continue communication.

So it's, almost like a radio in your car, that's constantly tuning to get the best possible signal back in the days of analog, so ocusync 2 technology means this thing can fly incredibly far away like miles and miles away from you it's a 10 kilometer flight which You'Re never going to fly that far let's be honest. If you're following the rules, because visual line of sight means you can only keep it out as far as you can see it, but knowing you've got that rock solid telemetry connection to your controller means you're. Never going to have dropouts when you're filming out there, which is a really good thing. The second part of the technology is: how long will it fly 34 minuten van de vluchttijd, which is plenty now. I know there are drones out there a little 540 minuten. Some will fly 38 minuten. 36 minuten 34 minutes is plenty. The batteries are small, you can carry a couple extra with you. 34 minutes gives you plenty of time to get up, get to a location, do a ton of filming and come back and land and change out the battery, so they've really improved the efficiency of the quad to use those light bulb batteries because remember nobody. None of the drone manufacturers build their batteries right. Lipo batteries are a technology that's built by somebody else. Dji contracts that out to somebody just like all the other drone companies do so there's, not a lot of things that dji can do to make the drones more powerful.

The batteries are what the batteries are. They'Re the same for everybody there's an energy density built into a battery. What they can do, Hoewel, is they can improve the efficiency of the quad, so it drinks less electrons from that battery. So if you've got another quad that doesn't really is efficient and they're, not as smart about how to use the power you're not going to get as long a flight time out of it. Dus 10 Kilometer 34 minuten van de vluchttijd, which i think is fantastic. So technologically this thing is rock solid, now i'm going to talk a little bit about the smarts coming up, but one other thing you should know is its ability to do crash avoidance, so we've got three direction: crasher voids built into it, so it does front back And down, which is all you really need? Now you may be asking why doesn't have omnidirectional crash avoidance. The truth is the more crash sensors you put on a drone. The more intelligence is needed inside. Do i want to use that chipset to avoid obstacles, or i want to use it to process the video coming back or do special things like quick shots and things like that, so they had to kind of decide. You know what what's enough, and i think three directional is enough for me. Oke, you don't, have it on the top. You don't have it on the sides, but honestly uh, you're, not gon na run into things that often, if you're, a decent pilot, just stay away from scary things out there and you'll be just fine all right.

So let's talk about imaging next, because that's really. Why you buy the drone? You want to get a beautiful camera up in the sky, all right so again, comparing it to the other mavics in the series uh one over 2.3 -inch sensor, a one inch sensor on the pro. This is a full one. Half inch sensor, which is really impressive for a quad of the size you're going to get 4k video it's got advanced hdr built into it. It'Ll record 4k at 60 kadert een seconde. It can do 48. Megapixel pictures so you've got a really substantial camera up in the sky and remember: you've got a stabilized 3 axis gimbal on the front, which means you're going to keep that camera on the point of interest and not move around. Even if the drone is getting buffeted in the sky, so from an imaging perspective, phenomenally good drone phenomenally good and there are other things you can do to tweak that in post. But if that sensor is not big enough and it's got a quad based sensor, die, if you need more information on that i've done a whole clip on it, but that quad based sensor really allows it to do advanced hdr, which means it's going to make decisions For you on the best picture, it can get from a particular scenario, so you can dial up all the things you want to change it in the uh settings inside, but the quad itself will actually look at that setting with the advanced hdr and the quad bears, And make adjustments to give you the best possible picture, so it's it's, smarter than you are in a lot of ways both when you're flying and what it's doing from a photography perspective.

So from an imaging perspective. Phenomenal drone comparatively is the one in sensor better yeah. Much more expensive drone twice the price almost of this drone, dus voor mij, half inch sensors plenty next thing i'll talk about is the smarts now that's. Something that's happened in the last couple of years in drones, where they used to just be i'll, call them dumb drones, where you'd put them up, and you were completely in charge of what happened. It really didn't have a lot of intelligence in it to make decisions on your behalf or do cool things. They'Ve gotten a lot smarter, so the machine learning, artificial intelligence that are built into these drones nowadays, not only allow them to track objects really really closely. So this has got a couple of things in it: it's got active track 3.0 and it's got a pass 3.0 now active track will allow the drone to zero in on a subject and track that subject with a vengeance. So you can move around on a bicycle or a car and it's going to follow you around. Keep you in that frame and there's. Some advanced features as well to have you off to the side or having the front of the back, but the fact that the drone can find you recognize you and stay with. You is a really advanced feature, because the drone has to remember what you look like and, at the same time avoid obstacles. So in addition to that, the safety features built into it.

I talked about the crash avoidance already, so it's really good at avoiding things not running into them. So if you come up on a set of trees, it's not going to crash into the tree it's going to stop and pull back and say rick, you almost ran into that tree aren't, you lucky that i have obstacle avoidance in the front, so i didn't hit The tree, what apas does is really sort of a co pilot inside the drone that realizes you want to follow that person through the woods and it's not going to run into the trees, but it's actively plotting an open path through that bramble in the forest. To follow that person, so apas is a really advanced machine learning artificial intelligence feature built into the drone. That is a co pilot that says, i know you want to follow that person or you want to fly through that that thick forest i'm going to do my best to find a clean path through all those obstacles and not run into something. Those are all built into the drone in addition to that they've built in all kind of cinematic autumn autonomous features, Denk ik, is what i'm looking for i'm stumbling over the word, but it's got autonomy built in in the form of quick shots where you can, with The tap of a button do all kinds of cinematic moves with the drone. Now you can do it manually as well, but it does take some experience to be able to circle an object and keep your camera on that point of interest and keep it perfectly circular.

It also takes a little bit of work to sort of do that that rocket where it goes straight up and looks down at you or away from you when it's pulling away from you all those things are built into the drone, so you could essentially, Weet je, Charge up the batteries put this thing up in the air and in 10 minutes start taking some phenomenal shots of you and your friends or your house or whatever you happen to be focusing on and that's all built into the drone. So it makes everybody out there, an amazing pilotand i know a lot of people like to fly and they don't really like to learn it. So you could fire this thing up again hit one of those buttons and have it do an amazing, quick shot. Put that out there on one of your social media channels and you're gon na look like a hero for sure, so it does all that it also does hyperlapse, which is another cool feature built into it, where it can actually slow. The motion down over a period of time and it's a really advanced feature, that's built in it as well. The last thing i want to talk about, in addition to all that stuff is the price, because i, when this first came out, i kind of i was involved with the nda part of it. I talked to him a little bit about the pricing on it.

I couldn't believe they were going to release this drone at the price point. They did it's an 800 drone now that's, not a small amount of money. I realize that that is a very expensive uh product that you're going to use out in the field, but when you think about the amount of technology they've packed into this at 800, that's a very reasonable price for what you're getting in this drone, there are less Expensive drones, i know that we can talk about the anafi. We can talk about other drones that are on the market that are less expensive. They don't have the features this has built into it. It really is an advanced flying machine that, Eerlijk, Geloof ik, dji left money on the table. I think this could easily be a thousand dollar. Drone would be worth every penny of a thousand dollars, dus op 800 bucks it's a fantastic value in addition to which they offer it. As a fly more package for a couple hundred bucks more you get extra batteries. You get a charging hub, you get a case, all things you're going to want to buy once you own the drone. So if you do decide to go with this one, this one or this one or some other drone, always look into that advanced package, because the company that's offering that is trying to give you a break on accessories. That you're definitely going to want down the road and if you buy them together as that package, you get them all at once and you'll have them the day.

It arrives. The only thing i didn't talk about yet, which is a really advanced featureand i probably should have talked about iteither part of technology or smartsis the adsb, which is a um it's, a it's, a brand new technology to drones. Nobody else has it but dji, and i know they came out about a year ago and said every new drone they release is going to have 80 sb in it to let you know that there are other aircraft in the area and again i know i get Accused of being a dji fanboyand i really am because i love their technology, but i fly every drone out there. What what causes me to be a dji fanboy is the company is always looking at ways of making their drone safer and improving the feature sets they build into it for the dollar, and that 80sb is a really important feature, because essentially, what it does is it's A receiver for ads signals, which are things that they're beacons. Eigenlijk, that airplanes have to put out that have their telemetry, their velocity, their their endpoint, where they're heading, and if you can receive that information, you know immediately there's a plane over the horizon that direction. That'S heading my direction that may impact my flight, so the minute a plane gets anywhere near you. The adsb receiver in this drone will alert you as a pilot to say, there's a plane coming over that hill.

You might want to drop down to 50 voeten. So you don't introduce your drone to that plane. So adsb is a really advanced feature and again, when i talk about how this thing is reasonably priced 80sb receivers alone, you can go out there and look for them are a hundred dollars or more. So how do you take that chipset put it in here and essentially don't raise the price at all so again, algeheel, there are other drones out there that you can compare it to that are more expensive that have advanced features. This doesn't have there are less expensive drones out there, like the mavic mini, which is a wonderful drone, but for eight hundred dollars the amount of features and functions they built into this. I think it's the perfect drone right now and i would be hard pressed as well to think about what they would have to change on the mavic air 2. To have another drone be more perfect yeah. They can increase the size of the sensor. They could build in other advanced features like the skydio product, where it's really a wizard about flying through the woods. Maybe those things are coming. Maybe the mavic 3 will have those, but it won't be an 800 Drone. Dus, if you're in the market for a drone about 400 bucks for the mavic mini about 800 bucks for the mavic air 2., i think about 12 1500 right now for the mavic 2 pro resume that's another great product from them.

All three of these are wonderful drones, but for my money for the features and functions that are built into it at the price point, this is the one owned right now so that's all i really had for today. I just wanted to get this out there, because a lot of people are asking me about the mavic air. How does it compare to the drones, it's, a phenomenal package and again for my money, it's the one to own today? If you have any questions about anything i've covered today, please drop those in the comments below and i promise to get back to you as quickly as i can. We actually just gave away a mavic mini. The contest ends tonight at midnight. So if you haven't entered yet find that clip on our channel and enter that contest, because we're giving one of these guys away now, here's a hint there's, a couple more drones coming so stay tuned to the channel, because there's going to be at least two more Drones we're, giving away this summer for free. We don't have any strings attachers, no shenanigans. You enter the contest. You got a shot at winning a drone, so if you haven't subscribed to the channel, i say this every time and i hate to badger you about it, but hit that subscribe button down there and join the drone valley family, because when i post that clip where I'M doing giveaways, you got a shot at the drone plus we're doing a lot of other cool content that you're not going to want to miss.

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