So any kind of tow ropeI don'thave to worry about it. Getting you know kind of spun up in the prop, but I can say that I was up all night. Like a mad scientist, I was reading your comments. I was looking at the pictures. People sent them to me on Facebook Instagram into my personal email. I got them everywhere, so shout out to the whole RC community right now. Thank you so much because I read them. I implemented them. I was even up at 6 Uur. again doing even more so I haven't tested it yet you guys are gon na, be the first ones to test it out. Let'S, look at what I did here. It is the Thrasher with the new rigging on it and if you look, the GoPros moved a nice visual line on there and I've actually moved the point where I was hauling a max power here. As my rider cuz, he would look stupid in her tubing if he wasn't having a rider there. I actually moved it to the front, so I had a clevis or a little d ring hook. I just took the ring out. I attached this to the front. It'S super sturdy: it's got lots of power, so it's gon na be able to whip this guy around no problem course there's, the jet on the v3 Thrasher. This is an amazing boat. Ik vind het geweldig. They have bind and ride versions right now, if you go and check it out, I left a link in the video description box below where now you can use your own controller with these boats, but look at this this mast right here.

This is so what you're? Looking at is a body pin for a normal truck, then a washer, then the rope that can go 360 graden. You can see here a washer underneath with another pin, so that sits up there. If I want to release it, I could. This is a Delrin rod. So a very PLAs plastic, a very strong and sturdy and bendable rod if it necessary. This rigging actually attaches to a set screw that I drilled through the center just a couple of nuts on either side and then tied off the rigging down the masts. You'Ll see that I have painted in here, but this is actually what I did with the mast. Was I drilled a hole into a metal plate? I actually took the Delrin. I shaved it down a little bit, put it in the hole and melted the Delrin on the back of it to kind of anchor it in place. Then I took a drive shaft from an axial scx10 trail truck. One tenth scale slid it down over that. On top of the metal plate secured everything with a cementing epoxy plus, I drilled it down in place, so that is not moving. I also reinforced the front pin on my Thrasher and put a clevis on the front. You guys can see it here. I didn't paint this yet, but it is cemented on there it's very strong and sturdy. So when this extra long cable gets pulled which will be away from the camera, this will be able to pull the way you guys have been suggesting so again.

Thank you all. So much for your help. Look at this one, one of the things we were suffering with was you know. Natuurlijk, this was going down in the water we've we've fixed that problem more than likely with the with that, where it is, but with water going on the inside we've had many people suggest that I put a tube out the bottom so shout out to the Stream line RC Thrasher owners group. Hartelijk dank. That is one that originally came from there when I posted my video there to help suck that water out the back when this gets on the move. I don't really have to worry about it in here, because this already has a pump on the inside a bilge pump, and I was able to move the GoPro back further, so we can get a better shot of the driver enough talking. Vier vijf: six get in the water sweep the leg on this canal. It is so nice today there's, barely any clouds. Oke, RC adventurers. Here we go wow. This is going to be it all of the changes made. Get this away from the impeller looks good. Succes, little dude today's your day. Oh mens, I'm nervous, most people haven't even seen my video from yesterday, and Here I am doing another one. Werkt het? Oh my gosh look at this now you can see that mast as much taller. Muziek. Add some speed.

This is where we failed yesterday, so I'm cavitating, quite a bit Music really pulling on the bow, so maybe it's too high let's bring it around. This has an adjustable prop on it. Where I can change the thrust vector on it, hey that's change. I love how it pulls it now. It is better how it pulls. I wonder if the lines too long, somebody said let out the line more so that there was less propwash getting over to the dude and that was like in filling up Music dude. It pulls so much it's controlling the boat because of the amount of drag that's on it. Nu. Look at that turn so easy, Ja. Oke, so up on the bench you can see here, I've taken the rigging off temporarily. You can see the top of this Delrin rod now. I just want to say that from this point to that point it is nine inches long and I can say that this is far too long in a scale size. I thought I had the rigging right, but obviously I don't, because it's causing a lot of drag on the boat it's it's, literally causing more drag than in the last video, where I just had the string coming off the back of the jet and pulling the inner Tube along the other thing, I noticed, Natuurlijk, with the amount of height is going to cause that tire to lift up and with the weight of the action figure bending down.

I had quite a bit of drag and I think the in relation to the how high this mast is plus the the action figure. I think once we change that, we may see a difference in the boat so I'm going to take three inches off of this. Here now Andrey drill, the holesand I just got off the phone with Scott, the designer of the Thrasher, and he said to take this venturi tube and cut it almost flush with the bottom, so I'm gon na do that just so, I don't have any kind Of rudder effect or drag back there plus I have that stupid, zip Tyco hanging out, so I should fix that, but I've removed almost as much drag as I could from the bottom, even though that looks terrible that's all I can do for today, but we'll cut That off and see how it helps so that is just a hole there that'll help that water get released from in there yeah I can't help but notice how much this guy looks. Net als ik., Oke, I think that's a better position Laughter and now that I'm, looking at three inches being cut off, I thought the camera on the back is really what is inhibiting this from working. This shouldn't be still six inches high. That is just no way, so I think I'm actually going to cut another three and a half inches off. Maybe four and we will have a better bit of luck.

I think it's just the fulcrum point for me, so I did decide to do that. Mod even shorter, I think this will help a huge amount, but you can still see the washers are in place. This can move around freely and then over to this dude it's like still way too high we're all expecting a faceplant, but it'll be worth it. The only thing that I really am bummed out about is, I lost the back camera ability just for right now, but I think in the name of science, this is just fine to experiment with. Is this gon na work? I'Ve got no idea, but it's a beautiful day, there's nowhere I'd rather be and I'm here, sharing it with you guys, so they were go let's get her in the water. So the reason I even took the camera off the back is because it's gon na catch that line. Otherwise good luck, dude everyone's, hoping you have a good swim, Hallo, Raven, look at that in tow yeah, so now we're gon na find out if it works. Look at him floating away, it's, zo cool. How many people right now are reminded of summers or spring times on a lake behind a boat of some sort? Oke, there we go and give it a little bit of throttle. Oh, O jee, it's working it's skipping it's working. O jee. I wish I had a camera on the back, dude it's working so much better, whoo he's literally skimming on top.

O jee. Dit is geweldig. I wish I had multiple cameras for you that's. My next thing I have to figure out yeah max power is taking it like a champ there's, nothing wrong. Kijk eens naar deze, he hasn't flipped. Yet I thought for sure we were gon na see a flip. Still hanging on dude keep holding on your arm looks dislocated, but you might be feeling better in a day or two. I can't even see the camera screen because there's so much sunshine. Today I just kind of got a guess: yeah dude. Can I spin him around jump Applause once it gets to that nice speed it just hovers across the water. Look at that almost an immediate turn around he's still flying that's insane Wow guys if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't be believing it oh yeah. I thought he broke off the bag, but he did not look it's still taking it yeah Music. Ja, RC inner tubing now to get a few of these together and get some races going, hey wouldn't that be awesome. My front, my Thrasher buddies out there, all all the Thrasher brethren and all the sisters out there time to find an inner tube. Put a little put a little spike into your boat you'll, find yourself having a great time with the RC Hobby. He is full of water. He is drownded right out. I was wondering what was gon na happen and does that venturi tube actually work, while he's got quite a bit in there.

If I pull it slowly, yeah once it gets too much in there, it wants to sink that's, Oke, unbelievable dude. I never thought I was going to see you again all right. The boat is in the water still and I'm walking back to my driver stand to give you guys a higher view, so there it is way down there. I figured this way. I could kind of get it up to speed and you guys could have a good view of it see if we can get it up to full throttle he's. Looking good I'm ramping, it up he's hopping a little he's now outside the wake perfect full throttle. Oh push me around: did he get any water in there and oh he's, still good I'm gon na end up on the other side? Ongelooflijk, it totally worked. I would call this a win today. There it is my friends RC inner tubing with a dude on the back. Goed, I am calling that a major success today. I cannot believe the stability of the inner tube shout out to everybody out there. That left me comments in the last episode to. Let me know how I could improve the design again, if you guys think I could improve the design even more still comment down below. Let me know if you liked the video please take the time to actually hit that like button. It does help the channel help. Everybody discover these cool videos and I think everybody should get outside and have a good time with a hobby that I find fascinating and I'm pretty sure you will too we'll see in the next episode.