I think it's always been this weird hasn't it hello. Ah, for a canadian boy, it is absolutely scorching outside today at least 30 degrees right now so it's beautiful to be out going down to the water and putting around three of my streamline rc thrasher jet boat modded changes for my inner tube rider to the test And you guys in the last videos, if you didn't, see them check them out in the info bubble, uh, you might want to see the journey of how i got here already in case you had questions or like suggestions. We may have done them already um, but uh i'm gon na put them. Thank you so much uh for commenting in those videos. It helped me put those into practice here. Let me show you what i'm talking about look at this here is the streamline rc thrasher jet boat. In the last video everyone saw, i put a clevis in then i put in a couple of straight lines for strength up to a delrin rod. Op dat moment.. I had a rope that could go all the way around that ran in between two washers and you guys said that was probably stopping uh, the rider from being whipped around the boat like on a nice tight turn. So i thought about that and i did tighten it up, but then i thought if i ran it straight down underneath the gopro here is a gopro hero session.

I bought it refurbished used two of them just so i could get it onto this boat and have the smaller heroes. I'Ve lost them before, but here it kind of comes out through the bottom. Is this pin going to come into play and be a problem? Possibly we'll see how it goes today, but regardless it still gets it nice and low, so we've got strength. We'Ve got it nice and low. The camera is tied off just in case it pops off to an emergency 100 pound test line and, Natuurlijk, a jet boat has no uh propeller on the back, so it's, just water. They get sucked up and then thrusted through the back jet and into the propulsion here's the back line and yeah. I know it looks super weird for sure, hey at least i'm, not the only cameraman here today doing all the shots uh. You guys asked for uh in the last video to have a camera on the inner tube. Helaas, you can see he's sitting in there to get him down that low. I had to lieutenant dan him. Don'T worry. He didn't need his legs anyway. We needed him closer down to the bottom, so he could be our rider with a good center of gravity and still have his hands on there. Don'T worry, he didn't feel a thing. Are you ready to get down to the pond? Put the 6s lipo battery to the test and see how this works out.

I haven't seen how it was going to work out so i'm excited to go and it is blazing hot let's get down there. Can you see me seeing you it's like a paradox Music? So yes, i totally agree. It would be better if my rider had a servo set up for so he could look left and right, um, which i could easily set up on a dual stick: Radio, but unfortunately, i don't have a small enough, servo that's, waterproof that i would trust. Have my camera on top of yet, but that is in the works all right brother. We want a strong performance from you today, get out there and have some fun radio on Music Applause, 6s lipo plugged in okay boys. This is your moment. Let'S make some jet boat history first time out, one handed driving Music, O ja, tot nu toe, so good it's pulling good i'm only giving it like. Maybe one quarter, throttle let's throttle up a bit Music. Ja, he's skimming Music, just going easy right now: holy cow, it's, working dog, Oh, i ran right into the leaves distracted driving. So i brought him in he's beside my water line, my pump line, i notice he's kind of like sagging to one side, which would make sense after all, that weight and that force. So if i'm able to even him out a little bit more, he may not list so far to one side, but that is absolute, incredible performance, mullet and all all right.

So there's only one thing i can think of doing after that successful run on the canal and that is head to the pond let's see if we can get some wakes going or something Music. Wat denk je? Is it working out good? Are you having a good day in the field, looks awesome today, everyone's waiting for me to do my drone recovery but there's so much biology in the water now it's impossible to see, but that doesn't stop me from having fun with my jet boat. The only thing i got to be careful of is all this algae in here i don't want to get that sucked into the intake, or else we'll be in trouble dead before we get going alrighty boys. This is your big moment. Good luck to you have a good swim. Try to clear all those weeds, Oke, boys let's, get you out there first time on the pond. I can't believe we figured this out. I mean we as a collective youtube entity. Couldn'T have done this on my own. Without you, Oh, he got whipped around nicely. Er. Applause camera man riding on the outside unbelievable, so my driver is one sixth scale, my boat, not one sixth scale, but so cool. It is able to power through second rip at it that thrasher just power. Ongelooflijk. I say that a lot. I love this hobby, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek Applaus, so Music Applause so made it back to shore in one piece everything stayed on, including the toupee.

What do you mean this isn't, my real hair? Uh drop a like click right now, if you haven't already, and you want to see more of the inner tubing and the thrasher rc jet boat. Let me know what you think of the cameraman. I know lots of water on the screen today, but that's. What you get when you're inner tubing yeah face full of water, guys thanks a lot we'll see in the next episode of rc adventures now get outside and no matter what form it is just have fun with rc bye guys. What do you think next time? We should try the dam should we try the dam next time. I think we should try to pull them up the damn. We get five thousand light clicks in a week posting this video we'll go to the damn and i'll risk losing those cameras that i just got.