Is it possible? Yeah let's have to figure out how okay, you ready, lovely lady born ready. Three two one go: O ja. Here we go off the wall. It has enough power that once like the inertia of the wheels when you power down, it can lift its front nose. Uh and do its own jump right: Muziek, Muziek, oh Muziek, dude, krankzinnig, that's, stalking too. Kijk daar eens naar.. Oh i had to stop bye really fast. Get those wheels up. Yeah people often ask: how do you control the inertia of the truck in the air? Remember when you give it gas, it pulls the truck up, but when you use the brake, it pushes the truck down. So in the air. While you let off the throttle, tap the brake a little bit it'll start to carry forward and away you go. Can we do it in true monster truck style, try to do dennis anderson right here, let's see: oh man, Muziek! Oh mens, more than enough friends! More than enough look at that just insane there you go guys on three: did you just catch your rc? Dat was awesome, uh the grave digger from horizon hobby and loci i'm gon na leave a link in the video description box down below you guys can check it out. If you want uh, they also had the blue uh son of a digger, which i think looks amazing. Uh get in on the next shipment and we'll.

See you in the next episode now get outside have some fun with rc yeah. We always do Applause Music. That came down hard, come on let's, look at it come on. What are you doing over there come on that was a huge hit on the front. Did i break anything? Did i break anything it's supposed to be monster truck tough? It has a certain sound when it breaks. I didn't hear the circuit sound, no it's, Fijn, it's, a hundred percent, Fijn, hey anybody that can roll a truck and then drive away that's a great day, that's a great day, that's a great freaking day. Let'S.