Right here, this was sent to me from the guys over at Racer X, they're, in collaboration with beta fpv on this design. So two thumbs up right away. First thing in this: video we've got to just give it to the design crew of this twig XL. Het is een 3 inch, 4s race class or freestyle series quad under 250 gram. It is actually under 200 gram, dat is een beetje geweldig, met een 4s 650 million that's, my battery of choice, you're gon na get from 3 Aan 5 minutes with that battery easily, if you're the average guy just kind of cruising around you're gon na get 5 Minutes on that super lightweight small battery and what's great about that. The power system on here is the 20 amp all in one flight controller, F, 411 flight controller from beta fpv, met een 200 milliwatts ET ex, en de 1404 motors just make this quad scream. It has like a 10 Aan 1 power ratio really fast and light on the sticks. As soon as I flew this line of sight for my first set and setup and maiden and test, I knew that I had a really fun freestyle quad on my hands, also something really fast for racing. You can experiment with different props on you. You can use five leg props or you can get the. I believe these are thirty. Sixteen HQ props that I have on here that they included with my kit, but one of the fastest and lightest quads out there on the planet.

Right now is this twig series. I also have the ETA 5 inch version of this quad over there on the bench, and I weighed it put it up on the group last night: I'll try to put their Facebook group down below, so you guys can check them out. There'S, a bunch of twig builds going on. I note 3 inch in the 5 inch version, de 5 inch again it's called the ETA version. Super awesome, and I want to say thanks to Brian, for sending this over to me from the Racer X group. Super awesome. Guy and made me really happy when this came in the door all set up with crossfire on here, klaar om te gaan, so I just had to bind it up on my module and go fly this for you guys, but I enjoyed it and it's. Definitely a two thumbs up quad around 169, and I think that the secret spot on this quad and I'll shown this to a friend of mine at the field. A lot of times when the three inch category been using 1408 for years, and it does have quite a bit of extra weight – 1408 SAR great. They are powerful, even 1406, but these are 1404. I believe that 3800 kV motors in conjunction with these ultralight props. Dit is dit.: is the secret sauce behind this quad and the other secret? Is that it's it's really really nice, because it is under 200 gram, met een 4 s, 650 million battery that I'm flying like I'm flying doing like 5 power loops in a row with this thing and still getting four minutes flight time, wat geweldig is.

So the other news that I have to tell you guys is that down in LA there was a multi DP flight race last weekend or the weekend before, and most of you guys know, pyro drones are drone search. His son is Andy dolma, fpv and Andy raced. Dit 3 inch class seasoned multigp race guys and he won he's on top of the podium. I'Ll show you the picture here with the model and all the cash that he won over the weekend. So it is fast, zeer, zeer, zeer snel, so that's the proof right. Er, how fast this quad actually isand you won't really know it until you fly it's crazy, but all the guys on the forums are going crazy for it and they love it, en I love it. It'S a two thumbs up quad I can't thumbs up there. We go thumbs up quad for this twig excel it's insane, so let's go ahead out now into the field, and let me show you how this rips, the first couple flights were in the rain, and I had some pretty hard smack downs and this quad survived a Drone camps, vlucht test, which is fairly rare these days, because I've been hitting a lot of things, sleepy putts let's go ahead out now and do some some flying in general bashing around in some freestyle. Let me show you what this little twig XL can do out in the field or amongst the trees.

Hier gaan we Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Oke, let's, go ahead and do some final thoughts. I didn't do a lot of talking during the flight test, because I just wanted you guys to focus on the flying and how fast the squad was and the maneuverability of it. I think that the canopies are probably the weak point of this design. The beta fpv canopy did break on me, but you saw that crash and extra canopies are available, so let's go around this frame a little bit. This new antenna design is pretty nice and durable. It did take that crash right on the concrete, also the frame itself. Didn'T crack in that concrete crash, which is also kind of amazing, so these support struts are actually doing their job and an extra one in the front right there that's the front of the quad and the power system on board. This is great with these motors and these props perfect combo power weight ratio is 10 Aan 1, they're really really fun to fly, and my favorite battery was the 4s 650 million getting the average guy, probably five minutes flight time, if you're just cruising, if you're flying Like me, you'll probably get four minutes even still so kind of an amazing quad and definitely a two thumbs up quad. Voor mij, absolutely five stars on this one pick this one up. You will love it. You will absolutely love, it guys.