The fall season is in the air, and all of the leaves have blown away from the tree's. It s an excellent day for a "Halloween Style" creep in the yard route park. Numerous visitors have actually asked to see this truck with the DUB STYLE wheels on the routes. and today, i can make that take place. The model I am utilizing is a 13.5 pound Jeep JK from CAPO. This is the SECOND Version of jeep that the business Capo brought out. It is marketed as a 1/8th range. but appears to be closer to a 1/10th scale (voor mij). Its most definitely a hefty rig to wheel about, but it absolutely moves a lot like a "real size" Jeep. The LARGE tires are from a firm called D1RC, that I located on Aliexpress. These are the 3.2" wheels and "Black Widow" Banden. Respectable. Echter, the large tires have jeopardized one of my Axlesbut these axles have actually been abused before this recording. There is no question however, big wheels will certainly have a damaging impact on your axles, if they are "weak" or not set steel. It adds more force, to the weakest point. which was the neck of the axle. I believed a drive pin had bulged. nog, I was mistaken!

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