As far as we can so let's get started. This is evo 2.5 firmware, and this is off of my oneplus 6t phone and it's just screen screen recording this is the same phone i used in my original flight test that gave video lag problems, turning off all of the obstacle avoidance sensors here for some power Saving, hopefully not sure how much, maar, zoals je zien, obstacle avoidance is off we're just going straight out. We don't really need any of that in this flight, so there's our battery. This has only been three times run flown three times with this battery. I have two batteries, Natuurlijk, as you may know, launching here ready for flight by the way. Thanks for joining me, this is uh launching from maui and there we are the 4k on the bottom left, that's the onboard footage and the big screen. I have up right now is just my screen: recording yep enjoy the flight so i'm, just gon na be flying along with you here. Zoals je zien, there was some beautiful little misty clouds here, we're just gon na fly through just for a second and really enjoy this spot, it's, just beautiful and uh. We are gon na get a little bit of the sunset here check that out really nice. So i'm gon na be switching between the two 4k video. This is just 4k 30 and also my phone recording. So you can see the numbers coming up and we're pushing it as far as we can this flight guys.

So i like to tilt the camera up and down which you'll see a notation up, pretty quick here right now, i'm, just kind of clicking on parts of the screen adjusting the exposure automatically yeah there we go so i like to move uh the gimbal up and Down while i'm doing these flights, even though it uses a little bit of power just to see how it looks on my fpv screen right, because these flights are mainly to see how far it goes and also the controllability and the video strength while you're going this Far so throughout the flight i'm going to be doing this just going to be going up and down with my gimbal here, you can see we're just flying over the uh kula forest here, a beautiful place for hiking and all kinds of trails in there and stuff. So just trying to get a feel for how we're, looking on the um, the fpv there's a full downward shot so i'm, seeing the bottom left screen in real time guys as i'm flying as you probably know, some of you may not. If you're new to my channel or new to drones in general and so that's, what you see when you're flying that little screen there on your phone with all that information pulling it up to horizon level, sun is just starting to set beautiful day. I think we're. Just about to reach um one mile here, one mile should be 5280 voeten, just open the map and i'm just kind of pinch zooming out, so you guys can see where i am and where the drone is there we go so we reached one mile, 1.

6, kilometers Or 5280 feet so a significant distance, but not for this drone. So let's go for two miles and i have no doubt this thing could do it. This is the first flight i've ever tried to push this, and here i am just speeding it up um, because it does get quite monotonous, just kind of pushing the stick forward and going straight out. So i just spin it up at times. Oke, slowing back down. Checking out uh the link strength again by pitching the camera down now. This is just the left roller right, um on the left, top of the controller, the trigger to pitch up and down with the camera, en daar gaan we. We have hit two miles: 3.2 kilometers or 10 560 voeten. Let'S go for three might as well right uh. We want to push this thing as far as we can. You can see the flight time. We still have 26 minutes left just i sped it up. A little bit just panning the camera up and down so you can kind of see it seemed like it got, maybe just a little jittery on the fpv, but not bad at all. Nothing to complain about too much here. We are speeding it up again. This is where i'm playing with the zoom. If you push in the right uh top roller, you can access the menu and then you can. You can do the zoom that right trigger just rolling it once you're in the zoom.

Ook, i had one um commenter asking: if you can pinch zoom on the screen and you actually can to get a more precision zoom. Instead of that full number you can go, you could see those like 6.7 ticking away while i was pinching zooming on the screen. So you can do that all right here we are at three miles guys 4.8 kilometers or 15 840 feet away from my launch position. Let'S go for four miles. I think we should be able to do it if this thing is already doing so well and you can see i'm just kind of messing around. While i have this uh speed, uh the time sped up with the exposure, you can see that going just testing it again with the gimbal. Now the gimbal probably uses a little bit of extra power, but probably negligible, because the gimbal motors have to hold the gimbal up level anyway. So if you're slowly going up and down with it, i really don't think it uses, probably next to nothing in power. Just kind of scrolling up and down and there's that little cinder cone there i'm just messing with the zooming again. This is a volcanic island right. So there's going to be these little cinder conesand here we arewe are reaching. We hebben 4 mijl, 6.4. Kilometers or twenty one thousand one hundred and twenty feet and look at that still perfect let's go for five.

Oke, so five miles boy, Music checking out the battery, we got 65 percent remaining. Je kunt zien. The voltage is up there just wanted to check that image. Transmission, so this is the transmission signal, 10 megahertz and we're on the smooth setting um. I was going to change it to like the high def setting, but since we're just going for a range test, i didn't want to mess with that right now. Dus, look at that sunset, mooie, looking kind of at um west maui right now, there's the kihei wailea area, just kind of fade away that phone screen for a second. So you can enjoy that view. Just beautiful we're five miles out there Music over to the right, that is the lahaina area on the way to lahaina that's the west maui that little pinnacle coming off to the right and then below us is the kihei wailea area, there's our phone screen again and It'S still doing great still nice and smooth just very minor stutter, nothing you know to complain about. I noticed sometimes when i zoom in you'll, see here when i zoom in look at that that's, a southern key here, Ik geloof, see how there's a little bit of a lag when i zoomed in it seemed to, om een of andere reden, throw off the frames per second On the uh, it seemed like the evo 2 Opname, like the onboard recording, seemed to kind of mess with the fps and desync that's, the notation i have up here, just letting you guys know and that's, not how it was it wasn't that bad when i was Um actually flying so i had to kind of edit the video to match up again and sync up just because the frames per second kind of got thrown off.

So just to let you guys know there. We are messing with the zoom again as we're just flying straight out. This is all lava rock volcanic, little lava flows here, so you can see how the zoom i mean it is getting kind of dark now, but the zoom is. It gets pretty pixelated when you do zoom in all the way to eight times you like lose. That resolution you know just because all it's really doing is zooming into the pixels. Daar gaan we. We have reached five miles or eight kilometers or 26 400 feet guys. So this might be some kind of record for one of these drones. Why not go for six let's? Just do it there's that sunset man look how beautiful that's looking we're zoomed in a bit, but it still looks just phenomenal over the bottom of the screen. You see that that's a little um boat uh. What are those tugboats? Pulling a um like a matson container boat, a shipping barge that's what they're called yeah shipping barges. So if you look at the bottom of the screen, there you'll see that little tug boat and that barge out there. So there we go zooming back out and gosh can we get to six? You think video signal getting a little weak at this point. I kind of just was turning it. Oh there we go so um Music. I was saying i was turning the controller just to make sure, but it it thinks it needs to come home now so i'm, just going to let the evo 2 Come Home.

I was still pushing forward, but it turned around on its own and that's. Our final footage check it out 5.3 mijl 5.43 mijl, 8.74, kilometers or 28 687 feet so and that's, where i am launched from right. There that's, where i am way the heck over there. 5.43 miles away automatic return is initiated and can the evo make it we will see because our percentage, i believe i turned around at about 52 procent, when i was kind of looking at the controller screen aside from this phone screen, you're, seeing here kind of messing With the zoom again speeding it up on the return home, beautiful little um cloud layer here, coming through just a bunch of info uh to check out on both your phone and your controller and on the controller. When i looked down it was at uh about 52. When it decided to turn around on its own opening up the map as i'm flying home, just to give it a little check, so you guys can get a feel for how far we went there's a little cinder cone. We passed on the way out and there's our home point. Je kunt zien. The drone is that little red arrow coming back in real time. I do have my phone data on so it's pulling in these google maps and it didn't seem to really affect the signal. So you see that blue circle there it seems to be the cpu on the drone or the flight controller, its calculations of how far the evo2 can go.

Maar, zoals je zien, we came up short, so we'll see how much power we have when we, when we uh. If we touch down, do you think we can make it back, go ahead and comment, and let me know if you think we can make it back now, houd in gedachten. This is completely um automated flight. The drone is flying itself home i'm, not doing anything except looking at the screen and i'm moving the gimbal up and down on the left side just to check it does allow you to move that gimbal still have great signal, even when the drone turned around you Notice that we still had excellent connection, no video dropouts no lag in the fpv working great, even at over five miles out now, keep in mind this is a country setting i should mention. This is a definitely a country range test, not a urban range test whatsoever. So your mileage will vary depending on how much interference you have with these drones, just kind of zooming in checking out this farm, and you can see that it is low light. Now the sun has set or it's just about to set, and you can see how it gets pretty um a lot of video noise and pixelation when you try to zoom in this is completely raw footage. This is not post produced in any way. There'S little goats or sheep down there on the left kind of neat to explore areas and see what's below you picking it back up, en daar gaan we.

We got a little bit of a desync on the video again just because that zooming in problem, i don't, think i really bothered too much to try to realign it in the editing perfectly. But at times i did try to do that. Speeding it up again just to make it home a little quicker, just checking out the voltages again on my batteries. For my battery cells, 14 remaining and uh, i think hopefully we can make it. I think so speeding it up again and just look at how crowded it's gotten up here on the haleak in the mountain i've. Never ever seen it. This crowded ever since i've lived here, i've lived here, my whole life for 40 jaar, Muziek, 40. Somethingand i have never seen this many cars um up here on the mountain which is crazyprobably because you know we're going through the covid and a lot of places are closed. Everybody needs an outlet, so you know it happens. Anyways coming on back. Are we going to make it and right here at two minutes and 20 seconds left boom? It just starts to land on its own. Oh, mijn gosh. I was freaking out decided to push forward on the sticks and push up on the throttle and it worked. I was able to just stop it from landing there, and you can do this and push forward. If i was to let go, it would just go straight down and land on its own, so we're pushing it a little further than it wants to, but i think the evo can do it there.

I am right below there's my car in my daughter's car there and there's us sitting down on the mountain doing this kind of impromptu range test. I didn't even plan to do this, but i decided to do it while we're watching the sunset coming in coming in critically low one minute left of flight and there we are hey guys thanks for watching the video. It was always a pleasure to have you watching these. I couldn't push back up once i let go of the sticks. Kijk eens naar deze. It just started to land. I couldn't make it over to my landing pad, so it landed in the grass did a little bit of lawn mowing, but hey it made it back and we had like a minute left of flight. I think i'm gon na go into the uh the battery here. Real quick and show you the battery levels, Music and there we go remaining capacity zero, but our voltage is still 3.6 per cell. So on these lipo batteries, if you're above like three volts, you should be fine, so we had plenty of left. So we didn't damage the batteries, so a lot of people are like. Oh, you totally screwed up your batteries, but you know what uh lipos are pretty resilient as long as you don't keep them charged for long long periods of time or discharge for long periods of time or drop them below three volts anyway guys. I hope you enjoyed that uh range test.

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