Oke! Kunnen we dat allemaal weer doen deze keer met de camera rollen? Goed, i wasn't sure how to make youtube gold extra unique today. So i thought a whole bunch of repair was what we needed to do: youtube gold, yeah i'm, expected to be giving these guys a unique uh adventure when they […]

YouTube goud 2020 (S3 E3) BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN: Mining Crew Hunt For Alberta Gold! | RC ADVENTURES

Je kunt zien. I brought my friend with me, the shadow, because he's gon na be able to do some mining with me. At least he has arms, say hi shadow. There it is, I also have with me crazy Bob in the background, although he does not have any arms he does make for […]


We lastly have a FULL CREW onsite, and the climate is on our facet. Late into the season the solar is lastly absolutely shining, however the shadows are lengthyand the gold is glinting within the sluice field's. The "Clear-Lower" is being ravaged by Krazy Joe and the fellows.. and the pay is getting […]

YouTube goud – RAMP in de glorie, de moeder lading (S2 E23) | RC ADVENTURES

It has been a gruelling season of harsh climate and equipment break downs since April. Rookie, Krazy Joe, Kevin and Myself are prepared fro our last push to the top.. From the very starting of this episode, there was an air of catastrophe throughout.. however one thing instructed me that each one may not be […]

YouTube goud – Goud zal worden een SLAAF of een MASTER: Kantelen van de schaal S2 E15 | RC ADVENTURES

We thought we might have a really productive day.. but it surely seems a YouTube Viewer has submitted a criticism to the Occupational Well being and Security Administration (OHAS) – a sister firm of (OSHA) the Occupational Security and Well being Affiliation. They’re rather less strict on mine-site security, however nonetheless actual arduous *sses. Dit […]

YouTube goud – Goud maakt de mooie lelijke (S2 e14) | RC ADVENTURES

Two Dozers are actually within the Decrease Lower. The Higher Lower is beginning to run out of pay filth.. Fortunately I’ve a full crew at this time and fortunately most of those guys have already been foreman, so they’re getting some good expertise. We proceed to open new floor, and the wash crops proceed to […]

YouTube goud – Zoals “GOUDKOORTS”, maar manier beter! “DE VOORMAN” (S2 e10) | RC ADVENTURES

This can be a #Canadian #Parody of #GoldRush, a present we’ve all loved through the years. We’re a bunch of center aged guys which have an excessive amount of time on our arms and love GOLD MINING. Make no mistake, this operation is 99% legit.. it's simply a lot smaller than your "regular" dimension gold […]

YouTube goud – WEGEN VERHARD met goud! Een miniatuur mijnbouw Show (S2 e9) | RC ADVENTURES

Engaged on a Mine Website is just not simplehowever at present, every part got here collectively to see that the roads are really paved with Gold. The staff was cohesive, and the vegetation had been operating at full capability. The machines the place being labored arduous, and the pay was flowing like a river. […]

YouTube goud – de zoektocht naar 3/4 ozt (S2 e8) Miniatuur goudwinning | RC ADVENTURES

We’re caught in a climate Vortex! It's like we’ve all four seasons swirling round us, testing to see if we’re really severe about our seek for 3/four of an oz of GOLD this yr. $50,000 price of kit is being sacrificed on the mine-site so we are able to get extract largest payout but.. echter […]

YouTube goud – het vet weg voorwaarts: Crush, Dump, Verspreiding, Herhaal (S2, E1) | RC ADVENTURES

#YTG2019 is eindelijk hier! Het tweede seizoen is kundig voor rock-'n-roll.. Hoewel.. We zijn toch voor sommige wintersneeuw en koud. ICE is verhuisd in onze vijver tekenen, en het lijkt net als zoals hebben we een aantal punten om te gaan met te wijten aan het. De bemanning is meestal weer collectief, […]

YouTube goud – EPS 18: Gouden uiteindelijk & WiNTER FREEZE | RC ADVENTURES

The cold weather is moving in. Our days on the mine website are coming to a close, and we NEED TO RELOCATE the Remaining PAY DUST. Every one of our stocked pay is at risk of freezing, as well as not being processed. We just can not leave it after spending constantly, cash & effort […]


Terug op de mijnwebsite werken we toe naar onze periodedoelstelling van 1/2 Oz. Sommige individuen kunnen aannemen dat doelstelling is schandalig voor de open weilanden van Alberta Canada, evenals we zouden moeten met hen eens. Maar hallo daar. Gold Mining is alles over vastberadenheid, de juiste instrumenten, the ideal group […]