Ready Set Drone Remix ContestEntry #3

Flying fast and flying free flying with friends is the life for me. Cause ready set. Drone is my community now goggles and rotors, and fpv rods and motors and esc's giggles and cameras are what we use to fly sharing stories and swapping tales. Amazing, triumphant epic fails. How will you know if you […]

Ready Set Drone Remix ContestEntry #8

Ready Set Drone Remix ContestEntry #09

Ready Set Drone Remix ContestEntry #1

Sharing stories and swapping tales. Amazing triumph and epic fails Music spin up your props and plug in your phone what's. The point of flying along flying with friends you'll find free, grab your gear and come fly with me. Music ready, ligt, set drone, grab your goggles rotors and fpv's up your props and […]

Ready Set Drone Remix ContestEntry #2

SpinUp 2020 – LiveLearn, Laugh, Win PrizesTune In For The Fun!

Remix Contest Update – SpinUp-update – SpinDown Tickets Beschikbaar (beperkt aantal)

Dus, allereerst, uh. If you don't know about the ready set drone song contest, i've got eight entries so far and all eight of them are awesome in their own way. If you like the ready set drone song or if you just like music in general, i put links down below. Gelieve […]

The Best Beginner FPV Quad Comes In 2 Flavors

Als dat zo is, if you're at spin up 2019, you would have seen him speak about his amazing adventure, landing a big big uh, uav yeah on and moving boat. Ja, dus, but he's here today, because he's actually never flown the gepp, RC, uh rocket or rocket light, and so we're gon na do a […]

Bijgewerkt – Ready Set Drone Remix ContestWinner Gets A Mavic Air 2! MORE ENTRIES

All you have to do is play it on whatever instrument sing it acapella do a wrap of it play it on the slide. Guitar do some drums, whatever you want to do, and the winner will get a dji mavic air 2.. Now i have actually received at this point, five entries and all […]

Ready Set Drone Song Remix ContestWinner Gets a Mavic Air 2 – We Need Your Vote!

I am at my office by myself and i am getting ready for first friday, which is going to be tonight, but i wanted to remind everyone about a contest that i'm having for uh the ready set drone song and what i'm doing is basically asking people to Remix the ready set drone song […]

GEPRC Phantom HD Freestyle FPV Quad – Compatibel met DJI Digital FPV-systeem

Maar vandaag heb ik een gloednieuwe geprc, quad and we're going to check it out so stay tuned, Muziek Applaus. So right here i have the gep rc phantom. Now this quad has actually been out for a while, but the difference is this: is the phantom hd which features the cadex vista digital […]

DJI Digitale FPV Setup – Activeren, Binden, en configureren met GEPRC FPV Freestyle Quad

Ik wil gewoon iets heel snel aansluiten. If you haven't already heard about spin up uh spin up 2020 is the event of the season it's going to be in september, it's coming up pretty quickly and if you want to go check it out, go to You can register to win a […]