'S WERELDS KLEINSTE HD-DRONE! – Betafpv 65X HD – Beoordeling & Vluchten

Vandaag, you guys are probably still staying at home because of the stay home orders, and it seems that so a whoop season has been extended for all of us recently we're sticking closer to home. So a lot of people are doing backyard flying, and this is a great time to release this review […]

CHEAPER & BETER!!! – iFlight Green Hornet 3Cinewhoop – BEOORDELING & VLUCHTEN ????

This is the eye flight. Green Hornet is a 3 inch. 4S configurated analog video Cinna whoo. It does have the t700 carbon fiber on here. This is different than your standard. 3K. Carbon fiber 3k used to be the most durable and nicest quality carbon fiber. That most of us got on the frames, […]

EMAX TINYHAWK 2 RACE – Beoordeling ?

You can also fly in on a 1s configuration indoors if you want, if you are a new guy. The good news is that you could start out with this quad. It has no prop guards on there, but it actually doesn't need it. These are Vaughn blurr, rekwisieten, they're kind of like skateboard wheels. […]

LIKE PURE COCAINE! – BetaFpv RacerX ET5 is the 5of the FUTURE under 250G ?

This is like legal, pure cocaine right here, 250 gram, met een 4s 851 here right on the money Racer X, knocked it out of the park with this one. This is the one quad this year, one of the quads this year that you want to buy and have in your hangar this I […]


You guys saw the rocket light now it's time for the rocket plus review, and this might just be the one I've been waiting for it has the full blown air module in there with 1080p DVR. I can run it 3 to 4s or at around 4 minutes flight time up to an 850 […]

THUMBS UP! – BetaFpv METEOR 75 Indoor Outdoor Whoop – BEOORDELING & VLUCHTEN

It is a 1s group. It comes with the m01, a io camera with VTX on there and an injection molded canopy. Het heeft een wielbasis van 75 millimetres for indoor or outdoor flying. It has a ton of RX options: fr sky, vrije hemel, TBS, Futaba Futaba, Dsm, x and a plug and play version. […]

THE PERFECT WHOOP? – Happymodel Mobula6 65mm Whoop – BEOORDELING & VLUCHTEN ?

Mobile 6 is in the house. I'M gon na do an honest review of this one. Vandaag, we're gon na talk about the components on board and we're gon na talk about flight characteristics. We'Re gon na talk about the durability factor the fun factor, all that good stuff here on the drone camps channel […]

DJI Cinema Kwaliteit! – DJI GepRc CineRun HD3 – VOLLEDIGE REVIEW ?

Batterij 850 is mijn suggestie: you'll get up to about five minutes flight time on this quad. Het heeft een wielbasis van 155 millimeter op en het heeft een top mount batterij met een extra GoPro mount die wordt geleverd samen met het, dat is leuk. Het past bij de GoPro, seven I'm sure, Ik weet het niet […]


Right here, this was sent to me from the guys over at Racer X, they're, in collaboration with beta fpv on this design. So two thumbs up right away. First thing in this: video we've got to just give it to the design crew of this twig XL. Het is een 3 inch, 4s race […]

DJI Beetle Killer Already? – GepRc Rocket Lite with Caddx Vista – VOLLEDIGE REVIEW

We also have a plus version over there and I'm gon na review, both of those on the channel for you guys, maar vandaag, we're starting out with the CAD X Vista version, and this is a tiny little sub 250 gram quad, even with the 4s 850 on Here it's running two inch of […]


This one is the 4s version and I'm also going to be giving this away on the channel. Dus als je deze wilt winnen., please do click like comment and subscribe. Make sure you leave a comment down below and also share the video on social media after you do those things […]

LEER FPV IN 5 Minuten – Emax EZ Pilot Drone

Dit is mijn woonkamer hier en wat een betere dag om binnen te vliegen, because I have the new easy pilot from Emacs it's been out for a little bit. Maar nu is dit mijn beoordeling op het en perfecte timing, because the holidays are coming up and most of us are flying indoors […]