This is some of the highest quality most expensive, buy and fly quad that you can get out there right now. This is the t motor ft5. This quad comes in at around four hundred dollars. Now that is extremely pricey for a five inch race quad. Can we justify the price on this versus […]

Tinyhawk II Race – 50MPH FPV Micro Drone

Goed, ze hebben net aangekondigd een gloednieuwe kleine, Hawk it's, the tiny Hawk to race Edition this is it and we're gon na check it out so stay tuned? Alright. So if you're new to the channel, my name is Kelly and this is Ready Set drone. And if you are interested in drones, FPV […]

Live vanuit Colorado

In feite, Ik was waarschijnlijk het beste deel van de show. Helaas, maar we zijn hier, we zijn live. Goederenkanaal. We are here, live if you just refresh that you'll get it here in a second. You have to actually go back, but we are live from Colorado. I'Ve got a drinker […]

DJI DIGITAL FPV ROCK CRAWLING! – Epische 2020 way to CRAWL!!! ?

We'Re gon na go outside we're gon na take this axial capra of 1.9 and we're gon na do some digital fpv with it, and I say Digital fpv. If you're new to fpv fpv has two versions currently analogue and now DJI digital digital systems are a little more expensive than your analog versions. […]

FLYPRO XJAGUAR 190 – Volledige Review – [Unbox / Bouwen / Flight-Crash Test / Profs & Cons]

Furibee Geniuser 160 – GOEDE! – Volledige Review

Here we are with the furry B genius, er, genus, er or whatever they want to call this thing, it's a pretty cool, looking quad it's super stretched, as I showed you guys before. I do have a venom 650 battery here. This is 4s and it's also can't see the C rating on it, […]

INDUCTRIX 200 Carbon Fiber Frame, Build Video (Courtesy of Rakon Heli)

You only need a few things. Your hex driver and a set of screwdrivers you're, probably going to need the Phillips head screwdriver in your set, so go ahead and grab those and let's go ahead and get started start out with your Phillips head. Screwdriver there's three screws on the bottom, so flip your […]


You'Ve, probably ever seen they do some super custom, stuff and they're. Coming out of seattle, VERENIGDE STATEN, not china, so this is very interesting. You can get these cases made here, custom to your specs, and you can go completely crazy with what you'd like to throw into one of these chargers. They come with […]

2 naar 4S Power Combo! – EMAX F3 Magnum Mini Tower & Runcam Micro Sparrow – VOLLEDIGE REVIEW

Vandaag, we're gon na do an Emacs, f3 mini magnum review, for you guys and we're going to do a review on the new runcam Sparrow micro. I just got this yesterday and I had to take both of these and just build you guys, a quad really quick. So I could do some testing […]

Furibee X215 PRO SEASY GYRO FIX! – LOS, 5S FPV [ Eerlijke Review ]

Sorry, Muziek, hey jongens, welcome back to the drum camps, channel I'm, Justin Davis and today we're gon na check out the free bx 215 Pro – and this is the s edition now. The other reviewers did have some problems with this quad and i'm gon na show you what those problems are and […]

LiPo batterijlader – Tenergy T180 100W met touchscreen

LiPo batterijlader – Tenergy T180 100W met touchscreen