This is the b20 i'm going to take this out of the box. Let you see what's in the box included for the money under 200.. 4K is it's kind of crazy. So you get a pretty good flight time on this battery we're going to talk about the flight time, the characteristics, the different modes that this guy has and if it's really worth it or not. For your time now, this is kind of a step above what i would consider like a toy drone, so it's really neat that we're in 2020. Tot slot, and we can fly something with 4k sensor on board for under 200 it's it's kind of crazy, so is it worth the money let's go ahead and find out let's put it on the ground. Now let me show you what's included inside the box and then most importantly guys, as always i'm going to take you out flying we'll talk about the video on board. We'Ll talk about the video quality and, at the end of the review, i'll give you my final opinion on the bugs 20.. I like this one because it does stand up off the ground. It is the non foldable version, but still super cool. Here we go what i thought was really cool about. The bug series is everything in one box you don't have to buy anything else. You have a two battery option: 4k, video with gps return to home optical flow maps; 5g wi fi on here at 2s, 3400 milliampbatterij, getting us 22 minuten vliegtijd, wat ook echt heel goed is.

On this drone. Het heeft een 2.4 gigahertz radio, auto takeoff lamp video, photo button, power and unlock button phone holder, Terug, home button, speed modes and an led button, a gimbal wheel, dial button gps on and off. It takes two double a batteries in the back to get this one going: 280 millimeter wheelbase on this little guy. It has a dampened 4k camera with electronic stabilization on board. So nice venting on the side and brushless power system on board, with two bolts holding each prop on those are pretty quick and easy to get on and off. We also have optical flow on the bottom, with leds. There are two in the bottom just behind the optical flow sensor, and it was so much fun to turn the leds on and off with the controller it's. Just one of those things that make this little quad fun to fly. You can see the leds coming in here for a landing it's, almost sunset right now, but check out the leds on the bottom right there. You can see green in the back red in the front and i had so much fun. Turning on and off the leds from the power button, just one of those little things about flying a quad that makes it just that much happier in this little quad, it is quite fast in the high speed mode. It will get going pretty quick and also slow way down for cinema mode. OK, my friends let's go ahead and get the mgx rc b20 flight test underway.

Here we go want to stop it real quick. We want to make sure that gps is on and that position hold is actually working before i take off and fly because otherwise return home is not going to work, make sure your switch is switched to the on position. Now on the b20. We have follow me orbit mode, waypoints, low and high speed button on the right hand, side and a physical button for return to home. The video was looking pretty good at this point and then i decided to fly across the field. Nu. Let me show you the first thing that i noticed with the v20 is that the one third sensor on board is okay at higher altitudes down low. Sometimes it seems to be a little bit kind of overblown blown out the video just it doesn't look usable at this point, so it has some issues with dark to light transitions and that's keeping the sky pretty blown out. But the cool thing is that you can go in there and change the brightness on this particular app. So you can go into the camera settings and fiddle around with those. Maybe i had them set wrong, but it does seem to have some issues with that, but otherwise the definition looks great. I mean look at the colors here on the farm. You can really see the reds in the tree down there and on the barn, and i was losing video at about 298 meter, the one that i have tested with the iphone 11.

So that's. One thing to think about: you need to have 5.8 wi fi on your phone to be able to handle video transmission. The pan was okay, the remote sticks again could be a little bit nicer. They feel kind of like toy like in my hands. I wish they were a little tighter now right here. I went ahead and hit the physical return to home button, so you can see it's kind of on a tilt and there goes that sort of image overblown look again in the camera and when i get back over the home point, it kind of leveled off and Then the ground seems to look pretty good, but again the sky was overblown and on the return i just decided to point the camera down for you guys and let's see if it lands on that little half table right there and it stopped before it came in Which was interesting and then it leveled off at this point and it moved over just a little bit to land where it exactly took off from so that was pretty impressive. The gps to home mode seems to work pretty fantastic and i'm happy about that. So i'm. Just going to try to take a little bit of video here with my phone and the app going at the same time, which you can actually do i'm just going to try not to take out my fingers with those props, because this little guy has some pretty Good power with the 1306 brushless motors on board, but look at the leds on the bottom and the spotlight.

Leds are super cool now back to the video let's just go ahead and go out there and cruise now guys, let's see how it looks out in the fields, and i have to say i have to give this quad a little bit of credit, because today was Extremely overcast and when i got home and looked at the video the day was much darker than what you see here in the video. So i think that for for the day that i flew on a on a cloudy winter day, i think the sensor actually did pretty good and i've seen other sensors in the past have some issues with that dark to light transition when it is overcast, it doesn't Seem to have a consistent light view, so it does kind of get overblown and come back. But here you see a little more definition in the sky and i left the video the same here. I didn't do any saturation bump up or i didn't change the the black point or put more definition in the video right here is just the stock video that you see that was recorded to the sd card and we're going to talk about jello. There is some jello in the non stabilized mode and if you want to get super ultra smooth video, you might have a little bit more blur to it, but you can enable eis, which is the electronic stabilization mode, and that will make your video super smooth.

You won't see any bouncing around, but i thought that the detail was pretty good on this sensor and i i don't know guys if it is a sony sensor or not but i'd like to find out. Maybe i can ask mjx rc directly and find out if they use the sony sensor on this one and right now, i'm in low mode and look how slow this quad will move in the lowest mode. So if you're looking for the best cinema style, quality video, i suggest going in the low mode right here taking some chances over the frog pond. I already have another quad down there in that pond, somewhere with a 4k camera on board. I should go looking for it with this quad see if i can find it if anybody finds it out there. Let me know if you got any scuba gear. There'S been a camera in there now, voor, i guess about three yearsprobably Music, but look at all the colors out here. This is kind of a fun spot to bring the b20 out and not a good place to have a crash or a brown out. But i trusted this battery is locked in pretty nice on the drone. I'Ve been flying drones for over 10 years and i'll tell you sometimes with batteries that clip and lock in sometimes if you don't clip one side or the other, the battery falls out mid flight. They actually had some mavic pros do that back in the day, when mavic pros were first released, guys wouldn't push them all the way down they didn't get snapped in and they would just fall right to the ground after about 10 minuten vliegen, en dan, of Course it was dji's fault.

You know how that goes, but this is looking pretty good. I'M pretty happy with this, even though you know this is just a step up from a toy drone. Jongens, it's not you know, it is definitely not a 500 Drone, but i've talked about this. Before with the ex4, i felt like wow really getting somewhere with cost versus what you get for under five hundred dollars. It used to be under five hundred dollars. We were looking for something with 4k. You know you couldn't get something 4k for under 700 at one point, and now here we are with in you know a cheaper 4k sensor. Ja, but you know under 200, is just insane can't get over that fact, and then here we go finally getting back to sort of a truer. Looking color, i wouldn't say that the colors are true to life, but they are pretty good, see a lot of the fall colors there. So i think, for somebody that's kind of looking to get into flying a drone, mjx rc has always always been the gateway to becoming a drone pilot for my channel and my guys, what i would recommend is is one of their drones to start with. If you want to just get out there and be able to to fly a drone and learn the basics of flying, this is a this is a great way to to do that and learn some of the flight modes just for fun.

If you're looking to fly fpv, i would probably recommend the emacs tiny hawk ready to fly. You can fly that one indoors outdoors. It comes with goggles and the whole set Music, but if you're looking to master the skills of 4k cinema, this is a great place to start. If you're going for your 107 or you want to do some real estate video, if you've, never even touched an rc transmitter, anyone can grab this quad, read the instructions, take it out and fly it. I think that adds a lot of accessibility to what we're doing here. You can see some there's some vibration there. I this this gimbal is not a hundred percent dampened, because i do see some some vibes and some vibration and what we call jello, where there's a little bit of jelly happening in the middle of the screen kind of wobbling around. But here i come back in for another return to home and i am very impressed with the gps sensor. Even on the cloudy day three times it came back and landed directly on my half table here. That is super cool, so i'm pretty happy. As far as the beginners go, this one is is a great pick. It also stopped when it saw my phone there underneath, which was interesting, so the optical flow is working quite good. When i moved out of the way it came down and finished its descent with the leds on super super fun to fly guys thanks again for watching my channel thanks for hanging out with me and flying and please do subscribe on the drone camps.