Camera is the body, so the body of the new nikon z9 is kind of the same of the nikon, this d6, although it does have some advantages. First of all, its lighter its a little bit smaller. From this end, it still uses the same battery. The enel 18 d, which is the new higher capacity battery uh, it does have a very solid body, well built three custom buttons here on the front. We have a lot of custom buttons here on the side on the back, and you can program it to do whatever you want. One more thing about this camera is that the screen is actually its tilted and its and, as you see in the teaser, it not only tilts up but can also pivot and tilt from the vertical mode. It does feature two memory cards, two cf express uh, which you should be using the fastest one im using the sound disk, uh xcf extreme uh serif express extreme pro at 1700 megabytes per second. The viewfinder is oled 120 frames per second uh, its really fast. Its really large its really cool its the best ive ever seen in the camera and actually delivers the best results possible and the best thing about it. Unlike the other cameras out there, it does not have a blackout, so its always on thanks to the stack timo sensor that we have and the screen itself is quite large. You can touch it and do whatever you want with it, just like any other mirrorless camera.

One more thing to notice about this camera: besides, the body is the speed, so this camera is blazing fast. The focus is fast. The reaction time is fast and, of course, the shooting is rapidly fast as well. So we have 20 frames per second at full. Af capabilities with raw shooting and then it sounds like this yeah thats a lot of photos and we have even faster. So we can go 30 frames per second at jpeg only and we can go even faster at 120 120 frames per second with jpeg small, so that delivers you with around 12 megapixels of results, but 120 frames per second, which is really fast. The focus system is the best ive ever seen in any camera. It has several uh focus modes uh, so you can shoot at spot, which is just a single spot. We can show that dynamic and we have small, medium and large dynamic, as it was in previous cameras. We have a wide area, a small and wide area large and that can also detect faces animals, cars vehicles and whatever and deliver quite accurate results. We have above that, the 3d, which is something i didnt like in previous cameras, but here it performs really well, while tracking the subject, wherever you are, which i even used as instead of afs instead of single focus, im sure youve, always afc. So i just move the camera point it on the animal and then i move it around.

While the focus point stays on the same subject. So its quite handy and of course, we have the auto mode and the auto mode just selects the focus out of all the screen out of all the sensor and just select whatever you chose. If you want animals, cars or people thanks to the fact that its a stacked timo sensor, there is no blackout, so the focus doesnt need to lose and refine the subject. It never loses track of that, and so that comes down to a very effective and very smart focus system. So, as for the focus system, well, tracking, a subject – you can just point it to the general area and the camera will follow it, as you can see here with this uh cheetah following running after gazelle. Even when i had some wildebeest coming between me and the cheetah and the chase, the camera did lose focus for a fraction of a second and then regained it when, when the cheetah and the gazelle were back in the frame. So the focus is quite fast and reliable image quality is brilliant, its 45 megapixels, so thats twice as much as the r3, the canon r3 and its the same resolution as the nikon d850 and the z72. That being told it does seem a bit sharper and lower iso noise when shooting in low light. The video quality is brilliant, so thats, the first sneak on camera that shoots 8k 30 frames per second and 4k at up to 120 frames per second, and of course, you can shoot also at 30 frames per second or whatever in between you, like uh.

So the focus the video system is very good. It shoots at h265, 10 bits and ive been trying it out and got some incredible results, and not only that the video quality is better, but also the interface with the camera. That means that when you actually close or open the aperture, it doesnt jump like in the other cameras, but instead it gradually opens or closes. So. The effect is not that visible with the viewer at the end result of the video. The focus system as well is quite good. You can also track your subject or detect animals faces or vehicles. In the same way, you would with the stills photography with connectivity um, you can connect it to wi. Fi, bluetooth even has lan, so you can connect your lan cable right over here and connect it. Whatever way you want possible, you can even interface it with your phone with the snapbridge app using the autoconnect and control it and view it through your phone or your ipad, or your computer or whatever you want so because its a mirrorless camera it doesnt have any Noise, when you take photos, but instead it creates an artificial noise with a small speaker to illustrate the fact that youre taking photos. So, even if i set the camera sound to off – and i take some photos as you can see right now – you see the screen flickering thats. That means it takes photos but thats, not enough of a notice for me so thats.

Why? I did add that sound. Just so ill know that the camera is taking photos so im turning it to on, and you can actually change the volume of the sound from three to one and with one being the the the quiet test. And then you get some kind of feedback. Okay, which is enough to hear it with your ear if youre close to the camera, but of course you can also uh amplify use a higher sound and then you can also, if you want to impress others, you can do that yeah thats, a lot of photos, So my favorite features about this camera is, of course, the speed which is really fast, the uh, the image quality and the viewfinder, because there is no blackout so uh it doesnt, lose track of the subject and, of course, the focus system. For those reasons, this camera is the best available right now and of course, i highly recommend using it. So the good thing about it is that its almost perfect the bad thing about it is that i cannot shoot with anything else right now, because everything else just feels obsolete. I mean i just shot with my other camera and whats up with that uh blackout. I mean why should we that, when you can avoid it, so yeah thats, a big difference for me so im roy galitz, thanks for watching, please remember to like and subscribe and write me in the comments below if you think, thats a good camera.