Is it working yeah welcome back dprv tv viewers chris nichols here and ive got a nikon zfc production model. Ive talked about this camera a lot its mostly just how much i love the styling, but thanks to the camera store, we now have a production model to play with we did an early impressions video. We talked a lot about handling features on that. So definitely check that out today were going to focus more on the shooting experience, and you know just kind of elaborate on some of the findings we had earlier now. You can probably see, but it is crazy. Cold outside about minus 24 celsius. Weve got visibility to maybe 300 yards lots of snow were gon na at least try to have some fun canadian fun, Music, so Music, Music. Now we normally start our videos talking about handling characteristics. We are going to do that, but a little bit different today, because we covered a lot of that as far as the dials, the buttons control structure in our first video, i dont want to retread that ground, but also its freezing cold today and im wearing big Mitts and gloves, and so ive actually been using the camera that way not ideal, but actually the protruding dials on the zfc are actually quite easy to manipulate. I like that even the control dials that are in the front and back of the camera still stick out enough, that i can get to them quite easily with mitts and gloves on so im, actually pleasantly surprised by that.

I also really like having all the manual dials with the numbers right on them, because i dont have to turn on the camera waste battery power to see what my settings are now. The only exception to that is the aperture, its displayed on a small lcd panel on top of the camera and, unfortunately, its turned off when the cameras turned off. I wish it was on just like a lot of fujifilm cameras. Do so again in a glance i could get all my information now i promise im not going to go off on how much i love the styling of this camera. I think thats evident build quality, though i mean i think its appropriate for the price point here. It is actually mostly metal construction, its magnesium construction in the body. One thing that i will say the leather red is plastic. It doesnt exactly feel super high quality, but i dont mind it. The battery door, though, is kind of cheap feeling. It does have a fairly good latch system, totally useless with mitts on though, but under there ive got a battery, which only gives about 300 shots separated, thats, not bad, but its not great either, and then ive got one single sd card slot, which i really wish Was uh s2 instead of uhs1? That being said, actually, even though its uh s1 card slot with a good card in there, you actually get quite a decent buffer on the zfc.

So i did a test youre shooting 12 bit raw 11 frames per second nice and fast thats its maximum, and i was getting about 50 shots before it slowed down its actually quite impressive and then were going to 14 bit. My frame rate drops to 9 shots per second, but i still got 40 pictures raw. Only i mean a camera, this price point thats actually pretty decent. Now our lights, actually quite beautiful. Today i mean very stark: lots of frost but its limited. What kind of variety we can get for shots today? So uh? You know its not a great test to the camera, but the zfc is using the exact same sensor as the nikon z50, just over 20 megapixels, its a known commodity, and we have lab tested this. So theres plenty of sample photos that you can download and check out that will have you know summertime look and beautiful colors, and things like that today, though, i guess im just going to focus on contrast, everybodys going to say like oh chris, you shot the whole Gallery black and white mode, but i could shoot it in vivid its not going to make any difference here today now as far as exposure goes, this has very decent iso performance for an aps c sensor and its a nice one variant sensor i mean, if im Shooting raw that basically means i could just protect my highlights and keep my eyes so low at 100, and even though my darker areas and shadows might look too dark visually, i can go into raw boost them up and theyll come up beautifully and i wont get Any more noise than had i just shot at a higher iso in the first place, but my highlights will look good im not going to need that on a day like today, weve got pretty fixed lighting, not a lot of contrast, its pretty flat.

But i will say that im going to just let the camera go on auto iso today do its thing and try to keep my shutter speeds fairly: slow, nothings, really moving everything is frozen, solid and about to die and uh im. Definitely keeping my exposure comp like plus one today fixed, so we stopped to take a picture of this ice formation here and jordan very optimistically says to him. It looks like a heart, whereas i first look at it and think thats thats, a sperm thats from metazoa. So i guess that really is a the drive behind our personalities. Now, as ive talked about earlier, i love all the dials on this camera. I mean thats, one of its main selling features and theyre really designed quite well. But i do have one issue with the iso dial and thats that theres no option for auto iso on the dial and i really think thats bad, because i want a quick way to set that. I use it often and unfortunately, with the zfc. Like many of the other nikon mirrorless cameras, you cant customize a button to do auto iso as an option and you cant customize anything in the i menu for iso either. So that means im either going into the menu to find the isis setting buried in there and then set my auto iso on and off, or i can choose a custom button to be the top of my menu and make sure that thats, my iso settings so Thats, a pretty common workaround, but the other problem is this: when i do click over to auto iso on this camera, unfortunately, whatever the number is set on the dial that becomes the lowest minimum that the camera will use.

So let me illustrate this because its kind of annoying lets see ive got the camera set to 400 iso because im just doing some manuals shooting around and then i decide. Oh now i want to go to auto iso, well, throw the camera to auto iso on a bright sunny day its not going to let it go below 400 iso, because thats whats set on the dial, which is ridiculous. I mean, if ive got lots of light. I want the camera to go to lower isos, get the best image quality possible, so keep in mind thats a little bit of an annoyance there, but at least the zfc is pretty these poor geese. You know they landed a minute ago, theyre already covered in snow and freezing theyre, probably like why the didnt we leave south earlier when everybody else is going, you know the great thing about being human is. We can show facial expressions, whereas animals cant really, but i assure you, those are some sad sad geese all right, so low angle, shots like this. It is actually nice to have that fully articulating screen. I like that. I can also protect it by reversing it and it does have leatherette matching on the back, its a nice touch and for the vlogging crowd, which this camera is actually somewhat aimed at again. Thats going to be a nice feature for video work and for doing selfies, and things like that now for today, im primarily relying on the 16 to 50 dx vr kit lens 3.

5 to 6.3, so its kind of slow at the long end, at least its compact. But you dont have a lot of aps c options for the aps: c: z, mount cameras. So really my only options are. I can use the ft z adapter with dx slr lenses, but then im still getting something. Thats bulky – and you know extra parts thats not ideal, or if i want nice fast lenses, i can get the full frame, z, mount lenses, but then theyre overly bulky and expensive for what i actually need for this camera platform and the lack of lenses and the Fact that they really havent fleshed out this system since the z50 has been out, and now the zfc means that this is the biggest knock against getting one of these cameras, but at least theyre pretty so on a day like today, we dont really have a lot Of opportunity to test auto focus, but luckily that has already been done by the team in seattle and the results are good. I mean you know in the bike test straight on subjects. Of course, it did a really nice job tracking, with a little bit of weaving back and forth. It had a pretty high hit rate theres. A couple misses there, but overall the eye detect works very nice, its a nice interface to use – and, i would say in our experience, compared to the fujifilm cameras, although both perform very similarly, we actually give the edge slightly to the zfc okay, so its a nice Toasty warm jordan recording from inside on a nikon zfc to talk about how this camera stacks up for video, and i think, if youre looking at it, compared to a lot of the other nikon mirrorless cameras in the same kind of price range.

This makes the most sense. The z50 doesnt have the fully articulating screen but same kind of quality, and then, if you jump up to the z5 full frame camera, that sensor is really not built for video, and i think again, the zfc is a better choice there, where things get a little Bit interesting is when you compare it to the fujifilm lineup theyve done an excellent job with video and if youre, really confident with your video work, i do think the fujifilm cameras are going to make a little bit more sense. They have log recording, they can output 10 bit externally, theres, just quite a bit more room to grow with those cameras. However, i would say that the zfc flat profile is very, very easy to grade and i actually found the video autofocus on the nikon is just quite a bit more consistent than the fujifilm. So if youre looking for a really simple video camera, then the zfc is gon na check a lot of boxes. I just dont think its something that youre gon na use as like a primary video camera, if youre really serious about video, okay, so uh yeah. First, off im surprised how well the zfc held up in the cold weather. It actually did a really nice job and overall, its a fun camera to use its dependable. Its pretty i dont know if ive mentioned that yet and its a ton of fun as well. I think the problem is when you start looking at this compared to the obvious competitor fujifilm i mean on paper.

The xs10 is roughly the same price has a brighter kit lens, and then you get things like you know the ibis, the in body image stabilization and a little bit faster, shooting frame rates. But overall, i still think the zfc could be a very nice option there. You know, regardless the main problem is going to be the lack of lenses. I mean thats, where fujifilm is really going to take over just the fact that youve got so many to choose from excellent lenses and with nikon. I feel, like you, know, theyre, just not really supporting the aps c lens lineup in zed mount properly, so my main takeaway, the thing i love most about the zfc is the styling, but to give you context its not style without substance. Quite the opposite, i mean most people who use this camera not only find it beautiful to look at, but also really a nice handling camera as well for the most part, and so i think the main issue here is weve got a test bed that really needs To move into a full frame, zfc format, you know, nikon have now developed a body. Uh theyve got a large mount on there. They could put a full frame sensor into it. You know fix out and refine any sort of handling issues that the zfc might have and then really make a full frame version shine. I think thats, where the appeal is. Should you go buy a zfc, i think, if youre, okay, with the limited line of lenses, you dont feel that youre going to need a lot of choices there and you want a stylish nice handling body that takes great photos.

This could still absolutely be a good option for you, but i really do feel like unless they start supporting the lineup or third party manufacturers jump on board to make aps c lenses, or something like that. I kind of got my fingers crossed for a full frame version. Anyways, like i said before. If you look in the links just below my beard, thats frozen completely, you will find sample galleries for the nikon. Zfc. Definitely take a look at those. Take a look out of our photos here, especially youre, in a beautiful, warm location right now, and you just want to know, i wonder what snow and freezing cold would be like. Well, our photos will show that otherwise, please, like and subscribe to the channel. Leave your comments below and as always thank you so much for joining us.