This is the bind and fly version. I believe you can also buy this in a kit also with separate parts, and you can also get the frame by itself of course. So this obviously, as a binder fly, came completely built like this out of the box. Uh, really nothing to do but charge up the battery and bind it up. These up uses these uh 1s nitro nectar gold, 300 milliamp hour batteries with the ph 2.0 connector. A typical battery from newbie drone and they have these tpu ports that hold the battery in place on the bottom. The all in one flight controller board here is the b brain brushless v3, its also on their acrobee series. Obviously, now were in a not in a whoop here, but this is sort of a 40 millimeter quadcopter, a little micro quadcopter with no ducts. So the b brain brushless v3 has a 401 ac. A f4 flight controller. Uh vtx is up to 120 milliwatts all built into the same board. In addition, its got a built in freesky spi, d8 receiver with diversity antennas. You got one coming out of the top here and one coming out of the bottom over here. This is your battery connection heres their typical ph 2.0 connector with the rolled pins. The bottom plate here is a two and a half millimeter thick frame, so its going to be very durable. In fact, i am trying to get this to flux and its not flexing at all, because its very its you know its, not the arms are not very long, so this is going to be probably one of the uh most durable frames in this in this uh Size for this uh 40 mm propeller, so the motor on here is the 0802 20 000 kb motor its a pretty high kb for this 40 millimeter propeller, which is the azi prop, and then the camera in here is the bi camera the same one thats on The acrobee all right so the quad by itself, new battery, weighs about 27 grams and then battery by itself is about eight grams, so altogether were looking at an all up weight of about 35.

1 grams of flying weight. So this form factor um has been out for a long time. This frame has been out for a while. The binding fly came out a few months back and ive had this uh for a few months, flying it around a little bit here and there. So this is not anything new im sure theres lots of other ones in this class already, if not more coming – and i think the the i think the biggest takeaway for this model here is that its got this really durable bottom plate at two and a half Millimeters thick, so if youre one of those guys that might be crashing a lot and were looking for a frame thats going to be really durable, so you have to like replace it all the time, then you probably want to check this one out because its going To be probably the most adorable in terms of crash uh, the arm is not breaking and crashes now in terms of acro performance racing performance at it. At this weight about 27 grams, its definitely not up there in terms of performance, its okay yeah i mean it will fly pretty fast in straight lines: acro performance, uh, not so much. You can do little flippy floppies, but you know any kind of like power. Loops or split us is anything that requires. A lot of throttle is going to drain this battery. Pretty quick and you get a lot of voltage stacks.

This is a very good battery. If you use a any other kind of a battery, then this one on this quad they theyre gon na have pretty poor performance. Youre gon na probably want at least this one, but even on this pretty good battery, you get a lot of voltage, sag and fairly short flight times to two and a half minutes um. I think thats because mostly of the weight, the fact that its a three bladed propeller and we have a 20 000 kv – 0802 motor. So all those combined you know gives you decent performance for sort of straight flying. You know racing type flying, but you get a lot of voltage sag and so your top end performance for freestyle is kind of you know suffering in this setup here. So really. The only thing that i have thats similar to this is the uar uav uz80. This is another one again. This has been out for a long time. It has a slightly lower kv motors. An 0802 19 000 kv motor, but similar, like all in one type flight controller with esd receiver vtx all built in, but it has a tubulated propeller and the biggest complaint about this model is that its got a one and a half millimeter thick bottom plate. That does tend to break fairly easily in a crash thats the biggest complaint about this model. However, the advantage of the thinner bottom plate is that the weight is significantly less so now were at about 20 and a half grams for this, and the mosquito is coming in at about 27 grams so that, while you, you know you, you dont, you cant get Something for nothing, you know if you want a more durable frame, youre gon na get more weight and which will also affect your performance.

So you know its like you, cant get. You know something for for free if you want to get more durability, youre going to give up performance and flight time so thats why the uz80s got a little bit more performance and a little bit better flight time, but its got uh less the durability. So this is gon na this. One here is gon na, be more for people that are are okay with crashing breaking it and replacing the bottom plates. It is cheaper. Overall. I think this is about 100 bucks. You do have to build this one, so thats. The another disadvantage of the uz80 is that it does not come into binder flow. You have to put all the parts together, although its not super difficult. I mean you just have to plug in the motors and mount the flight controller and mount the motors and everything um and do the setup in beta flight, but again its still ultimately, at the bottom. The bottom line its a build. The mosquito is a total. Basically, just comes built out of the box with the tune and everything you just have to charge with the battery and bind up to your transmitter and go fly it so you know again, trade offs right so uh this ones about 150. The mosquito is about 150. The usda is about 100, but you have to build it yourself and its got a less durable frame. It costs about 11 bucks to replace.

So if you break the bottom plate, you have to take all the parts out and transfer it over to the new frame, which could be a big hassle so thats when uh. So, if you do have, you know, are going to be crashing a lot and youre worried about things breaking. I would probably get the mosquito over the uz80 just because um you know when you break the bottom plate, you have to swap all the parts over is basically like, basically building it all over again and youre, probably not going to have that problem with the mosquito. Anyway, so thats my take on this particular model, you know its not going to be for everybody. I think its going to be mostly for you guys that are maybe less experienced, going to be crashing a lot more and maybe dont want to be doing a lot of repairs, but you dont necessarily need or want that top end performance from a lighter weight. Quad of this category – and i think thats who this is going to be for anyway, heres the narrated flight. Let me know what you guys think and ill talk to you guys in the next video. So, as expected very quiet, you can barely hear it and yeah. This is not my favorite camera in the world. I dont know what it is about. This camera is just in bright. Conditions like this is just hard to see. Indoors is a little bit better, but i dont, i think this b brain or this called the bi camera – is not everyones favorite camera yeah.

I just cannot see much with this. I got ta kind of stay out of the shadows. Theres too much contrast but uh out of the box, pitching fine, no oscillations or anything its got decent power. I dont think youre gon na be doing any monster, freestyle tricks or anything like that im more curious. What the flight time is going to be like – and this has built the built in d8 receiver – does have a diversity. In tennis, there should have been a range again low voltage, already 3.2 yeah flight times are not that great, its probably because the kb, the motor and the prop size 40 millimeter prop, is probably a little bit too much. Amp draw for this battery. At this kb im just putting a motor output limit, and i think thatll probably give you more flight time, uh two and a half minutes and im gon na bring that in.