Drones latest bind and fly drones theres some interesting history behind the mosquito. It was originally released as a frame upgrade for newbie drones, whoops, so youd buy this frame and youd swap on all the parts from a loop onto it and youd end up with a different sort of drone. There was a lot of demand for this, and people wanted to be able to buy it as its own product and just buy it already assembled and ready to go and so thats. What newbie drone did they created? This bind and fly version of the mosquito in this review were going to take a look at the specs of the mosquito im going to show you some flights and give you some impressions, and my goal is to help you decide if this is going to be Your next drone, or maybe even your first run, lets go ahead and take a look. The mosquito has an open prop design that measures 78 millimeters from motor post to motor post and has a carbon fiber frame that measures 2.5 millimeters thick. It has 40 millimeter tri blade props that are driven by 0802 20 000 kv motors. The mosquito is powered by the b brain blv3 flight controller, which is an all in one board that has 12 amp escs an fr sky, diversity, receiver that supports d8 and d16 and 120 milliwatt vtx. That can be switched between 5 50 and 120 milliwatts. It has nubi drones, bi camera and it uses 1s batteries with a ph 2.

0 connector. The recommended batteries for this drone are the newbie drone nitro nectar gold batteries that are 330 milliamp hours. I do recommend using those batteries because they fit perfectly in the battery holder on the bottom of this drone and thats exclusively what i use for my review. So if you buy this drone, i definitely recommend picking up some of those batteries as well as a charger. If you dont already have one the mosquito weighs in at 26.9 grams without a battery, let me give you my impressions from taking a look at the mosquito first off. I really like the design. I think it looks cool and i like that they use this thick carbon fiber frame. I was surprised at how thick that was, but i think its really going to help the durability of this drone, not too worried about crashing it. I dont think that the frame is going to break in any normal crashes. I also find this open prop design to be pretty interesting. This is definitely a departure from what i normally picture from newbie drones. So when i think of newbie drone, i think of whoops with the ducted props that you can fly inside and all that – and this is different from that. So youre – probably not going to want to fly this indoors, but its going to give it some interesting flight characteristics outside, and i know, im really curious to see how it flies outside.

So were going to be taking a look at that here in a moment. But before we get to the flights, the last thing i wanted to talk about related to this design is how user friendly this drone is. I think this is something thats really a strength of newbie drone. I think they focus on that new user experience, and i saw a lot of examples of that when i first pulled the mosquito out of the package, i noticed that the motors each had a sticker on them, letting me know whether that motor needed a clockwise or A counter clockwise prop the prop bags also were labeled and colored, with the same colors as those motor stickers, and so it was really easy to line up which prop to put on which motor it seems like a simple thing, but its definitely something that trips new Users up, and even for me, its just nice to not have to think about it, just match up the colors. Its really easy, i think the built in fr sky receiver is another good example of this a lot of times when we buy drones, even if theyre buying and fly drones, they may have an external receiver, and so youve got to figure out what the bind process Is for that receiver and what button you need to press down or whatever, to get it into bind mode its much easier with these built in receivers. So you just open up betaflight and on the receiver, tab theres a bind receiver button, and so you can click that button to put it into bind mode.

Fr sky was a good choice because you know, especially for newer pilots. If you have any radio transmitter its very likely that it already supports fr sky, and so you can just use that directly with this drone, you probably wouldnt need to buy a module for your radio or anything like that, and if you are brand new, there are Several radio options out there that are affordable and will work with this drone, so i think that was a good choice and, finally, i think the choice to use 1s batteries with the ph 2.0 connector was another user friendly decision for this drone 1s batteries are pretty Cheap theyre easy to find and they dont have as many charging considerations as the larger multi cell batteries. So you can buy several of these batteries for only a couple of dollars each and then you can get a really affordable charger, thats even powered over usb. So you have a lot of options there and its going to be really easy to charge these batteries and take care of them. I think that was a good choice, especially for newer pilots. In terms of things, i wish they had done differently with the design. I do find myself wishing the mosquito had an adjustable camera angle, thats a really easy way to adjust how fast or slow the drone feels. So if you use the higher camera angle, it makes the drone feel faster, and if you use a lower camera angle, it makes it feel a little bit slower for me if im just flying in my backyard in a small area a lot of times i like To use a really low camera angle, i find that i have more control and im not moving quite as quickly and sometimes its just more relaxing and more fun.

For me, it would have been pretty cool to have that option. Of course, you do always have the option of swapping out the canopy for a different one. So if you wanted a higher or lower camera angle, you could just change the canopy to get that, but i just wish they had made it adjustable from the factory. But as much as i like talking about the design of these drones, what really matters is how it flies so lets. Take the mosquito outside and put it through its paces Music. The best way i can think of to describe the flight characteristics of the mosquito is to say that it feels like its as light as a feather. You can really tell this is a lightweight 1s drone. It doesnt take much to make it accelerate and its very fast, even on low throttle. Youll notice this as soon as you take off its like, you barely touch the throttle and it just kind of floats up into the air, its very different than flying. A heavier drone, i think my favorite way to fly the mosquito is to visualize it as a small lightweight drone and to speed around in some of these smaller outdoor areas. I fly in my backyard. A lot ill go out during lunch or after work and just fly a few packs, and i found the mosquito to be pretty ideal for that type of environment. Its fast and agile enough to make turns around these trees and do this racing style of flying.

But the flight dynamics of it are pretty fun. You can kind of drift it around turns. If you want to – and you can do some sliding or inertia type moves. You can really have quite a bit of fun with it. Even in a small environment such as this ive been getting about three minutes of flight time with this type of flying, thats right in line with other drones of this size, and i found it to be long enough to have fun flying this drone. One of the things that stood out to me most about the mosquito is how quiet it is. This is really probably the quietest drone ive ever flown and, if youre more than a few feet away from it, you probably wont even be able to hear it. This is an advantage that open prop design. We definitely dont see that on whoops with ducts, those are much louder than this and its something that gives the mosquito quite a bit of an advantage for flying in an area like a public park. So if youre, somewhere, where theres people around this is going to be really unobtrusive its not going to bother anybody, i mean they may not even know that youre there flying and thats really a great feature. I know for me. Sometimes i go to a park to fly and theres other people there, and i feel really self conscious about turning on this drone that sounds like a vacuum cleaner and flying it around.

Then i kind of feel like im, disrupting them or ruining their day and so for those types of situations, a drone thats. This quiet is such a nice advantage. I feel like i can fly this drone anywhere and its not going to bother anybody theyre not going to feel threatened by it and they probably wont even notice it so thats, really a big advantage depending on where you fly and how you fly. I do want to talk about freestyle flying now, thats, not something that i do as much, but i did do some of it with the mosquito to see what that was like its certainly capable of doing flips and rolls you wont, have any trouble getting it to. Actually execute those moves, but one thing you do need to be aware of is that you have to treat this differently than you would treat a larger and heavier drone. I know for me if im doing freestyle with a larger drone, im, typically doing a throttle punch before the move to kind of get some extra altitude. And then, if i do something like a dive im going to have to hold the throttle at full power. For a moment, at the end to overcome that momentum and kind of get back up to altitude with the mosquito youve got to remember that its a small lightweight drone with a small battery. If you do a lot of full punch, outs, youre going to notice that that battery voltage drops quickly and youre not going to get very much flight time, but youre also going to find that you dont actually need to use the throttle as much as you would.

On a larger drone, it doesnt take a whole lot to overcome the inertia of this drone. So a small throttle movement can make it change directions very quickly and you dont hold the throttle very long to gain quite a bit of speed going upward. So what youre going to see is that you can still do freestyle tricks with this drone. You just have to learn how to manage your throttle. A little bit differently. Lets talk too about range, both for the control signal and the video signal and dont really have any major concerns here. You know fr sky isnt, really a long range protocol, so youre not going to get really extended range with this drone, its not something that youd use for long range exploring, but it does work pretty well in those closer environments, i think in the types of environments Youd normally fly this drone like a park or something like that. I think its going to be pretty good. The diversity antennas on the flight controller arent going to have too large of an effect on the total maximum range of fr sky, but they will help ensure that when you are within that range, you get a stronger signal and youre less likely to have a fail. Safe within the normal range of the protocol, when i was flying, i did get a couple of low rssi warnings when i started to fly farther away from myself, but within a backyard within a smaller area.

I didnt have any trouble at all and i never actually got a fail safe with the drone, so i never actually got to a limit where it actually drops that signal. In terms of the video signal, the 120 milliwatt vtx seems more than sufficient to match. That range of the fr sky control protocol – i think, if you were flying this youd, probably run out of the control range before youd run out of video range. So i didnt have any problems there. I do wish they had a 25 milliwatt setting for the vtx. I know sometimes racers are in situations where they need to be at 25 milliwatts, and so i wish this flight controller supported that its a shame it doesnt, but overall i didnt have any trouble with this vtx. It does support smart audio, so you can use your radio transmitter to change the channel and power which is nice to see and in general, the control and video signal felt pretty reasonable to me for this size of drone. I did fly the mosquito a little bit at night. I dont think thats something i would recommend it seemed like the camera really didnt handle complete darkness that well, i do think you could fly in low light like as the sun is going down or that sort of thing. I think that would be fine, but, as you can see here i mean it is pretty dark in my backyard, but its pretty hard to see with this camera.

So the only reason im even doing this is because im very familiar with my backyard. I know exactly where all the obstacles are, but i wouldnt really call this camera a night performer and finally, i did get a few unfortunate chances to test the durability of this drone. As i was doing this testing now, you know every crash is different. Im not saying the mosquitos indestructible, but i do feel like its designed pretty well for durability, that thick carbon fiber frame makes it pretty unlikely to break an arm and theres, really not too much that i could imagine happening besides, maybe breaking a prop. Fortunately, they do include some extra props with the kit. So if you do break a prop, youve already got a couple of spares to replace it. So now that youve seen some flights lets talk about who might enjoy the mosquito, you know, i think this drone would be a really good choice. If you want something thats, small and compact that you can take with you and you know, opportunistically fly when youre out places like i said, the mosquito is one of the quietest, drones ive ever flown, and you know you could fly this in a public park or In an area with people – and they probably wouldnt even notice that youre flying a drone, i think that that could be really fun in certain situations. I do think that this drone is better for smaller environments, so something like a backyard or a smaller park or playground, or something like that.

So youre not going to want to use this for long range flights, but i think that leaves you with a lot of possibilities for flying this drone and having fun with it, and i think the mosquito could be a really good choice for newer pilots. So, if youre looking at this as your first drone or if you already have one drone and youre looking to add a second, i think that this could be a good option for you chances are your radio already supports the fr sky protocol, and so you wouldnt Have any troubles binding to this drone? It uses those 1s batteries that are really simple to charge and use and its easy to get set up and start flying right out of the box. You know, i think newbie drone has a strong reputation for quality. I do think youre going to get really good, build quality on this drone and as a newer pilot, i think thats, something that would be really important. You know when youre just trying to get flying for the first time you dont want to be troubleshooting problems with a drone or have something thats broken out of the box, and so i think, going with the newbie drone product could be a good option to ensure That youre gon na have a better experience out of the box, so overall, i think the mosquito is a pretty unique little drone. Like i said, if youre coming from a larger or heavier drone, you know you might actually have a little bit of a learning curve.

Figuring out how to fly this because it does fly a little bit differently than those drones, but i think it could be pretty ideal in certain situations. I had a lot of fun flying around in my backyard and i could picture it being really good in a park or somewhere, where you dont really want to bother the people around you. I think youre gon na have to look at what your certain flying situations are, and you know where you like to fly and how you like to fly. But i think, depending on what youre looking for this could be a really good option, but guys thats gon na do it for this video. I hope you enjoyed this review of the newbie drone mosquito. I definitely enjoyed reviewing it and i think its a fun. Little drone and if you are interested in the mosquito, i am going to have links down in the description below. So if you want to buy, one, definitely check that out. As always. If you enjoyed this review id encourage you to like the video and subscribe to this channel, i like making reviews like this and ive, got a lot more planned. So i hope you guys will stick around for that.