This things actually been out for quite some time now and i have not gotten around to making it. However, in the last couple months a couple different companies have asked me if i had a drone that can carry a 360 camera and i said: hey ive got the perfect thing. Ive actually taken this out on a couple. Jobs used it to film in 360. For a couple of different things – and i wanted to share my findings with you, having done these gigs and then also kind of demonstrate for you how this works, how it combines with the insta 360 studio software and what i do and dont love about it. So without further ado lets get into the invisa 360 from newbie drone. Before we get too far into this review, i think a quick overview of some of the parts would be really useful right down here. You have the infiniti 200 f4 flight controller and its paired with their infiniti 200 4 in one, i believe its a 40 amp four in one esc on the 20 by 20 mounting platform thats. What the 200 stands for. Ive used this in a number of my different building rigs and its really really simple and nice, because it plugs and play directly with dji fpv and just works really well for that. So i actually really like the infiniti 200 stack, then for motors youve got these flow, 2004 1750 kv motors, and then you have these jump and d76 propellers, which are nice and meaty.

They have a lot of grip. I think we can. Probably you know, having played with this for a little while ive had it on a couple of gigs. I think that we could probably use with a little bit of a boost in kv like something like a 1900 or a 2000 might be a little bit better, but for the most part, really really liking this setup. The receiver, vtx and camera are all part of this caddux vista thats here in the back, its the full size, one, the normal one, so it works really well. I have had absolutely no problems with video on this, even with just the one antenna which conveniently fits between the two carbon fiber plates. So the antenna is so small and mounted in a way that it does not show on the lens of the camera, which is perfect and then finally, this uses two four cell 650 batteries that stick in on the sides here, balancing out, left and right and then The weight of everything else is front and back other than that youve got some nice little like aluminum spacers here that are holding the two pieces of the frame together. Look really good, like very custom built little things. Youve got this 3d printed mount that holds in the insta 360, as well as the plastic cover to protect the bottom lens. You dont use this while youre flying, but obviously it protects it. When youre sitting on the workbench, then theres.

This other custom piece of electronics, thats built in here that actually carries the usb c information from the actual insta360, as well as powers, the insta 360, while its in flight. So thats a pretty cool, awesome little feature there. You can kind of see it down in there, so all in all super a plus on the design of this build love. The two battery situation, even though its a little bit more of a pain, but it balances out the weight a little bit better. Its super durable. It feels like its going to bonk into anything its nice and easy to catch so, like you have to catch it to so. You dont scratch the bottom lens, but its really easy to just grab it like this or i was ive, been launching it holding it like that kind of a couple, different options for that, which you know things like that really help make a product like this work. Really well, i just love how perfectly centered it is around the lens like look at that, its just right there in the middle. This is a felt bottom, so its not scratching anything dont worry okay, so lets go through assembly on this bird. So, in addition to your insta360 go in our 360 mode, you want to have the top holder for the camera, which is going to end up going over top of the lens section, leaving the screen exposed and the whole thing is going to drop in place.

But before we do that, first of all make sure you have your card in there, because if you get everything installed and find out that you dont, have your card installed its going to suck, but have this piece with a little bit of foam on it. In the usbc and it plugs into the back of the camera, so now you have the power for the insta360 go as well as a full usb connection, which runs to this usb port right here, which allows you to be able to connect to everything on the Camera with usb without ever ever, actually actually having to take the camera out of the entire bird, so thats pretty cool. Unfortunately, for us this camera was damaged in a previous filming accident, so you might see that in the final results of this video, but what were gon na do is then plug in this cable. For the usb connection drop the whole camera in you can see that theres, this plastic part. So you need the screen up and then the the lens will be exposed through the bottom kind of got ta wiggle the cable in there and just get it to seat down in there and eventually youll get the camera kind of seated down in place. You can see that poking through nicely in the bottom and then also on the top and then well take our top plate, put it over top and now were gon na screw.

This whole thing down in place. So then, once you get this fully installed. Just take a look and make sure that everything is nice and pushed down so that nothing is going to be coming up above the lens, because, like anything that comes up above like where this lens can see is going to be visible in the the camera. So you want to have make sure that everything is pushed down as far as possible so that those lenses are as exposed as possible with that weve got the camera installed now lets just show you how to do the battery just reach in here and make sure That these uh cables are up and out of the way and then youre going to push through the entire lead. So thats, all the way in grab the cable Music make sure its up and out of the way, its kind of a pain to get these. In. So, typically, what ill do is ill leave these installed and then use some extra leads to just be able to charge the whole drone without having to take the batteries out. It just makes things makes life a lot easier to push them in as far as possible. This is probably my least favorite part about this whole thing is the battery situation, but i mean its clever in the way that theyve got it set up, because its probably the best balance of weight possible for something like this, but theres.

No definitely no easy way to work with that and then well be able to plug it in and fly im going to go ahead and run dvr. Alongside of the insta360 video and im going to make sure that these cables are all nice and shielded from the lenses, so im just kind of wedging them down in making sure that everything is nice and secure against that give the lenses a nice little last wipe And then we can power on the insta360 camera again without a battery magically, because it is fully protected its nice that you can do an arm check here in the box with it. Uh though i wouldnt recommend taking out of there but just being able to have that there have the camera protected and being able to do some basic checks like that is super handy, which they kind of thought of with the box. So i keep the box with me when im using this drone, you have to be able to kind of hand launch this, because you dont want to take off from the ground, because otherwise itd be sitting on the thing. So maybe like a pillow or something like that, im gon na go ahead and hand launch it because thats how i feel like operating Music. Okay were in the air. Of course, kyles gon na come chase us, but thats, okay. So with this drone, its definitely underpowered compared to a lot of drones and thats, you know for a good reason, its not really designed to be like a super high performance thing, its its a 360 camera in the sky, so im running it at probably, oh, i Would say 60 throttle Music, so as a result, it definitely underperforms from what youd expect actually its caught, like the reason that theres a scratch on this lens is because we accidentally ran the throttle too low at takeoff and, as a result, we accidentally Music put the Drone into the ground, and it ended up having a bit of a bit of a crash so but yeah.

The other thing that you have to kind of think about is like what whats going to look good in in 360 mode. So, like you got to think about, like whats below you, whats above you whats, going to look good combining all of those different things so right now, i would imagine that were looking at kylo or now im going over this particular pine tree, maybe down so that You kind of get some cool, tiny planet effect, but its just a 360 camera in the sky. So you kind of think a little bit differently, while youre flying, which i think is, is fun its a unique different way to look at things. So this is full throttle here, not a lot to give lets go out to the end of the dock. Here its gon na get kyla to jump off the dock after us come on, go get it just trying to think through, like whats gon na look really cool with a 360 camera. Anyway, i just kind of landed that the neighbors were out and they had their dog out, and i just didnt want my dog to get the idea that he could go hang out with their dog without their permission. So i just landed over there and uh manage the situation. Really quick! Well, be right back with you after these messages anyway, reactions to the first flight is that its definitely underpowered and – and i i think, thats, okay right – you got these really thin motors that are theyre, designed to be that small to fit between the seam lines of The camera well have to take a look at the footage to see if we actually hit all the seam lines, but i mean in terms of like its balance in the air.

It feels great like it flies nice and smooth. The tune feels really good so yeah. I think it performs, or its level of performance is within the reins that its supposed to be right, its not supposed to be extremely fast or extremely high, performing uh its its supposed to be able to be a 360 camera in the air. And you can move the camera around wherever you want look at whatever you want, and so to that end i think its definitely nailing that, in terms of like where it should be, one of the accessories that newbie drone sends, along with this, is this little protector Here that just kind of barely sits in between the uh lens and the ground, so its not an amazing thing, its not clear so you cant leave it on there while youre flying, but you can at least set the drone down without scratching up the lens or At least scratching it up further than i already have so im gon na be able to set this down and get some cool b roll of it uh without having to worry too much about scratching something up. Okay, so now that weve got the shot weve flown around this space gone over the flag flown by the dogs, all that stuff lets, pull it into the insta360 studio and show you how we work with this file. What this footage looks like and then kind of give you some ideas of like what you could do with it.

Okay, so weve got the clip imported now into the insta 360 studio, which is the computer app theres, a version of it for your phone as well. Both are really really good. I prefer the computer version just because i prefer working on a computer, but if we scrub through the footage here we can see you know the drone flying through the air, see what kylis is chasing all that good stuff. And then we have the ability to pan the shot around and you can see that. Unfortunately, ive got a little bit of a scratch on the bottom of my lens. So were going to see that thats just an unfortunate reality of having worked with this. But if you look around theres, no drone visible, which is so cool its just a camera in the sky, theres, nothing but just the world around you – and i dont know it just it just creates some insane opportunities like you can. You know, then, punch in and zoom in and use that you could do the lock direction, which means its always going to kind of follow forward. So, like you know, i could point it in a direction its going to keep looking that way. So if we wanted to watch kylo, you know because hes generally behind the drone or we can just have it, look straight down and just see him goofing around having a good time see this tree. I like punching out a little bit for that tiny planet effect and, seeing you know all of the trees just shoot down into the distance kylo come here up.

Nope come here up, hi bud. What are you doing now? Im all wet but yeah. It just creates some awesome opportunities to be able to shoot with the actual camera, like the entire drone being fully hidden from camera, and you have you just get some really really cool stuff. So i dont know what all of the opportunities are like. I still havent had a chance to be super creative with it to figure out like what are the coolest things that i can do. You can see you know, so we maybe we wanted to zoom in and see kylo and kyra chasing the drone. We could lock direction and we can then keyframe it so like i could put a keyframe here. I want the camera to be looking that way and then the next shot i want it to instead be looking up at the clouds put another keyframe there, scroll back and now its going to transition from one spot to the other. Well still never seen the drone. Now that being said well, it does a really good job of fighting the drone, its not always perfect, and i think that in in reality there its always theres its really really hard to make sure its fully hidden. But you can make sure that things are hidden. But right here you can actually see a little piece of the edge of the frame. Something is getting in the way. So we need to be a little bit more careful about how we mount the camera its just really hard to get everything exactly right.

So now we can look back and we can see. Kylo is still thinking about jumping after the drone. I was trying to get him to jump in after it, but he didnt and then you know now zoom out you got this again fish eye view. You can kind of do like an invert fish eye which looks pretty bizarre. I dont know like theres. The the opportunities are literally, you know you can put the camera point, the camera anywhere you want and i to be honest, like run out of ideas sometime because i just im not super creative. In that way, i dont always know exactly what the ideas are to use, but what im saying is you can fly the whole flight capture, everything around you and then decide what that framing all looks like it afterwards and i think theres a lot of root power And then a lot of value in that so here in this circumstance i ended up having to land it, because i was worried about uh kylo getting into the neighbors hes. Just he likes to go play with their puppy, but they dont really want him playing with their puppy. So i put it down on the ground, but i just wanted to give you a kind of sense of what kind of cool opportunities filming in 360 with no drone visible can create, and so i think thanks kylo for being a model here for filming. I hope this gives you a good sense of the kinds of shots that you can get with the invisi 360 using the insta360, but before we go too far forward lets rewind a bit to when i had the chance to use the invisa 360 on a couple.

Commercial jobs first was for coasting thunder, which we have a bunch of videos coming to the channel, soon about its uh, its a ways out still but were getting there and then the second commercial shoot that i got to use this on was for a event called Boulder dash where we actually had a chance to kind of do some setup talk about the drone, how we were going to use it and then show you some of the footage that we captured during the event in kind of interest of like continuing to kind of Play with cinematic tools and stuff like that, we wanted to try out a new uh drone. The new newbie drone infiniti 360 drone, this bad boy houses an insta360 one r in the center of everything, its seam line cuts out the entire drone. So we should be able to get a perfect crystal clear 360 view of everything thats happening at the race. We only have one set of batteries, for it, so were just going to give it a go for one round and im going to kind of stay. A little bit higher because i really dont want it to get hit with a water balloon. So i stay high and back a little bit and just kind of cruise along the thing and well see what we can do with it in post to get some cool 360 views out of it Music. We did our first flight here with the newbie drone, invisible 360.

uh. You know what its not too bad. It flies at like 60 throttle so im doing a lot of work to make sure that its staying in the air, but i kind of just kept it up a little higher a little further back, flew over the flags instead of right down in where things were Going because i just did not want to get pegged with a water balloon, i was able to get through the course nice and easy fly all the way down and chase the guys. All the way, through so excited to be able to use that to look around pan around. Do tiny planet views all that kind of good stuff that you would want to do with a 360 drone and camera that is like fully in the air that nope you cant see anything about the drone so other than the 60 throttle thing, and it kind of Just being a little bit underpowered, it was, it flies great, like a little bit of wind is happening right now and it still just kind of gets batted around a little bit. You know its so thin that it just cuts right through the air so stoked about how thats gone so far, and i want to get it charged up and go again because im really excited about how thats gon na look. I do wan na give credit where its due, i think, the first time i saw a drone style like this of a similar type of like you know, hide the drone in the seam lines of the 360.

Camera was definitely stan fpv, so me and jordan temp. Getting talked about doing something like it back in like 17 or 18, but there just wasnt the technology with motors at the time, but so props to him for having kind of came up with the first design. For that. So i hope this video gave you a pretty good detailed overview of some of the capabilities of something like the invisi 360.. The idea of having a 360 camera in the sky has appeal in a lot of different ways, right the ability to look anywhere to frame anything after the fact. You just have to get the drone somewhere in position to be able to capture that, especially because you can look forwards backwards to the side left right and its going to be super stabilized, no matter what i think. All of that creates for some really really cool, powerful opportunities and im glad that people are starting to ask me to bring something like this to shoot so that they can get something even more unique than fpv already creates an opportunity for so awesome. Work to newbie drone for designing and building the invisa 360.. I love what were doing with this. I cant wait to see more uses for stuff like this, and i hope that you guys found this video interesting if you decide to purchase anything like this, please consider using the affiliate links in the description below it helps support. The channel allows me to be able to make more videos like this and always weve got some awesome.

Merch for nerd tv weve got these awesome uh super crunchy. You know good travel anywhere, hats, the most comfortable hat in the world, as well as a couple t, shirts, sweatshirts and some awesome snap back hats and then again also check out newbie drone to be able to see the invisi 360 drum thanks everybody. So much for watching, please consider, subscribing and doing all of that youtube stuff and stay flying Music, its friday then its saturday sunday, what its friday, then saturday, sunday ready okay, so we just did our first flight. No, we just did. We did our first flight here with the newbie drone and visit 360.