. So the footage that you saw in the start of the video is basically footage that has been shot on that drone. What is special about this drone? Okay, its a drone, its a three inch, boop style drone where you can install the insta360 1r and get unobstructed video or photographs without the drone being in your shot. Yes, the drone will not be visible in whatever you should theres. Also, some communication between me and newbie drone that has been exchanged so, if youre interested in this drone, if youre interested in wanting to purchase it, continue watching this video Music. That was it a quick unboxing, the excess that i got the lipos, the extra guards im going to put like a 10 second clip of how to insert the batteries because thats the tricky part so stay tuned, and you will need to have a pair of tweezers. If you dont want to scrape the cables on your lips, i have two capacities. I have two 650s and two 850 mah capacities im going to install the 850, because thats slightly bigger and trickier itll give you a complete idea of how to install it, and then you can go ahead and install the 650, its relatively easier with the 650. Hence ill just try this 850, so you get a sense. What i do and when i have to install it, i will always keep the xt30 side up, so it becomes easier by the time i get it on top for me to plug it into this directly.

Okay, so im going to try that and im going to show it to you and its very easy. Hence you need to have a tweezer because it can get a little tricky. Okay lets go for it with the tweezer. Try to get this out, get the xt 30 side out. First, you basically connect it. You do the same over here and thats. How youll get both then connect it Music and push it like this too. You see how easily it sits with that method, and then you just push it down and let the battery sit against it just make sure that your balance lead is nicely tucked in okay, looks okay and thats how you install it. Youll notice, one thing that on one side, it sits quite comfortably inside, but on the other it doesnt. That is because of the module that connects the 1r. So nothing to worry about it does not show up in the frame. You can dont try to apply extra force to tuck it in because it does not look. It does not show up in the frame, so we are all good just ensure that it isnt level and nothing shows up above this particular line and were good yep thats. How you do it also one more thing, and that is how you correctly install the insta 360 1r on the newbie drone invisi 360.. I have basically shared images here so that in case, if you have the drone and if you want to install it – and you want to check – if you have done it correctly – you can pause this video for a few seconds and check it on the left side.

Is the top end of the drone and on the right side, is the bottom end of the drone now also coming to the lens guards that they have provided? You have to be very careful when installing this black sticker, this black sticker adhesive on it, because there is a very good chance that you can ruin it. I have done it. Hence. I am telling you that you need to be very careful and very patient when installing it, because once you do it, this is what it is going to look like when you install it on the insta360 one again on the left. Side is the top end and on the right side is the bottom end. The newbie drone in visi 360 looks strikingly similar to another quad that i owned called the splash by jack higgins. This was a frame that i had purchased earlier in the year and i built a india style cenevope if, in case youve not watched it im going to leave a link in the description box or on the top right, you can watch it. You can check it out over there anyway. Now the splash and the newbie drone in vz360 in terms of construction style are very similar: okay, the top plate and the bottom plate thickness on both these cords are the same, and i have already cracked the top plate and bottom plate on the splash. More than three times so that was my major cause of concern, so i wrote to newbie drone and i asked them that hey listen now in case we do break this since you dont sell these frames standalone.

What do we do and dalton from newbie drone replied? Saying currently, if you break any part on the frame, we will be able to warranty and replace the item. We do not sell these currently, but we do have them available for people who do run into issues so thats great. So in case, you crash the drone hard in case you break the top plate or bottom plate or run into any kind of issues. Newbie drone will entertain and support you in terms of price and feasibility. The newbie drone invisi 360 cost 460 usd without a receiver. So in case you have a dji radio, its going to cost you 460 usd if they also sell a crossfire version, which is about 480 usd now 460 usd in conversion to indian rupees is about 34.5 or 35 000 indian rupees, with your foreign conversion, fee, etc, Etc, itll go up to about 37 000.. Similarly, with the crossfire version, the indian rupee amount is 36 000. With your foreign conversion fee, it will go up to 40 000.. Now. This is just the cost of the drone. You still need an insta360 one r to utilize the potential of this drone and that costs about 35 to 40. 000. 40. 000. If im not wrong, so in actuality, you are going to be spending in excess of 70 000 to buy and utilize. This drone is it feasible as a hobby. I wouldnt say not quite because now your basic digital setup like if you want to build a basic setup, itll cost you about 40 or 45 000.

That is minus your gopro, but yeah it is. It is expensive, but in case youre using this professionally because now clients are looking, are exploring possibilities of uh, like you know, virtual tours, 360s walkthroughs, and i have myself encountered and have spoken to clients where they they would like to explore this opportunity. So from a professional standpoint, this is a very good drone. It is a niche drone, yes, but the creative flexibility that it offers is unmatched. So in case you have the money, you have disposable income and, if youre it or if youre, pursuing this professionally – and you think you can afford it – please go ahead and buy it its not available in india. You will need to buy it in the united states and probably have it shipped with someone who is flying down. Thank you for watching this.