So here it is well really here it is, but before it gets to look like this, it starts out like this Music, so before its assembled, its a bunch of flat pieces of carbon that click together, like legos kind of like everything else in our hobby, like That no there i dont know version one of this frame had some fitment issues, which is why it came with this. So far, version 2 fits together perfectly without any struggles Music. My build has the rcn power rcn power, smocks, smooks, smox, 1507 2680 kv and they are for 6s smocks. Other parts installed is the newbie drone. Infiniti 200 stack a cadx air unit and a dji camera also installed as a crossfire receiver. With an immortal t in the back. My buddy chris wang is running. The 4150 kv 1408 flow motors on 4s. We didnt have them in at the time, but i would have gone with the 1408 2350 kv motors. So what can i say about the newbie drone cinema frame that hasnt already been said better on newbie drones website? Probably nothing, which is why im going to awkwardly read it to you straight from the listing to date, many ducted cinebook frames have been needlessly heavy. Additionally existing light cinema frames. Dont have guarded props for flying around soft targets. Heavy frames leave you with very little room for adaptability to use the frame for your shoots, whether it be increased, payload capacity or the option for large batteries.

We at newbie drone work to change that the cinema frame is newbie drones, response to the need for a light and even more versatile cinnaboop frame to carry a full gopro. The cinema has a unique all carbon fiber frame structure that allows for easy access to electronics, while providing maximum structural strength. Propeller size is three inch or 76 millimeter and those ducts i talked about are downloadable on newbie drones website fun behind the scenes fact from newbie drone. You can actually eat these peanuts, but you probably shouldnt theyre, just cheetos without the powder. So how does it freestyle really great for a cinewook, as you know, cinewops freestyle, bad, but thats? Not what theyre meant to do im freestyling this cinewoop, just to show you that its possible and that if you want to get dynamic shots that involve something other than flying in a straight line this in web can do it because it doesnt have traditional ducts. Like a normal center, what would air passes through the frame like any other cine whoop? I wouldnt crash it. I have crashed this one and it holds up pretty well, but obviously its not recommended Music uh something new. What are these called? What should we call them? Like snap in ducks snapping ducks snapping yeah cause they they snap it how about snucks yeah its called snakes. So new for the cinema are these cool snucks that snap in and out with great ease. You dont need any tools and you dont need to take it apart.

I can even do it one handed because i dont have a tripod, so the carbon snaps right into these little grooves, so that groove goes into there. So the reason i have these is to add a little bit more protection when flying around people. Animals clowns at birthday parties – whatever i probably should have started the review at this, because this is probably the best thing about the newbie drone cinema. It is by far the smoothest flying cinema frame. I have ever flown as you see when comparing real, steady shots to unstabilized shots, the difference is barely noticeable Music. A fully built cinema is coming in at grams, and that is with the 3d printed tpu mount with the gopro hero8 mounted. It is 406 grams. Now my all up weight with a 1200 mah china hobby line 6s pizza back is 624 grams. You can save weight by running a lighter pack and also going 4s, but i like this thing on 6s, it flies forever and i like heavier quads. It lets you hug, the ground gives me more throttle. Control and all those weights were with tpu ducks installed. Tpu ducts alone are 24 grams for four quick comparison with the shendron squirt. This one is slammed 328 grams cinema frame. 240, sorry, 250 grams, so that wraps it up for everything. Youd ever want to know about the newbie drone cinema frame up next for a review Music.