Its called the skydio2 plus and its very similar to what they had theyve. Just made some new refinements and enhancements to it theres a lot of videos on youtube about this, but i thought id still kind of do a quick unboxing and show you what you get with the package and well talk about whats new with it. Now this release was actually perfect timing for me, because i actually sold my original skydio just before christmas. I was actually getting rid of some drones that i wasnt really flying as much now i love the skydiving. I loved my skydio2 drone, but the problem i was having with it is range. The drone is incredible when it comes to following it has leaps and bounds ahead of any drone on the market when it comes to autonomous flight. I use following once in a while, but its not something that i do on a regular basis to me. What was more important is a good signal, connection and range. I dont fly terribly far, but you know i want a drone thats going to get me out at least a good kilometer without any issues and unfortunately, the deal with the way it was just did not do that. So i found myself not flying it very often and i thought well, you know its kind of losing value just sitting there, so i opted to sell it now instantly. As soon as i watched the guy walk away with it, i felt full of regret.

I thought geez. I think i just made a huge mistake, but then out of the blue scottie will launch this new drone and one of the improvements on it is range and well talk a little bit about that here in a minute now, when you purchase it, they have different Kits you can get, you can get the base package, but you can also get some of their upgrades. They have a sports kit, a premium bundle or something, and the cinema kit, which is what i purchased, and i just want to show you here how it comes. So if you purchase the base kit youre going to get a package like this, this has a case and the drone inside which well take a look at here in a minute. And then, if you purchase one of the upgraded kits like the cinema kit, youre going to get this case and all the components come pre packaged inside, but youre still going to get the drone in a separate package. So lets take a look at everything here and well talk about whats new with the skydio2 plus. So you can see here we get this hard case and even though it has a material on it, it is a hard case. It does offer a fair amount of good crush protection, its got a removable strap, and this is important if youre just taking the drone along youre, not bringing any of the components with it.

This fits nicely inside a backpack. You get a little kind of a quick start guide for it so important to definitely look over that and, as mentioned, even if you order something like the cinema kit, even though youre going to get this hard case. Youll still get this portable case as well, and it has the scodio logo at the top same with the hard case up here: scotia logo and thats important for precision landing if youre doing a case landing. The drone actually looks for that logo and it will land right on it, and i have a video on my channel kind of demonstrating that it actually works quite well. So here it is here again: weve got a little bit of information, some legal information there. We have a usbc to usbc cable for charging. We have the power adapter for charging and its in this little kind of foam piece, so it fits in there nicely, but you can remove that foam piece and that is a spot for a second battery. So we have the battery here, and this is one of their new upgraded batteries and again well talk about that here in a minute, little skydeal cleaning cloth. I cant remember if my original one had one of them or not, and this is actually very important, because these sensors, that are around it for the obstacle avoidance need to be kept clean in order to function correctly and then, of course, here we have a couple Of spare propellers and the drone, so a couple things that are new uh first off is theyve upgraded.

The battery you can now get 28 minutes of flight time per battery and whats best is that they havent changed the form factor. So these batteries are compatible with the original skydio 2 or the skydio2 plus. So if youve got the original skydio2, you can order these new batteries and get more flight time and vice versa. If youve already got quite a few batteries from the original skydio2 and you decide to upgrade to the new model, you can use all of your old batteries with it. So thats actually really nice that theyve done that theyve made them backward compatible. But one of the big upgrades of the skydio2 other than the batteries is the fact that it now has these folding antennas. The purpose of them is to help with the range i do believe they now rate it for six kilometers of range when using the controller. Now, of course, in real world scenarios, especially if you have a lot of wi fi interference, youre never going to get that kind of range. But for me, as long as i can get a good kilometer, a kilometer and a half of range then ill be more than happy with this drone and i think, with these new antennas im going to be able to achieve that. So now, with that extra flight time and the new fold out antennas, i think im going to get a lot of good use out of this drone now so were going to set.

That aside, well take a look at what comes with the cinema kit. The other thing that they did introduce with this is a new software feature called keyframes. Basically, keyframes are kind of like waypoints, except you do have to create them in real time with the drone, you cant bring up a map and then set your keyframes and attributes. You actually have to fly the drone to every position, kind of looks like vr as youre creating them. You can see all your waypoints in real time, so im actually pretty curious about that and pretty excited to play around with it. Now the really nice thing that theyve done is theyve made that keyframe update available to original skydio2 owners. So if you have the original skydio2, you can download the firmware update. I do believe its available now and your skydio2 will be able to make full use of those keyframes. You get this beautiful case when you order the cinema kit, i do believe its from gpc. They make pretty incredible cases, so it is kind of nice that they offer that and again it has the logo at the top. So if you want to do a case landing, the drone will pick up that logo. When we open it here we got some information. Some more stuff about the skydio and about the filters there, another cleaning cloth from polarpro and thats because it does come with a set of polarpro filters, theyre just held onto the front magnetically.

So definitely a nice touch, and here you can see we have our data cables. We have usbc to usbc and usbc to lightning. I wasnt aware, but it looks like it comes with a memory card 128 gigabytes, so thats nice we get two spare batteries, so that will definitely come in handy and one thing i do want to show you here: youll be able to differentiate between the batteries, because You can see here it says cardio, two plus, so, if you do have some of the older batteries kicking around because they look visually similar youll be able to know which ones which, just by the label on them. Of course, we got the battery charging hub. This allows you to charge two batteries at once. You can see here we get more spare propellers, we get four separate ones in this package, plus the two that came with the drone for a total of six propellers. We get the beacon. Now this beacon has been upgraded as well. This supports five gigahertz, so it extends the range of the beacon to three kilometers, so thats, actually pretty impressive as well and of course. Lastly, here we get the controller now nothing has changed with the controller. This is the identical controller that came with the original skydio2. The only way they increased the distance was again by those fold out antennas, but the controller is the same. Unfortunately. Hopefully, that is something that changes with the skydio 3 at some point when it comes out a skydio 3 that has a good controller, a smart controller, even with the range of something like occusync on a dji drone, would be just absolutely perfect, so yeah thats.

Basically, it well put everything back in here, so this case can actually hold a total of four batteries, one in the drone. We have the two here and then we can put another one there as well. This spot back here is for a tablet holder. There are some specific tablet holders for the controller that will fit down in there, but im going to throw the charging cable in there for now, and then we have a spot for the charger there well put in the extra propellers from the other case and there We go so yeah im pretty excited to get out and test out the new skydio, the new transmission distance. The batteries ive got an ic bike. Now i can do some tracking with testing it out. So if you are interested in the new skydio2 make sure you stay tuned as i will be testing out all the features, keyframing tracking range over the coming months as long as the weather holds out, as mentioned, if youre not aware, i do live in canada. Sometimes the weather doesnt like to cooperate can be very difficult running a drone channel when you live in canada, anyways thats, basically it for this video, just a quick unboxing to see what all comes inside in an introduction to the new skydio2 plus. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it. Give it a thumbs up if you did its always greatly appreciated dont forget to subscribe to my channel, so you dont miss any of our upcoming videos and well see in the next one: Music.