I i like my tea, a little strong, but i think this thing can benches so much as i do anyway before we get to this video and if you like, las vegas, my face youre gon na like this before we get to that a big. Thank you and shout out to the sponsor of this video tokyo treats and sakura cup, especially with the same company and today, im going to do a little quick comparison of the two boxes as soon as you open them up snack guy telling you everything thats in Here and little fun cultural bits about japan. So if youre looking for something fun and modern tokyo, trees is the way to go. So. For the month of january, we have coffee, kitkats, jewelry, jelly, oh a little taiyaki a drink mega patchy tried as well taiyaki coffee kitkat. This is actually just like biting into a crunchy milky coffee. I really want to try this jewelry jelly. Oh, this is actually a jello kit if youre looking for something more authentic in traditional security has what youre, looking for and in every single box. Besides the exclusive snacks you get in here, youre also going to get a home gift. So last time i think i got a sake cup this time. Chopsticks tried persimmon mochi. So if you guys dont know tokyo, trees and sakura core are monthly subscription boxes, full of exclusive japanese treats and snacks and food and home goods deliver straight from japan.

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I just sat down, i feel like i i im i should be like the president of the bachanel fan club. I was walking around looking at the new edition new food editions. I was walking and i was just chanting theres some cool stuff out there. Let me show you: first of all, a flaming wheel of corn stuffed churros check it out: wood grilled, lamb, tea, rib right over there roasted bone marrow got ta, have got to try this and im sure that glaze poor belly im sure thats gon na be good Too, this is always one of my favorite things: beef steamboat. This is a giant roast that they cook here brisket here, prime rib, here tri tip here youre going to get your fill of steak at this place, i feel like im advertising for the baka. Now i promise not a sponsor video im, just so excited for this place, and here snow crab, oysters, octopus crawfish boil right over there. You got more snow crab shrimp. Lobster claw oh pumpkin, horchata mimosas apple cider, pork, rinds youre getting excited yet do you feel my excitement hope you do, because i am just im. I need to let me just finish this garlic, bread, huh im, so excited for garlic, bread. Oh, this is cool baba. Ganoush hummus falafel – this is new. This section is pretty new cheeses. Your meats and check this out filipino corner right over here whole roasted lechon pig.

You got skewers, you got adobo and over here. This is the section i dont frequent as much chinese section some sushi over here, its good, but lets go back to the meats, oh of course, dessert island. Look at this caramel mousse tiramisu green tea, mousse! Oh, look at that! All the oh! That is so pretty filipino cake. Raspberry glee tight. He moose happy to see the filipino food being represented at this buffet, so much right. Now: sweet yogurt, looking like a sunny side up egg pineapple upside down cake, one of my favorite chocolate lava cake love. This cinnamon rolls egg tarts mini donuts, of course, assorted flavors of ice cream. Just so many new food items to try lets get started. I didnt get all that Music Music round one. Oh chad is good apple cider, oh thats, delicious. I love this place. For always a little variety of drinks. What i also like to do, i ask for sparkling water, mixed with pineapple juice, delicious press, the salmon with some corn initial assessment. This could be a little dry, thats, really dry. The asparagus and corn on the side is delicious and the seasoning is delicious too, as a dry piece of salmon. Last time it felt like it never been a water in his life baby octopus. I think its a chili lime sauce lets pop this whole thing. On now this is delicious. Oh sauce is fantastic. Ah, the octopus is tender. I know getting a fish boil.

I just saw a big plate of crawfish couldnt, really resist. I mean its frozen, so im not expecting much from the crawfish flavor washed off, not too bad. Look at this oyster on a bit of salt Music that is gone. Oh, i need like at least a dozen of those i think its some kind of barbecue oysters little spicy tons of garlic, wow thats delicious. So far. Besides that piece of salmon everything else off the hook: Music, Music, second round meat – oh thats, chicken and waffle caught my eye. Look at this. This thing looks tender its succulent. The pickle on top looks amazing. I feel like this waffle has definitely been sitting out for a long time. A little soggy with that said, flavor just awesome. Chicken is good. The pickles in great addition, the sweet and savory flavor of all the ingredients worked so well together. Look at chicken and waffle. This is what ive been waiting for bone marrow. One of my favorite things on a buffet. This stuff is so good, its usually so expensive. If you want to make at least some of your money back on this buffet just eat a ton of this, i think bread will work better, but they give you a little cracker to eat this with just the best again. I think bread works better, really, no wrong way to eat. That next is the meat. This is a new addition. The chipo lamb mmm all right lets.

Try i got horseback, then. Oh, this is good. Oh, this is really good. Oh, this is a fantastic addition to this buffet the lamb tastes like so this is really famous uh steakhouse in new york called kings. Their signature steak is their mutton chop and its just this beautiful, delicious cut of mutton and that tastes like it. I would love to get one of these um lamb, cheese, balls right off the fire cause right now. These ones been sitting there for a little bit. Tiny bit dry were gon na chase the potential Music. I think, im just so spoiled by texas eating brisket anywhere else like i just cant it just doesnt even come close im gon na brisket here a little dry. This is that monstrosity of a beef Music remember that tri chip, the beef roast everythings everythings good. I love all that i, like the lamb table the most after this im gon na see. If i can go score, a fresh one, so Music managed to score a fresh lamb t ball. They were putting this out right as i was walking by oh, oh, this is tender. Look at this coming off the bone, so easily juicy theres pieces with a lot of fat as well. I mean im just trying to cut this with a butter knife mind. You look at this beautiful, i think, in terms of quality, the beef steaks that win is better but theres lamb, t bones a wonderful addition here at the bakuna.

Oh, if youre not a fan of lamb, i think its too gamey no gaminess Music. Also another wonderful addition: mexican street corn, you choose different flavors, i got the classic. This hits the spot and this will continue to hit the spot anytime. A spot needs to be hit. Wow juicy sweet corn, a little smoky from the peppery cup. The cheese mixed in with the chilies a little bit of the lime powder little sweet little savory little citrusy. This is such a good addition. Wow look at this scallop shrimp, octopus, ceviche scallop sweep. I wish this was more citrusy. I feel like the sourness is not enough for me. Seafood texture is really good, though especially that scallop on that half shell. I think it was like candy, and this is such a simple little thing: stop churro, oh good, stuff, charm, Music, Music, tonkatsu ramen, not tobacco. Now this is way better than the wind, its actually pretty fatty and rich. The only bad thing is, for some reason, its really sweet, but if youre just having a craving for ramen thats, all definitely satisfying, usually again like im, not a proponent of pizzas or bread, but truffle mushroom yeah, not too shabby got a piece of lechon skim. That was a little harp. Also, i needed some um some breads, because i need a. I need something to put the bone marrow on. I mean these chips. These crackers are fine, but not put them on a bread.

The reason i love a buffet so many opportunities to mix and match bone marrow, truffle, mushroom pizza, thats, just the epitome of satisfaction right there, ah might be a sensory overload right there. This is so pretty hummus grabbed a little garlic bread. My witness hummus is delicious, though hmm put some bone marrow on that definitely time to take a break and focus more on seafood. Okay, oh at the chinese food section, they have a wagyu hot dog yeah. I got ta try that masada. I think everything in that mexican corner, especially the corn, so so good, so gochujang fried chicken couldnt resist. This is actually tremendous. This is really good. Korean fried chicken still crunchy gochujang sauce is delicious. I cannot do good on that. One im really excited to try this, though this is the wagyu hot dog i mean it looks pretty basic soft bun hot dog in the middle. That was definitely the hardest to swallow item of the night i mean the bun is just way too big for this hot dog, something smaller lighter, will be much much better. I cant discern with my taste buds the wagyu quality of this hot dog. This is like a regular hot dog got my seafood plates yeah cunk. They have lobster claws snow crab, mussels, clams, all sorts of dipping sauce. What i like about them. They keep it interesting its not just butter, its, not just cocktail sauce different types of dipping sauce.

They got cajun remoulan, atomic horseradish and mignonette mussels, good mussels and clams already cooked to their own spices. Hows that clam jerky Music, the kong is so good, especially not different. Sauce craft looks a little small, though the price for this buffet, i think its 69. I think around 60 bucks its pretty much the price of every single uh dinner buffet on the strip in this place. In terms of sifu, you probably get the most variety theres lobster theres snow crab, theres kung, i mean theres, definitely easier and much worse ways to lose 70 bucks in acres, Music, Music, ah dessert time, this upside down pineapple cake, always one of my favorites here in The bucknell, oh its good, so many pretty little dessert items Music, oh black forest cake, is so good its easy to kind of overdo it, because all these things look like two three biters next thing. You know youre, laying in a hotel bed with a sugar high. Not knowing what day it is, this is so pretty so good. This ube mousse is extraordinary its the lightest cake on the inside its such a smooth, velvety, texture, favorite thing so far, 100 tai chi moose is good as well, but oh man, i wish i could trade this in. For that wube thing again still thinking about it, not a single bad bite of dessert. So far, oh man lets call this a cinnamon roll. I thought it was a bread pudding, but maybe a deconstructed cinnamon roll yeah, its a bread pudding, oh cinnamon roll.

Now, thinking back, why would i think this is a cinnamon roll? First of all its not a roll? Maybe because it was round this mango mousse is good were going to eat. This make sure you eat this first, because the other sugary stuff is going to completely cover the sweetness of this no same goes with yogurt eat too much sweet stuff, thats gon na not taste good at all. Let me hear this was definitely a huge itch. I needed a scratch ever since i was here the first time. I think my first food video was about the balcony on an iphone 4.. This has always been my favorite buffet and im glad to see that after everythings opened back up, they continue to strive to do better. I mean theres a lot of new dishes here that are fantastic again: the street corn, the oysters hummus i mean i dont, know what they have for breakfast or brunch or lunch, but i will 100 recommend if youre going to come here and eat this, come for Dinner, get that lamb tea box. After trying everything out, i think its settled. This is still the number one best buffet in vegas in maybe the entire country. Anyway.