You know it’s rush, the discover, bus and we’re here with another new development. So this is the grove trade center that’s. What we’ll be taking a look at today, so you guys definitely stay tuned. We’Re gon na do a full walk through just break down the entire layout we’re gon na get some eagle eye views as well. So you guys stay tuned for that as usual, if you’re new to the channel remember to subscribe, subscribing is free, remember to like comment and share as well. So let’s go, take a look all right guys. So this is it so in total there will be 15 units spanning across this entire complex. So we have one side over here, as i realized it’s two floors, and then we have this next section over here as well, so each unit will have their own parking space and on the ground floor in this storage unit, the ground floor will be storage and It will have a bathroom and then you have a staircase leading up to the top floor, which is an office area. So let’s take a closer look on this setup, so these are the units. So you have your own meter. Your own water meter will be in as well so that’s a given. So let’s take a look on this unit here, so you guys can see the layout much better. So right here is the staircase and bathroom and then you’ll have the upper floor which can be used as an office complex all right.

So, in terms of the grown floor, it starts at 250 square feet, so that’s, the entire storage area and then once you go up on the second floor, which is designed as an office, you’ll have 350 square feet. So this is the basic layout, so you’ll have reinforced concrete, which we can see. So this is the staircase leading up to the upper floor and then for the entrance you’ll be able to. You know, collect your delivery by a delivery. Truck you’re gon na have large um reinforced shutters steel shutters, so you can collect your pallets, whatever the case may be, and again this is set up. For probably, you know a new entrepreneur or someone that probably wants to downsize with a storage area along with an office complex, so whatever it needs are. Let me know what you think share your thoughts, and you may know that someone that may be interested you know share it with them, because i’m sure all these units will be gone in no time in terms of cost. I know you guys always ask about cost. The price starts at 20, mil jamaican dollar and, as i said, it’s only 15 units. So you guys reach out as quickly as possible in terms of the contact number i’m going to put that in the comments. But the contact number is 876, three 463. Seven, eight and i’ll put it in the comments and the description as well and again you guys stay for the drone shots, so you guys can see a better look of the entire area, so it’s the groove trade center right here in kingston, literally three minutes from New kingston because i’m, just coming from new kingston, it took me about three minutes um about three minutes into alpha tree as well, so very central location, all right guys, so grove trade center again that’s, where we’re at today and again without a doubt, you’ll have 24 Hours, security um, because this is also a storage facility, so you want to ensure that everything is properly stored and safe and again internet um water light will be in for your needs.

So you have nothing to worry about guys and again, very central location there’s. A lot of other businesses – restaurants, commercial development, around the area – so even if you want to use this for a storage and then running your business from the second floor, you’ll have no issues there. So whether you are just starting out in the entrepreneurship journey or you want a smaller space, this is the place to be and again they’ll be gone in no time guys. So what we’re gon na do now we’re gon na hear from one of the agents in charge of the property just to share a few words with you guys in terms of this development, so stay tuned for that let’s jump right into it. Hey it’s kenny jackson with borison realty group special shout out to rush for stopping by today we have the grove road trade center grove trade center it’s perfect for a young entrepreneur, someone who’s starting out their business. You can have reinforced concrete steel 24 hour data security, solar panels, the whole nine. So if you’re looking for more information, give me a call at 876, 463 3278 talk to you soon, all right guys so as mentioned very central location. So even over here we have a car wash right here. We have restaurants up the road as well, so just beside the complex over this side. So this is the restaurant, so you have food close by and then up the road.

We have alpha tree road and tropical battery. We have new kingston just around the corner, all right, so that’s, basically dominica driver looking at so you guys know. I have a better understanding of the area, so definitely reach out to the realtor to the developer. Um again, the units will be going very fast, only 15 units, so you guys definitely reach out and again guys share your thoughts. Let me know what you think in the comments section in terms of this development on groove road 2c groove road. Let me know what you think in terms of the development share.