Flywoo says this is the first 40 millimeter 1s, three bladed quad. Now many of you might be thinking to yourself hang on a sec isnt there already a firefly 1s nano on the market, and you would be correct. It is this one right here see ill put them both side by side, so whats. The difference then well. This one is larger in size: it has an x frame, the new model, the old one is more like a dead cat frame. Also, this new one has much more powerful motors than the previous model. These are 19 500 kv motors, and these are 16 500 kv motors and the other specs are pretty much the same ill. Just stick the specs up there. You can check it out overall, its a really fun drone for people who like to fly indoors and out – and i want to mention right now – do not confuse this with a whoop. This is a whoop they like to hover, really slow and they move through things. Really nice, this, on the other hand, is like taking a massive drone and shrinking it down to size. This is like kamikaze indoors when you fly things like this. If it looks like it with its little thing that it has on the end here, thats to protect the antenna, thats pretty smart actually, but it looks kind of stylish so with three bladed props. This thing can haul some butt. Now i did take it for a flight indoors just to see if i could fly it indoors, because i thought this is going to be really powerful and surprise surprise.

I could check this out all right. So here we go. This is an analog drone, so im going to fly it with my fat char goggles to get the analog video signal im using a tx16s radio with elrs receiver, now take note of the flight controller temperature. It shows about 55 degrees celsius when we go outside thats going to drop massively Music. Here you can see ive set the video output to 250 milliwatts, which seems perfectly fine for flying indoors. The video stream seems to be quite good as i go around corners. Go around walls the image from that tiny pinhole camera looks really good in my opinion, so your question would be: how good is this as an indoor drone? Well, actually, its really good look at how smooth i can fly it. I can slow it right down and one of the things i really like about it is that you can fly it in tight spaces. Here, im going down to my laundry room and im going to spin around 180 and fly out with no issues, i would say anyone who needs a drone for flying indoors as well as outdoors. This will probably meet their needs because indoors its you can sit here. Its pretty smooth and when youre going to see it outdoors, it can really move and for flight time if you use the smallest battery 350 milliamp hours youll get about three minutes of flight time, as you can see here.

One item to note that you probably saw in the video is that during the video indoors, the camera was slightly looking upwards, as you can see it here, its fixed in place to look upwards. As you pick up speed, the drone will automatically tilt forward and then you will be looking forward now someones going to ask. Can you put a gopro on this? I know that sounds so ridiculous, but somebody always asks something that ridiculous. Ah, no look at the size of it. You cant put a gopro on it. However, im looking over here, however, they did send me two mounts right here for an insta360 go and an insta360 go to, and the way these mounts work is that, basically, you take off this canopy here. Its just two screws takes it out and then you put on the mount and then you have a mount with a little circular spot for your insta360 go or go to. I was gon na take this out and attach the insta360 go and go to camera to it and fly it outdoors, however, check out how cold it is. Look at that. That is insane, but i took it out anyways, but i didnt put the insta360 go camera on it because everything was freezing up and youll see. I flew this on a where is it i have one over here: oh geez everythings mixed up here. I flew it on this: a 750 milliamp hour battery and the cold just killed the battery in no time so uh.

Let me show you the video watch, this oh its cold out here. All right lets plug this. I cant my glasses are fogged up. How do i plug this in i cant see a thing here. We go. All right were shooting the video at 250 milliwatts, so im going to keep it close because its way too cold to fly this thing and ive got it in acro mode. I believe, hang on a sec horizon mode angle, mode, acro mode, yes, armed and uh lets go there. We go lets, go fly straight ahead. This thing flies super smooth though oh wow, oh wow, this things a ripper, okay, its pretty cold out here, ive got a heavy battery on it. So lets turn this way quickly. Do some little freestyle there we go. My fingers are so cold. That freestyle is even difficult on this thing. Here lets go higher, so i dont lose it there. We go so its good for freestyle, but it should be freestyle and warm weather see im getting a low battery alert already so yeah the cold is killing the battery. Oh no, this is not good here. Lets just keep it close, keep it close with that low battery its just too cold. For these little one cell batteries, they cant push out the power yeah thats unfortunate, so it means i really cant fly it out here in the cold thats, not good, but theres. Your image. Theres me going up on my head.

I will say its so simple to just flick around its really good. Now my vtx is going to go out because, as i get low power, it has no power to run the video transmission. But look at that lets go around these cameras with the little bit of power. I have left here. Look at this thing its. I know they call it like a firefly because its like a little insect as it flies and thats pretty much it its just so cool you just buzz around and annoy the heck out of everybody in the neighborhood. But honestly, you cant hear it here. Im gon na bring it close to me. I got my mic on so yeah. I know the batteries are screaming now, but heres the mic. Do you hear anything its right here? Can you hear it its? Barely there barely hear this thing there we go, go bye. All right, im, gon na, have to bring it down its screaming. Here there we go. It is totally frozen up like the battery the cables, everything yikes now, if youre wondering about receivers for this. This model right here is e l, r s so theres an e l, r s receiver in it, and if you look really close, you can see it its the little one with a little square top on it, and i use my beta fpv micro module on The back for e l r s its on the back of my eachine tx16s to connect to it connects no problem works.

Really great. You can get other receivers for this like crossfire, i think you can get fr sky and, of course, you get a plug and play if you want to put your own receiver in it. Next thing i want to show you is: what comes in this tiny little box, at least everything im going to show. You came in my tiny little box and, let me just say, im a reviewer. So when companies like flywood, send me something sometimes they send me extras, and i really dont know what you get compared to what i get, because this is not on a website at the time im making this video, so i cant see whats included so ill show You everything i received, and maybe some of the things i received are considered accessories so check this out. This is the box. Your baby, nano comes in inside theres a case, and these are the specifications of the drone i reviewed in this video. This drone is extremely small and well put together and on the rear. You can see the usb port for connecting the beta flight configurator. Everything is built nicely on a carbon fiber frame and for batteries you will need batteries that fit this connector. Now, at the time of this recording, i have no idea if the drone comes with batteries, but these were the batteries included. With my drone other items i received were a set of spare props a prop direction card.

A battery connector, cable for different style battery plugs a camera mount for an insta 360 go in an insta 360 go to a spare battery, harness an extra set of frame screws and a micro, phillips, screwdriver, and finally, a customer service card and stickers. Total weight of the firefly is 23 grams and, with a battery were up to 33 grams. Now after watching that unboxing did you notice something very important, so i have a pile of batteries that were sent to me and i also had a pile of batteries here. Whats important is that there was no battery charger included in my kit. I dont think one comes with it. So if youre not in the hobby and you dont have a battery charger to charge these little 1s batteries with the type of connector on the end, then ill put a link below to a battery charger on the flywoo site. That will do everything you need to do all right quickly to get this drone flying after you bind it to your radio and set it up in beta flight for all the configurations of the switches on your radio, then you just put a battery in it and Plug the battery in and when the battery is plugged in its nice and blinky. Ladies all over it and its all set to go so ill, just show you, it flies, really well ill fly it right here and youll see its a smooth flyer.

No problem make sure my prop is not hitting the cable nope thats good lets put it in angle mode, so it doesnt whack me in the head, because acro mode ill fly it all over the place here arm the motors there we go and take it on Up its such a smooth flyer, it just seems like it just sits in the air, like its its just a very, very uh, hovering style drone like its its very predictable. If you fly fpv, this is like uh, the simplest drone in the world to fly and outdoors its a lot of fun as well. All right guys, im just gon na land here and all i can say, is check it out check out the links below see. If this is the drone for you, if youre somebody who wants to fly indoors and then you want to really rip when youre outdoors and have a lot of fun, then this is the drone to get for you and youll have a lot of fun with it. I think beginners could fly this. I dont think its a problem and i dont think itll get damaged very much if at all, if you crash outdoors, if youre a beginner as long as youre crashing on grass or whatever the only thing i would suggest for beginners is get yourself extra props. It does come with an extra set, but beginners always destroy their props, like they lose them, destroy them chip them up thats the first thing to go.

So if you have extra props and youre flying around and youre learning how to fly, then it should be fine. All right links are below check it out. I hope you enjoyed this video if you did, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future. Videos with many more reviews take care, bye, Music. That wont.