I actually like made a video about not being able to get the puppets, and i did say that my drone was coming. It came yesterday here. Is it right here? Heres my drone its actually in this box, but i will be showing you the drone and how it works and yeah lets just get to that. Okay. So this is the drone um its a w10, as you see and theres, actually an app that i can control to my phone for the camera lets see heres the has hd hd camera. You can see the camera right. There has alt hold auto takeoff and landing headless mode rechargeable battery 24 2.4 ghz control its also a wi fi drone, and it could take photos and record videos, so obviously to get started were going to be looking inside. Ive already opened it so yeah here is where you put the phone, you see you, oh you take this and you kind of, let me see, hold on you kind of open it put your phone on there for you to put control and see this. This actually goes in with this. This part right here so see, so you have this right here it just it just snaps on, and this is what you would do to control the drone. It has batteries in there already so and as you can see, you can see the batteries, the uh any extra stuff, the the charger and any of the extra drone stuff.

Just in case a piece falls off, and here it is the moment youve all been waiting for actually try taking it out. Here is the drone you can actually see has a little propellers. It has the uh, the power mode, the camera, and what this does is the battery isnt on right now, but you can actually. This is where you put the battery so cameras already in um, so you fly, it see how it just turns on and is you use the app and you have the battery in and you turn it on and you turn on the remote as well, and it Will turn on and as soon as you connect the drone theres drone options, you connect it and you can connect to your drone and be able to control it and well yeah. This is my review on the uh, my new drone. I hope you like it. I might record videos on this drone and i will try to fly this weekend. So youll probably get to see some views with this camera. I dont know how to get it out how to get the the the video out of it but im sure it saves.