Now when dji first released the mavic 3, they did. Let us know that theres going to be a bunch of features on there that just werent ready yet – and i was super bummed just like most people, because theres things on here that are so new, like all of these new sensors on the mavic 3 and one Of the things that you want to use or take advantage of is something like active track. They said a lot of these things would be coming actually in january, but luckily enough, the firmware has been updated on the mavic 3 and they did include a bunch of new features on here, not in january. We are in mid december and we finally now have focus track, which includes active track spotlight, as well as point of interest on the new mavic 3.. Now, as far as the firmware versions im going to be putting those up on the screen as far as the latest firmware that has been released as of december 9th. That include the firmware for both the drone, the rcn1, remote and also the rc pro remote. With this new update, its going to include focus track time lapse as well as master shots, now, im excited about focustrack, because that is the one that contains the active track. So the follow me functions as well as the spotlight and also point of interest for the release. Notes, theres gon na be a bunch of other things added in this firmware.

They have added the raw, only format reduced video recording noise for prores on the mavic 3 cine reduce occasional vibration on the aircraft, arms, improved return to home performance, improved optical avoidance performance, improved hover stability also fixed the issue with some computers that could not connect to The usb also fix some bugs on the remote controller. Now, of course, theres still some features on here that arent ready yet and just i would expect just like this one expected on a future update things like panoramic and some of the other modes on here. Quick shots that havent been installed yet on the new firmware, so i would expect a another update you know, possibly within the next few weeks or in january, when they initially said that all this would be ready in this video. I do want to take the mavic 3 on the course that i normally take and do a little follow me active track mode on the new mavic 3.. But before we do that, a quick word from todays sponsor skillshare and for those who arent familiar with skillshare skillshare is an online learning community that really focuses around the creative arts. So, if youre looking at getting into youtube design, photography videography illustration, skillshare has thousands of classes to choose from im a long time. Final cut pro user and recently jevin dovey, just released one of his courses on final cut for beginners theyve, not been using final cut for a very long time.

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Those linked above as well as down below in the video description. Ive had some pretty mixed results using different drones, uh, but now that we have the new firmware on the mavic 3.. Ideally, if the mavic air can do it im, assuming this one should be able to do it without any problems. After this test, im actually going to be using my dji air 2 s, remote control, because i have it on a mount. I would use my rc pro, but i dont have a mount for the rc pro, but i do have a mount for this remote control. So, im using this right now with my iphone 13 attached to it, i will be shooting at 4k. 30 frames a second. Let me switch that here. It does not work in 5.1 at 30. uh highest, you can go, is 4k 60 for the um focus track reactor track. All you have to do to activate active track is, and focus track is to select the subject. Im going to select me just draw a box around it and what i like to normally do is. I will normally actually step to the side just to make sure that it is tracking me properly. There you go and im gon na hit go, and then you actually have a few different options. Im gon na have it go from behind me, hit go and it looks like you can actually change what direction you want the drone to follow.

So right now, pretty cool im gon na have a follow me from behind going up here we go all right. Elevation looks like its moving up with me, so thats always good some of the drones that ive used before do not elevate. So this is good Music. All right were at 18 meters up right behind me and i do like it when i was flying the air 2s it it does, go up with you a little bit a little bit slower. This one actually feels like its a little bit smoother. If you guys saw the evo that one tried moving up with you, but not that great, this one seems right on point Music and of course, if you guys saw the hubsan review now when uh that one lost me everywhere. So lets keep going up here. Change my my gears a little bit. This is a turn i actually really like wow, not a problem at all. Look at that! No problem, no problem! Look at that! Thats awesome! Okay, so we started at of course, ground level. First, pass! No issues drones right behind me. It moves up in elevation. I started, of course, at ground level. It is now at 61 meters up in the air, which means it does elevate, as you are elevating, which is really good. Some of the other drones were not doing that and im going to change the active track. I wanted to now track me from the right side, because thatll be the side where the uh itll be on the more on the outside, while im on the inside.

So if i have that on the right side, active track right there you go all right, lets go hit, go got some narrow, sidewalks here and so far it is tracking me, okay, im turning lets see where it goes. It should go to my right. Yes, it is there, it is look at that thats cool im actually going to move them back a little bit, no actually its good. So the drones tracking me from this right side, which is really good, of course, its going to go back a little bit as its trying to maintain you know or get you in the shot. But it is tracking me from the side and thats the great thing about having those new side. Sensors now is that its able to track you from the front back or from the side really cool wow oh this is this – is awesome. Look at that all the way around. This is the first time testing adapter track uh. Now the hard part im gon na go downhill, im gon na. Have it track me from the front and while its flying uh while i go down it, has to descend with me? Okay, there you go hes moving. The drone is moving around and hes trying to find the front of me and there you go. That is cool. That is cool, wow, okay, im. Turning so, which means the drone will have to try to come from the side and then try to make it up again and swing back around okay, so im.

Turning here there you go, drone is back in front wow. This is awesome: okay, im gon na go around here. This little turn, which means the drone should come all the way around and theres a little hill right here and its going higher. Look at that, oh yeah, that was a little hill right there and the drone actually had to go higher to clear it wow. This is cool now im at the now, not the bottom. Yet what i want to do is uh. Oh it found me. Okay, it lost me for a second, but then it found me again wow that caught up real, quick, okay, what i want to do is actually push it out further away from me, see here so a little bit further right there, that was cool. All right lets continue down im almost at the bottom anyways, but it did lose me for a second and then it it caught up to me and found me again. Oh this is cool. It just went back up moved around when it went to that hillside and it and it dodged it. Thats awesome, look at that swinging back around no way how cool that was awesome on the way up. It followed me from behind no problem on the way down. It followed me from the side. Of course, there were some times where it kind of trailed, because im im making turns so the car doesnt know where im going so itll catch up to me and then get back to the side on the way back down.

There was a couple places right over here where, as i was going down, i was kind of worried because the drone is a little bit lower than the hillside and as it came, swooping back around it actually raised back up, went over the hill and then continued Back in front of me, it actually lost me for a quick second there and then, by the time i looked down on my screen. It actually found me again so im actually going to take this thing back towards, because the sun is just about down im gon na move him over to the left. Now here he goes. Look at that thats awesome holy cow! Look at that! I swung him over to the left, so you can press to go left and now hes following me from the side, lets go back again, go from behind yeah yeah, that is cool and there it is guys just the test of the new active track on the Dji mavic 3. super excited that dj was able to get this firmware updated this early, like i said they were, you know, projecting it to be in january. We do now have focus track on the mavic 3, as well as master shots and also time lapse. As always, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like could be much appreciated. Also, if you guys want to see more in depth, videos on the new firmware of active track spotlight as well as point of interest, make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel ill, be coming out with a bunch of videos on these updates.

So make sure you guys do turn on that notification bell. This is also stacio with ill see you guys.