So today, as you can see, we are going to be doing first impressions and a review on the dji air 2s. This is my very first dji drones, im, no pro or anything, but ive been flying drones for about uh. What three or four years now and my main drone was uh alto, evo and the paradigm fee and then, like the semi pro drones, you know like hubsans femis, you know the pro budget ones. You know stuff like that. So i wanted a mavic 2 pro when it first came out, but the no fly zones versus the price threw me off because i felt like i didnt want to spend all that money and then not be able to fly at most places. So i ended up going with the alto evo loved it very refined drone. A lot of us know that um, if youre not familiar what im talking about youre watching this video for the first time, its called the alto evo its the orange and black drone. I do have it on my channel back when i purchased it um for those of you who do know. You know that its an amazing drone – and so is the second one, but this time around, i didnt want to like spin an extreme amount of money, and i still wanted features just like when i got the evo over the mavic 2 pro the evo didnt. Have the no fly restrictions, the evo had still an amazing camera, even though it didnt have the one inch sensor.

It still looked amazing and to me i preferred it over the mavic 2 pro right. This time around i went with dji. They dont have the strict restrictions of the no fly zones. You can remove them if you want to, and you take responsibility. You know for the way youre flying and i make sure im always flying responsibility responsible so its not that big of a deal um to me. I just want to have the freedom. I think we all do um. This drone is very refined. This drone is very refined and it is very amazing and were going to go over. The specs um were gon na go over everything, but this is really just a first impressions. Video do know that theres gon na be more coming on this drone, because i love this drone ive flown it ive take ive taken pictures added. A few of them got to know the drone a little bit. I love it. I love the way. The controller feels i love the grips on the back. I love uh, the sticks, how precise you can be with them. Um i mean you push. These sticks in just a little bit and the drone responds when youre turning and youre adjusting the gimbal. At the same time, i mean you really can get this drone to move exactly the way you want it to im, not sure if i had that level of refinement before previous drones. I dont know to those of you who already have experience with dji drones: im not new to dji drones.

I am educated on them. I know that theyre an amazing product, but ive never owned one. I know that the precise i know people have said that theyre very refined. I know people always say out of the box, their software and everything is always good. They dont have any bugs or anything when they first release a product, and you know thats what led me to them, but this drone just blew my mind. This drone blew my mind. I uh car tracked with it. Ive tracked, you know uh my daughter just to play around with it. You know ive done it a lot with it in a short period of time. I had it um. I think ive had it for like two weeks so ive been flying it when i can – and i just absolutely love it so um were going to go over the specs. I want to go over the specs for anyone watching this video who is not familiar with this drone or dji drones or drones at all. I want you to be familiar with the specs on this drone equipped with a one inch sensor. The dji air 2s is capable of 5.4 k at 30 frames per second and 4k at 60 frames per second video capture. Any moment you want with the rich clarity and authentic color tones it deserves. We got four way obstacle sensing and we have adsb, which is able to avoid airplanes and sense them nearby.

That goes for helicopters too. So, as for the controller, it is using o3 transmission, dji air 2s features djis, most advanced ocusync 3.0 image transmission technology, delivering an ultra smooth, clear and reliable image feel getting back to the aedsb in depth. The dji air 2s provides an added layer of air space safety with the industry leading air sense safety system. This receives automatic dependent surveillance broadcast, hence adsb flight location, information from airplanes and helicopters in your area that transmit adsb signals displays those aircraft on the map and provides audio and visual alerts through the dji fly app to help you keep the drone out of the way Of those aircraft going over the battery right, quick, its a 3 500 milliamp hour battery and its rated at 30 to 31 minutes giving there is no wind with wind and real conditions. Youll probably be more in that 21 24 range, especially when you first get the drone and the drone battery isnt cycled. It will give you lower battery times in the beginning. It is a 3s lipo battery. As for the battery, in a controller it when its fully charged itll last up to six hours and then the controller is also able to charge your phone at the same time. So if you are charging your phone and the controller is fully charged, that will give you four hours of the controller but um thats a pretty good battery life, considering that, unless, if youve got a lot of batteries, you probably wont be flying for four hours and The supported mobile devices is lightning micro, usb and usbc, so no matter which phone you got you are covered and those wires come with the drone.

So the intelligent hdr technology on the dji air 2s merges multiple shots, automatically increasing the dynamic range of images without the need for post processing. That means more nuanced details in both the highlights and shadows for richer images with greater depth. You can also shoot in raw format. Raw format photos with a dynamic range of up to 12.6 stops to capture more visual information in every scene, even when lighting conditions are bad or complex. This provides more flexibility in post processing, giving creators more possibilities to get the look. They want, with one billion colors captured by the 10 bit d log m color profile of the dji rs2 lets you fully immerse yourself in all the hues of your environment, so ill be showing more of this in my demonstration of using master shots, but just to Go over it a little more uh introducing master shots. The next evolution of quick shots master shots is an advanced, intelligent feature that gives users the best shots in any location, with just a tab simply select your subject, and the drone will film, while executing 10 different maneuvers in sequence, keeping your subject center frame and generating A short cinematic video afterwards, this feature is super cool and ive used it myself, and it also has hyperlapse. So you can use hyperlites and its not something where you got to go to another app and and stitch that stitch it together. So the master shots is one of my favorite features, its its so cool ill, definitely be demonstrating that, as for the focus track, focus track, features spotlight 2.

0 and active track 4.0 and point of interest 3.0, making it a breeze for the dji air 2s to follow Or circle your subject: okay, now to go over what comes in the box right, quick! So obviously we have our aircraft. The dji aired to us. We have our front obstacle avoidance sensors on the front, and we have these ones at the top that are also obstacle of winds, but they kind of go upward, so the front ones is looking this way, so the drone can see anything this way and these ones Diagonal are kind of for up, so, if youre going forward or as youre ascending or if theres a strong wind or you uh pitch the drone forward and kind of lean forward like this, as you see those front obstacle, avoidance are kind of looking down at. Maybe anything down here and then now you have these ones at the top. Still looking up, so you kind of have those two angles of obstacle avoidance. It does not have sod obstacle avoidance so when youre flying be careful if youre buying this drone. For the first time i want to stress, even if you think, youre professional, if this is your first drone, when you are doing your automatic fly modes, please be careful, do it in an open area, make sure your settings are dialed in before you track your motorcycle? Your bike or anything because the height of the hill get change or whatever terrain, youre on and next thing you notice may clip something if its from the sun so just be careful, because even after all, this time of flying and using automatic fly modes, i still Messed up so i just want to stress: be careful and yeah just be careful and make sure you calibrate your drone when you are flying a more expensive drone like this, you dont have to worry about calibrating it like you.

Do the other ones just calibrate your drone, get a look at your surroundings. Have your height set, have your return, a home set, make sure your return on home is set to come back hard and everything, so you dont clip anything on the way back. Just be careful, and this auxiliary light as ill show in a clip right now i was returning and it was really cloudy and i couldnt see the drone and by default its set to hit the left fn button at the top left of the controller. If you just tap it once your auxiliary light comes on, i click that and i could clearly see the drone coming through the clouds that one auxiliary light is very bright and it may be small, but it is one of the things that i like the most About this drone, not like the most but its one of my features that i like really like, like i like that auxiliary light. Yes, but we have our positioning, sensors and stuff like that, so as its descending, the drone can see where its going as its descending as well. As i stated when i went over the specs, we do have foldable props. What foldable props means is you see how these fold like this theyre out, and then they can fold, they can collapse and they can fold out. It makes them easy to storage. The quick release means when normally a lot of drones have a screwdriver and you have to screw them out and take them out with this.

You hold your motor, you hold the motor right there, so it doesnt move and you just press down and turn and they come off just like that, and then they fold making them easy for storage. Most drones are this way, but there are some drones that are not like that. The prop stays like this: it stays out and you cannot fold it and then some of them they are screws here and you have to unscrew them with a screwdriver. But like this, the evo stuff, like that, their quick release, you hold that motor, you put them back in something im going to go over with the props right, quick, okay, so im going to take this off again. If you look here, we have a prop and it has an orange circle in the middle right there, okay and then, if we remove this one, you will see that it is just all black. So let me bring up the other one and compare at the very center. You see the center of this ones. Black and the center of this one is orange. Okay, what that is is it shows you which side to put them on so since theyre quick release ill remove them all right, quick, just hold that motor and press down and turn and come on just like that. Okay. So if you look at the drone itself, youll see that this is orange on the drone and then down here at the bottom that ones orange okay.

So we got the black and the black were going to put this on youre going to hold this stator down. Clip it in and twist and itll lock into place, just like that check and make sure its on tight now were gon na put the orange with the orange same thing, hold the stator clip it in and lock it into place and make sure theyre in there Tight and then the same thing black with the black hold down that stator, so it doesnt twist make sure theyre locked in and last but not least orange with an orange so its an x pattern. So i just wanted to go over that because, when youre setting it up – and you take this out of the box – they will come with the props off here on the side. Weve got a little side rubber door, one if youre holding the drone straight on your left side, we have a usbc that usbc is to hook up to your pc and you can pull the files off of your drone. That way, if we close this rubber door and we come on the right side – okay or your left, there is another door, and that is where your sd card goes. The feet. Go that way when you fold it it tucks, underneath you push down and they rotate most drones. The legs still fold in you push them in like the front arms. Do that the front arms folded, but typically on drones, the front arms fold out and then the back ones fold up, but with these they uh rotate out like that just a little thing.

So if you buy this drone and youre new to drones, or you never had a dji drone, youre, not yanking at it that way, you know that you push down and they rotate out. Okay, we have our gimbal cover here on the front theres our one inch cmos sensor: okay on the regular dji air 2. We didnt have the one in sensor on the air 2s. We have the um one inch cmos sensor, theres our three axis gimbal. It comes with two spare propellers, just how i told you: some are black and some are orange. Well, they only give you 1b and 1a. It comes with the cables already, so it doesnt matter what phone you have they have you covered with the cables. This right here also holds the phone, but its also your antennas um, your two point: um, your dual, your dual band, uh antennas and there are theres four inside and it also extends for you to put your phone in tablets wont fit, but large phones will underneath There there is your cord, you pull this out, and that is your core. When youre connecting your app, you plug this into the phone and the other end is in here and once you download the app and youre all set up when you plug this into your phone, its automatically going to go to the app run it at and already Do everything for you, so you dont have to like connect the wi fi, or do anything like that.

So this one inside of here since i use note devices, this is usbc to usbc. So, no matter what phone you got you are covered. Okay, we have our buttons on a controller. Our gimbal control is here that controls your gimbal. We have our take a photo and record a video button here: okay – and these are just rubber stoppers to fit the phone in perfectly another. Little refinement thing that i like about this is, when you put the phone in you, dont have to worry about it, pushing the buttons it has these little teeth here and these little things here that perfectly fit the phone in and most drones that i own. When i put my phone in there, you have to be careful because its going to push your side buttons doesnt happen with this one, small, but very cool. We have our speed settings in the middle. We have cinematic mode normal mode and sport mode and remember. I went over the speeds on those we have our return to home right here, and this is our power button when turning it on you double tap and hold and itll fill up and come on same thing when you turn it off and itll go down. These sticks here remove very cool for storage, so you can unscrew these off and right there. You can store them, so you can put that inside there screw this one off like this and put that inside there and they go right there at the bottom.

Its pretty cool so that your sticks are flat when youre, storing it you dont, have to worry about breaking your sticks or anything like that, its going to go in there, nice and flat. I love the design of the remote. It feels amazing. I love the rubber grips on the back. I love the height of the controller. It may seem weird, but this was like one of my favorite things when i was looking at this drone i was like. I cannot wait to get my hands on that controller. I want to feel that controller and it yeah it was worth it. We have our power cord here, you know pretty standard normal power. Cable, you know plug it in here, plug it into the wall, and we have our manual that comes with it. Doesnt hurt to watch, reviews and read it not. Everybody goes over, maybe everything, but you may learn something speaking of manual, a cool thing about this drone that i like is i leave it on, especially you know it doesnt hurt it has uh like tips and tricks on it built into it. So when youre flying a drone, youll get like little tips so, like whats, doing, updates itll, give you little tips and, to be honest for me, flying this drone and being new to dji drones. It helped me out a lot to see some of the tips and im like. Oh, you can do that. Oh you can do that.

Oh cool it does this or while youre in, like your quick shots mode itll give you hints about quick shots like you. Can do this and this and this, if you do this, you can do that and i think thats cool i left mine on so its kind of like a little built in manual, slash little tips, things as youre, using a drone and going through the settings and Stuff, you got those little tips, so i think that thats pretty cool – and this is the box – okay thats, the box – that it came in and um yeah. So that is basically it for my first impressions and what comes in a box. There will be more to come on this drone and i cannot wait to record. I hope that you enjoyed it and if you are new to drones or just looking at your own videos or youre, not sure if you want to buy this drone, just know that it is okay to buy a drone like this. It doesnt hurt to get a warranty and um yeah. You can buy a drone like this and enjoy yourself because it actually has a lot of protections built in for it that will make you better off than losing or breaking cheap drones and then adding up over time of buying a bunch of cheap drones. So yeah. I cannot wait to do more videos on this and i will see you guys in the next one and i want to say i genuinely appreciate you watching this, especially if you watched it all the way through.

I appreciate the the love and support and feel free to comment comment. Tell me what you think of the video tell me what you think of the drone. Any questions you have i may or may not be able to answer uh. You know lets get a conversation started and um yes feel free to like comment subscribe. I am very active and i will be putting up more videos and i also have the dji mini 2 coming in thats, one that has been out. But i really want to do a review of my angle because thats a really good drone for beginners and even people who arent beginners and i have the hubsan xeno mini pro coming in too so stay tuned for those because im going to be going in depth On those – and i do have both of those drones already ordered just waiting for them to come in and im also going to be working on new videos on this and im going to have even more budget drones come in for the people who are watching this And you know youre not quite wanting to pull a trick on something like this.