Welcome to my channel, i put down my landing pad while i’m out here today to show you something really cool for the dji fpv, so this is by small rig and it is called the aerodynamics accessory kit for the dji fpv. So basically, it looks like this isn’t that pretty cool so you’re, probably looking at it going what what is it a paint job, a color scheme? What is it well, yeah sort of so what you get in the kit is you get, i believe three different color schemes i’ve put one of the color schemes on it might not look too good out here in the light, because it’s rather dull at the moment, It’S very dull weather. It also comes with the cool shark fins at the back. You see them up there at the rear that’s for keeping your drone flying straight, cutting through the wind i don’t know if it works. It also comes with a mount for an external camera up here on the top and it screws right into the body. So this is nothing like those cheap, cheap, cheap, 3d printed things. You see, people selling all over the place. This is the real stuff because everything screws into the body, and they include the screws that are the proper screws to screw. Everything in you know the right length that won’t mess up anything. So what else does it come with a transparent cover for the camera up front, so it’s supposed to be non glare, not everything it’s supposed to be a perfect, transparent cover, so it keeps the nose more aerodynamic.

You see the cover i have on it right now. That is just a gimbal guard and i can yank that off. So if you put on the transparent cover right here well, then i don’t even have it on right. There we go if you put on the transparent cover like that, then yeah you can fly and your camera is well semi protected. I guess and does the image work out? Well, i have no idea. I haven’t tried it but that’s what this whole video is about. So your next question is probably how did you put everything on your drone steve? Well, i don’t know if that’s your next question i’m, just assuming so i took this kit and i took everything out. There were no instructions, that’s one thing, that’s very odd, there’s, no instructions that come with this. So if you buy this kit, how about you watch this video and i’ll show you how you attach everything a lot of you remember. I had my green canopy on top that says, captain drone, so i had to take that off to put this on, or else i’m putting the stickers over this. So what i’m going to do next is i’m going to show you everything that comes in the box. Super quick in my captain drone method and i’m going to show you how i attached every single thing onto this drone because, like i said, there’s no instructions in the box so watch this video.

It won’t be very long and then come on back to me and we’re going to go and test this out here. We go all right for this unboxing and setup. First, we have the box and i will say that the box is extremely well packaged. They paid big bucks to have this professionally made. It looks really good first thing in the box: you’re gon na find your stickers. You have three different sets of color schemes for your fpv drone. You can see. I used the middle. One. Next item would be the transparent aerodynamic cover for the nose of the drone, and i should mention that the transparent nose attaches to your drone via double sided tape. Next, would be your camera holder made out of precision molded plastic. Finally, you receive two sets of tail fins and all the necessary screws and now let’s get to the fun part of installing the stickers on the drone you can see. I have two canopies one already on the drone, which is green and a spare one so i’m, going to install the stickers on the spare one it’s, pretty simple, just tear them off the sheet match up the screw holes. So it fits nicely do that on both sides and then match up the center piece and you’ll see everything looks awesome just like this. The same is true for when you attach the stickers to the rear arms just match up the lines on the stickers with the lines on the arms, and everything will look like this to remove the canopy you just have to take out eight screws.

Four of them are in the front and two on either side, then pry off the top, and please note that you do not have to take the canopy off to put the stickers on you can put them on while the canopy is in place on your drone. Now you will have to remove the side screws to install the external camera mount and then install the included much longer screws here, i’m, installing the stickers on the forward arms it’s the same idea as the rear arms just match up the lines on the stickers with The lines on the arms and everything looks nice to install the tail fin. Remove the four screws in the rear. Put the tail fins in place. You’Ll notice, they’re marked to left and right then use the included screws which are much longer to secure the tail fins in place. Next comes the tricky part of putting the tail fins into the holders. Here’S. How you do it you have to put the tip of the tail fin in the holder. First then push straight down it’s the only way it goes in trust me, i’ve tried it many times it works. They will stay in place quite securely. They do give you two sets just in case you crash, and one of them goes flying out. Welcome back now, just in case you’re wondering it does fit, in my case with no problem with all the accessories attached i’m going to power this on here we go.

Get it going, i love the sound it makes when it starts up. Come on there we go now. A few people. Ask me hey if you put a camera on top, does that mess with the compass? No, it doesn’t. The compass is over in another area. Over there it’s not at the camera, the only benefit with this dull weather is that when i do the camera comparison of the camera built into it compared to like a gopro on top you’ll, see the difference of the camera quality and what it can do. I don’t know what the results are: gon na be, but we’re gon na find out here. So let me just fly this over to uh there’s a gopro over there. There we go drone, getting close should be in the gopro and let’s. Take it over to my professional camera over there professional camera there we go probably not focusing on the drone, because it only focuses on people. I can’t believe it. It is starting to rain right now. I’Ve got water on my glasses, but uh it’s, not heavy rain. It’S light rain, uh i’ll take the drone flying anyways. Here we go that is not looking too great out there, it’s so dull. So on the camera right now, the ev is zero. I’M gon na boost it up there we go it’s brighter. So when i fly you’re gon na see i’ve put the ev setting at plus one it’s just because the exposure is really dull, it’s, so freaking dull out here so uh yeah, so you’ll see that all right.

So all this test is right here so i’m, just gon na fly it and see. If i notice any difference, i’ve got everything on nothing exciting. Just the kit is on the fins the stickers i’ve got the gopro mount or whatever mount for camera mount on the back but nothing’s attached to it. I just want to see if everything flies as it should. Here we go really quick here, we go hit. The button there we are motor is starting and we are going to launch it. There we are manual mode should be recording automatically now a lot of people when they get this drone. They think they can fly in manual mode right away. Well, you can’t, unfortunately, have to learn how to fly acro so i’m doing manual right now. So here we go let’s come down! Oh, you can see the water droplets getting on the lens already with the rain. Yeah and people are probably saying why are you flying that in the rain i don’t mind flying fpv drones in light rain? I won’t fly a minute heavy rain, though so here we go up nice slow turn, let’s bring it over to me. There we are sensors. Are telling me there’s an object in front which would be me it’s, where the beeping’s coming from, but uh there we go it’s just so you can see it in the in the actual camera gopro’s over here there. I am bugs flying around me all right.

So let’s put it over on the landing pad, put it sideways, so you can see it and let’s just go down. I think i’m over the landing pad now let’s go all the way down. I could be close to it all the way down got it right. Next thing, we’re going to do is put on that clear lens over the front once again with the raindrops it’s going to mess it up, but we’re going to see if it changed anything in the image you just saw so let’s do that now you can already See the clear lens there’s water droplets all over it, because it’s city to my case there can you see it? Can the camera make me out uh through this thing? It is very clear, i’m gon na clean it out the best i can and then i’ll. Stick it on and we’ll see how it works all right. First up, let’s clean our lens. I have the clear plastic lens. The small rig lens cover is over top. You probably can’t even see it through the light it’s, so clear, so we’ll see how it works. Hopefully it doesn’t start raining again. The rain seems to have stopped right now and we’ll give it a shot. I’Ve got it clean. You can see where the camera is. The camera’s clean and the lens is clean, i’ve i’m, going to leave it on ev, plus one that i had the other flight. So you can see and compare if there’s any difference see if you get any glaring from the sides.

The sun is kind of dull shining over there see if glare comes into it, because that’s what you don’t want, but if it stays and looks good well, then it’s it’s supposed to be really good and once again the reason they made. This is because they said when the drone flies it’s, not aerodynamic, because well, you know the way the nose is it just captures all the air right up front. So with this thing on the air is supposed to flow over it. Obviously, i think you would take off this portion uh to make it aerodynamic, because if you leave this on, while you’re sort of defeating the purpose, all right let’s go, try it double tap and let’s. Take it up all right, so this is flying with a piece of plastic over the camera. So there we go. Do you see any difference? You see any glares coming in from the sides or anything i’m. Just gon na do a full circle here, see if you can see it just keeps circling. Do you see any distortion in the lens? I think i see distortion. I do see distortion. Look at what i’m going sideways. It seems like yeah. It seems from left to right, so you’d have to have this at uh, not wide angle. Perhaps it was designed for the purpose of you put the camera on top and you don’t record with this camera, but then that defeats the purpose of aerodynamic.

Am i missing something i don’t know here: let’s go this way: do our little flippies upside down go over here and looking down at the water, all right, i’ll bring it back. How does that look everything? Look good! I’M, assuming it looks good. So same thing, i’m. Just bringing over this is with the plastic lens on the front. How does that look in the video there? I am right there i’ll come closer coming over here. You can see it in one of these cameras, we’ll pick it up the gopro or whatever all right. So let’s put it down on the landing the pad back here right over here. All right let’s bring it down. Oh, what did i hit there? It blew the landing pad sideways. This update. It should be blue, but it’s orange here we are so look what it did. It chopped up, this chopped up that yikes all right for this next portion, i’m gon na take off the plastic portion uh the lens, because i don’t think we need it. We’Ve already seen it so i’ll take this off and i’ll put a camera up top all right. So this is a bit of a dilemma for me because normally when i fly an fpv drone and i put a gopro on an fpv drone, i always put the angle of the camera to match that of the pilot camera. But on this drone the camera angle is kind of weird because of how it flies.

You see how it looks like this. Well it’s got a tilt like this to fly right so i’m, going to guess it probably tilts like that. So that means my camera should probably go like this. Let me just pull it back um. This is a big guess on my part i’m going to guess. It flies like this to pull itself through the air, so in order to keep the camera looking straight, it’s got to be like that that’s. My guess i could be totally wrong, but we’re going to find out to see if the cameras are pointing the same angle. Anyways it’s, just a try, let’s, try it so i’m going to change the ev setting back to the default to make it fair it’s, going to look worse than you’ve. Seen previously when i was flying around because it’s at zero. This is the way most people fly. This drone it’s zero is perfect for a sunny day, but on a dull day like today, it’s not good, but the gopro has the same settings and i’m not gon na adjust it. The gopro is at zero. The drone is at zero. Both of them are gon na see the ground, see the sky and expose for either. Hopefully i have the gopro at the right angle – it’s, just a big guess on my part, but here we go so uh let’s. Is this powered up? Yes, it is now it’s going to be pretty heavy flying with a gopro, but we’ll see how it goes so, let’s put it into manual mode.

There we are and uh throttle sticks are good. Tighten motors start up, so it’s going to be a little heavier. When i take off so i’m going to ram it forward here, we go actually it’s, not heavier. I don’t even notice the gopro and i don’t even know if the gopro is pointing anywheres near forward uh or is it pointing at the sky the whole time i don’t know i don’t know i’ll have to land it and check out the footage. But here we go just in case it’s, doing correct i’m gon na ram it fast forward. That means the gopro. The whole drone has to tilt forward big time right now, so it should. The gopro should be looking kind of straight. When i do that, or it should be looking at the ground one or the other, because this thing’s got a tilt to go super fast forward all right, i just re watched the video on my gopro and i can tell if you put the gopro in line With these lines here, that is wrong. It is too far upwards, so i’m gon na push it forward there we go. It should be more like this. I think i think that’s it like that, and then it will be more identical to the camera up front. So i’m, just gon na take it for a really short second flight. Here we go with the gopro tilt it more like this. Here we go second flight with the gopro readjusted, put it back in manual mode, tap, tap motors start everything should be recording, and here we go so let’s.

Take it really fast. Now my gopro is facing more forward or downward. So it should see a similar image to what i see with my drone camera. So when i put them side by side, you should see both are somewhat similar, i’m keeping it low, because now i think it might match up nicely whoa. Oh, my god that was close yeah. I got to watch out for these things now. One thing i wanted to check out – or at least you could check out watching this video because i’m going to see it as well is uh. You know how is it for smoothness now the gopro has a built in smoothing software that will adjust the image, so everything looks smooth as well as the dji camera, except the dji. Camera is not as good as the gopro and now there’s people over there with dogs so i’m going to stay away from them and go over here all right. So this should look pretty darn there. We go i’m just going to go to the end. Oh there’s, more people with dogs over there and go over the water, so we can get a nice look at that. Oh there we go some nice light coming through there cruising over the water and then we’re, going to just bounce way up lots of power here and we’re going to come back to us there. We go all right, so hopefully uh. This comparison worked out well to see which camera both of them ev settings are at zero.

So you know with this dull, dull, dull light uh, which would be better than for you for photography. Would you use the normal built in dji camera, or would you use the one that is on or the gopro here? Let me just put it back in normal mode and bring it down for a fast landing. I have one more camera to show you, which is a 360 camera and i’ll plop, that on so let’s bring it over here, come on in for a landing there we go. Oh, i think i moved my blue thing. Oh well, we’re gon na find out going down coming down hard or soft. Oh we’re, on an angle. We missed the blue thing all right. Just for a refresher that’s. The angle i had the gopro on right there for that flight. Hopefully, that worked out well all right: let’s put uh an insta360 360 degree, camera on it and we’ll check that one out i’ll try to put it exactly the same angle. Next camera i’m going to try on here is an insta360. This camera has a lens on this side and a lens on this side and when it films, it grabs everything from the back the top the bottom the front, the top the bottom it stitches it together in 360, and when you’re reviewing the video you can move Around the picture and pick any angle you want, so i can look back at this here, the fins at the back, the shark fins or the nose or the props, or anything while i’m flying and that’s what i’m going to do.

But i just want to see how it works with this camera, so let’s go try it. We have a little bit more light. Uh sunlight happening now. So the images comparison between the two cameras might look pretty good, but really not going to compare it because i’m using a 360 degree camera compared to a typical, not even a 180 degree camera but anyways here we go so same idea. Put it in manual mode. There we are and tapped up – and here we go – i see some people ahead of me that i must stay away from so here we go Music. Now one thing to check with this hair drone and the camera on top is, if you get any vibrations, because uh dji drones like this are pretty smooth, but for the most part they do have vibrations that go through the actual body and when a vibration goes Through the body there’s nothing to dampen it now the camera on the front of the dji drone fpv drone has dampeners all over it, so it never gets vibrations or jello, but this here insta360 could possibly be getting vibrations. I have no idea because i have not seen the footage but you’re, seeing it right now and you can decide if you see any vibrations or anything of the sort, so i’m just flying low and slow the 360 degree camera. I can aim it anywhere. I want as i’m flying here so it doesn’t really matter.

I can look behind me. I can look in front. I can look all over the place. Let’S go underneath this here tree there we go and i’ll take it over the water again come back here, bring it down low. How does that look flying over water, nice and smooth, and then i will bring it back to me. This camera wears this camera weighs more than the gopro, so you’ll get less flight time than if you had a gopro on it. I find anyway so i’m going to bring it back i’m going to bring it this way. I see no people in front of me. Nice clear path and then we’re gon na go down here and i’m gon na switch it into normal mode and let’s go into normal mode. There we go, and now i can bring it close to me so once again, no issues with gps with this camera or the other camera. It all seems to work nice so now that i’m flying in normal mode towards me, you can see. I can look around with the insta360 check out anything i want, as i get close i’ll show you what i mean watch this. I can fly around my jeep, but i can keep the camera locked on anything i want. So here we go coming towards me and going around my jeep Music there we are coming coming coming coming coming going towards the tree, and the camera should still be locked on me even though i’m facing the opposite direction, pretty cool, eh that’s the great thing about A 360 degree camera all right, let’s go plop it down on the landing pad put over here as best i can and then all the way down there we go.

So i guess the next thing i have to do is actually review the footage, because i really can’t give you a decision. At the moment. I didn’t find any difference in flight. I could feel the weight of this camera. I didn’t really feel the weight of the gopro as much. The drone will fly better without any camera up top. But if you want different types of footage, you saw the difference you could get with the gopro and with the insta360. Then you would put the camera up top, so what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na go home i’m gon na watch the footage that was taken with this camera, with the clear thing on the front uh with the gopro with the insta360 and then review It and then give you my thoughts, you’ve already seen all the video, so you already have your thoughts, but i haven’t seen it yet so i don’t know i don’t know if it’s actually really good so uh. Let me go. Do that and then come back to me indoors and i’ll, tell you what i think all right i’m back indoors and i checked everything out so really quick sum up right now. First thing is: i love the paint scheme, the sticker, colors and everything else. I have my little green thing over here that i used to have on the drone, which is pretty cool, but now this is a change and i have two other sticker patterns that i can put on.

If i want to change it up, which is a nice touch, i love the fins in the back of this baby. Those fins look so radical and so cool come on. You got ta admit it looks so cool with the fins it’s really awesome. I love the fact that so many people online sell these really cheapy uh 3d printed mounts for your gopros or cameras that you stick up top they’re, really flimsy and cheap, and they look goofy and they really make your drone look bad. But this mount actually makes your drone look good. Obviously, if you’re not going to use it just unscrew this portion here and take that off and just leave it like that and only put the screw in when you attach your camera on top external camera that you wish to attach and the cool thing is you Can attach any camera that you’d, like it doesn’t, have to be the two cameras that i used here. That was just two of hundreds of cameras you could actually attach to the top. Next thing is the clear piece of plastic that goes over the front. I did see some distortion ripples and that is because of the corners. So if i bring this close i’ll show you what i mean check this out here. You can see the lens and look in the center it’s, nice and clear, but if i roll it to the sides, you see that see that little distortion right there so that’s what we were getting in our image as soon as the camera goes wide angle or Anything on the sides it’s distorted, so i could see it in the footage.

Even when i was flying slow. If i looked to either side it looked like, it was a little bit blurry and out of focus, and i could see it too when i was flying around and around and around because the camera has to follow and there’s some distortion correction going on. But it was catching the corners and that’s why you had the distortion ripple going through the whole image. So if you’re flying straight it’s – probably perfect, but as soon as you start, making corners or doing things like that, maybe you’re going to get that ripple effect. So it’s totally up to you, if it’s something you think you need next, the external camera mount. I love it. I just love this camera mount as i’ve already mentioned, and putting the gopro up top was pretty cool the benefit of having a gopro on something like this is because this here is perfect if you’re flying straight and making smooth turns. But if i do this and i jerk it to the sides any way you want, then your image jerks to the sides and all that sort of stuff happens because in here, even with the correction inside, it only works to 10 degrees. So i can only move the drone 10 degrees either way and it will keep the horizon level if i go beyond 10. All of a sudden, my horizon goes like that. You could see it in the video that’s, not the same on a gopro hero.

8. You can go, i don’t know a lot farther than 10 degrees and the horizon just stays level. The features built right into the camera, so that’s the benefit of a gopro. But overall i will say that this camera here on the drone performed better than i expected against the gopro and the gopro mount allowed me to put a insta 360. This thing here with a lens on either side, and that was super sweet because you saw the footage it looked really cool. You could put any type of camera. You want on this as long as it’s, not too heavy, and this thing will lift it because it’s a 6s battery it’s extremely powerful. It can lift an awful lot and did i notice anything different and how it flies with all this stuff on it i didn’t notice anything. It seemed like it flew the same as it’s always flown to me, but i really do like those little shark fins at the back now. Small rig makes this and it’s pretty cool that they make this because small rig, if you’re not familiar, if you’re into professional cameras, shooting video shooting photos. You know like a real professional, then you, you know who small rig is because small rig makes items for professionals. So i’m, not a super professional, but i used to be in photography, and so i have a small rig unit here. When you see me, go out and shoot videos i’m using a small rig unit.

So on my camera right here that i shoot with it’s got a cage that’s, a small rig cage here. I’Ll hide my face so that it focuses on it, and i have a small rig handle here and there’s your whole unit. This camera that’s filming me has small rig stuff all over it, uh. That makes my life a lot easier when i’m filming these videos, so small rig is a high end company and the fact that they make this item for a dji fpv drone is is just mind boggling, but they do it’s pretty cool now. The good thing is, is this is not expensive at all wait. Do you see the price it’s very inexpensive? At least i think it is uh one was sent to me for free and i actually bought one myself. You know i saw it and i said i got ta buy that it’s, so cool and then about a month later they wrote to me and said: hey steve, you know we love your video channel. Your youtube channel we’d like to send you one. So you can review it so that’s. Why i’m, showing it here now so anyways, i, i think it’s a pretty good product, so i’m gon na put links below go check it out. I don’t know if there’s a discount code, i just sent them an email about two minutes ago and say hey the video’s coming out. If you have something for captain drone viewers, then give it to me – and i will add it to the video.

So if you check the links below – and you see some sort of code for captain drone viewers – then small rig came through, but it is almost the weekend and probably nobody’s working, so they might not have seen my email anyways guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. It was a lot of fun to make i always loved flying the dji fpv drone. I think this is one of the most awesome drones on the planet. I love this thing. It is so versatile for doing so. Many cool things.