Today it is a cool wow drone. If you dont know what that is well. Youre gon na have to stay tuned and find out lets go me Applause, Music. So today we got the kuwau fx. 9P. Drone, its a nice little small drone kind of a unique design were going to take it out and see how it flies now, its got gps 4k things like that got a lot of people around here. If you hear some noise, we got a lot of onlookers. Thats: okay, if we have an audience well do our best. It was really nice that kuwait sent this to me for evaluation, so im really excited to go through. It does have an sd card on board. Also does have 4k camera, not a stabilized gimbal, well see! If they have any electronic stabilization built in or not were going to go ahead and start up, the app see how it goes. We do have about a 9 to 10 mile an hour wind, so theres a little bit of wind today, but not overly bad, but thats kind of the limits where i would take one of these lower drones up, but lets just fly around see if its stable At all and see what it does so were going to go ahead and start it up, get the compass calibration started and see how it goes, go ahead and bind the controller with the drone itself. Now were going to go ahead and connect the wi fi Music.

All righty, so we are all calibrated good to go. There lets just make sure weve got our calibration done as well. All right calibration is done, so we should be good to go. Lets just see what happens here. We do have camera here up and down there. We go Music wow, so as always im going to take it around to your low first, of course, because why you want to make sure its good, let it run into a fence that i have around me if its going to run into something now. This is really promising, so im im really not too worried about it running into something, but lets take it around low anyway and just make sure that were good Music. Well, that is quite nice, very nice, very nice indeed, okay. So we can see me here in the picture. This thing is really stable. So far the image is moving so uh. There must not be image stabilization on the camera. You never really know. Uh im, always hopeful. I would cross my fingers about wow. This thing is stable. This thing is nice. This thing is nice for sure. Well, lets. Take this first spin around here see what it does and then were just going to take it up see what happens: Music wow that things like a rocket wow. Now that is a spunky drone wow, so now we got it up. This far lets take a little video see what it does here: Music, Music, Music.

Now this is one rock solid drone. I dont know if you can see how stable this thing is sitting now. The wind has died down a little bit, but ive had drones, where youre, when youre flying them, even when theyre sitting in no wind theyre circling and trying to guide and find where theyre going. This thing is rock solid. It really is – and i cant tell i dont know if the video looked as good as it did on my screen here, but the video actually looked. Pretty darn good should see me in the screen there and you should see how stable this is while im moving around here – and this thing is actually just hovering above me, all right so were going to try a couple of the functions on here. Im going to try the orbit mode, even though i usually try to do that manually, were going to try a couple of these functions and see if they work okay. So this should go away from us go up and then it should actually turn around and orbit. Us see what it does here lets see if it turns around there. It goes, and i should be in the picture, and i am now i should be able to move the six and make it go a little faster or slower so lets see. If we can Music, yes, we can so that made it go faster. Follow me now as well.

Okay, so now it should be focused on me. So if its right, it should following me – and indeed it is following me – look at that spinning around here and finding me here, nice, okay, so one thing i wanted to find out is uh. Although ive got this set up to follow me, i really want to know: do you guys ever use these type of automated features? Do you use like the follow me here? Do you use this uh, or is this just a feature that manufacturers put into their drones, but nobody really uses you tell me in the comments. Is this something that you would use uh seems to work pretty well or not? Really, this thing is really nice and stable, absolutely just love the way this thing goes here. Lets take a fly, see what kind of range we can get see if we can get some range out of it see if we can find out if the video cuts out or what happens here. One thing is that the uh now were going here. The numbers on here, if one thing that i would complain about is these numbers on here are too hard to see uh for my old eyes, uh see how far up we are the uh flight parameters here, theyre pretty darn tough to see so i can see It its uh its still out here real nice, its going real well, i can still see it over here and i have a feeling we hit our distance limit uh because its just like i ran into a wall.

Probably a geo fence wall here looks like it stopped moving for me, so i can still see it its a speck over here uh. I have really nice video, yet uh its not cutting out at all. Now that is really nice, because its its just a speck thats about. As far as i could go, a visual line inside i could go a little bit more, but it just happens to be against a really bright sky uh. So im gon na do go ahead and turn that around here, okay, so were going to push it from the max here. Ill push. The return to home button see what happens. I can see it out there its going up and well see if it starts traveling towards me and there it is its starting to come towards me again. I can see it here, but i can see the video as well as were recording so its heading. This way, Music here it comes slow, mature, its making its way here, real nice, so Music, there we come coming down Music, Music. Now this is interesting. I had heard this before as well. Now, the last return to home, i actually did on a low battery. I was coming home, but this one because i did the return to home it came home, did a wonderful job from way out, but its coming down and hovering here about six feet or so off the ground. Now thats. Okay, if we know that, but obviously with a low battery, it lands itself uh, but with the return to home normal like this, i have plenty of battery because i just changed it uh.

It comes back here and hovers tell waiting for us to tell it what to do so were gon na go ahead back it up and land it on the pad here see how we do, but that is really interesting again. This is something that i mentioned before about not copying what others do. Uh functionality wise everybody else makes this thing come home and try to land right on the pad. If we do a return to home, it does a land function. Obviously this one does not. It comes here and hovers and waits for us to finish it off unless it gets too low battery and then it lands itself so pretty interesting that they took a little different approach, kudos to them Music and there we go return to home from a long distance. Uh, whatever wallet hit, it turned around and came home pretty dang cool, thats, interesting cameras still on uh checking out my shoes sure why not right all right so thats all we have for the field here. I think its pretty dandy uh im going to go and do a little bit of whats in the box here just so, you can see that as well. All right so lets just talk a little bit about what comes in the case here, because its pretty cool, so of course, first thing comes in this dandy case right. I love cases that are made like this. That just shows a level of professionalism that i really do appreciate, but you open it up.

Of course you get the owners manual with it get the remote which we just saw so the remote itself. Uh is interesting in that it does mimic the functions on the app itself, and by that i mean it has the buttons for the orbit for return to home, for follow me things like that. So its all here we have the on and off button some fake antennas up here as well. One thing to note about this remote is: it does have this goofy little tab here that if you want to swing this support for your phone, you need to push this little button and it is an awkward kind of spot. You have to kind of reach your fingernails in there to pull on it. If you want it to go otherwise its locked in place about broke it the first time so dont do that you need to kind of slide it over and then itll go to the next notch. Push it over again with your your thumbnail or your finger and itll go all the way and you can close the remote next. It does come with two batteries in there again. Real nice batteries and the flight time is supposed to be about 25 minutes ill. Try to put up here what i actually got, the drone itself that we already talked about as well – comes with uh, nice, foldable, arms, of course, and it does come with an extra set of props in the case as well again now, this is a really unique Design that we didnt see before had this really cool light on the front.

So is this the drone for you? Well, of course, you can only tell whats right for you based on your needs, but does it stand up to the advertisements of the functions that it has? Well, i think it does a pretty darn good job and is it stable? I only have a sample of one, but this thing is really stellar. They did a really nice job with the gps, with the stability, the landing things like that, a little different than were used to with it not landing all the way, but wow stellar little drone. So make sure you put your comments below what did you think of this one? Is it something that you would consider? What did you like? What didnt you like about the product, or this review im, always open to hearing what you guys have to say and of course i will put links in the description for this stuff. So if you want to find it look into it, get a little more information. Go down there, click the links, thatll take care of it for you and with that i really do appreciate you guys coming. I really do i love doing these types of reviews and seeing what manufacturers come up with and giving them my feedback and what worked? What didnt uh, if i liked it or not, and of course i appreciate you guys making it all the way to the end of this video.