The new balance, fuel cell rc elite version 2 – is one hell of a fun shoe. This thick road beast brings a ton to the table for those looking to better their long distance prs, crush a marathon or just plain propel themselves down the road wrapped in joyful springy goodness. The new version of the rc elite features a thicker bouncier fuel cell midsole. That is incredibly soft and energetic the swoop shaped carbon plate, isnt overpowering and feels legitimately right in a shoe for once, providing enough snap for speed and comfort for long hauls. The outsole is simple, but works even in wet conditions, which is surprising and the upper is soft, airy and accommodating, but at 225 is the rc elite version 2 enough of a joy to run in that it can justify. The high price tag is all of the bounce really worth all of the hype were gon na find out in todays review lets dive in Music. What is up everybody ethan newberry, the ginger runner here for another ginger runner review this one im excited about because its a shoe that ive been running in for quite some time and really been enjoying the road shoe from new balance. The fuel cell rc elite version. Two purple monster man. This thing is a bouncy super cushioned carbon plated road, beast and im excited to finally talk about it. Of course, three things before we get into the review. The first two are gon na be quite quick.

Grgr registration is still open. Theres about 10 t shirt registrations available, thats gon na be september 6th through 12th wed love to have you join us for grgr this year. Tiger club registration is open. We are doing a 2021 event. There are registration spots open for that and finally, i do have to point out that these shoes were provided for review by running warehouse im under no obligation to say anything, positive or negative about the shoe im, also not financially compensated for anything. I say in this review: all opinions are my own. No one has to approve this video before it goes up on youtube. You are the first that gets to view it with all that said, lets start talking about this thing. As always, i like to talk about the things i like and dislike today were starting with the things that i like midsole. I have talked about fuel cell midsole in almost every new balance shoe that ive reviewed in the last couple of years, because i like it, i think the fuel cell midsole does a really great job uh, both providing you with cushion and comfort underfoot and energy return, And youll know what im talking about if you felt it before i like it better than fresh foam. I think it has that bounce that soft cushioning, but also the energy return, so youre, not just like losing your foot in the shoe and here in the rc elite version 2.

You got a lot of it underfoot 36 millimeters in the heel, 28 millimeters under the four foot. That is an eight millimeter drop, and it just it feels really good and its not like the first version, where theres a lesser amount. That just feels like its not enough, you get plenty of it underfoot and the carbon plate in there also helps to feel quite good and snappy the upper im, a huge fan of this upper, i think, theyre doing a really good job by creating a breathable good. Looking by minimizing the amount of stitching the number of pieces by reducing the overall thickness and size of the heel counter, while still allowing it to wrap itself around your heel, i think the upper just comes together in a really comfortable and fitting way, which goes hand In hand with fit, i think this shoe is built to accommodate a lot of different foot types and i think thats, a great selling point for this thing. With a wider forefoot, a bit more accommodating fitment wise, the asymmetrical lacing has a really good tie down system. The ankle collar and the heel cup also hold to your foot really well, so all in all, the fit of the shoe is better than i thought, which kind of goes hand in hand with. My final, like is that this shoe is approachable and what i mean by that is a lot of the times when you get one of these hyper cushioned super shoes with the carbon plate and all of these really fancy gadgets and marketing and all that stuff.

At a very high price point, the shoe is designed for that upper echelon of athletes at the at the very front of a pack that one percent up there and they do tend to leave us mid packers in the dust both literally and metaphorically. What im happy to report on is that the rc elite v2 is not just for the elite. I think, as a mid packer im getting so much fun out of this shoe every time i put it on every time. I run it im like man. This shoe is great, so im happy to report that, while the price which ill get to in a second is certainly alienating, the shoe itself is not. It is designed for the every runner who wants to go fast. Who wants to set prs? It is comfortable, it is accommodating and it works really really well. That being said, its not all mali, seidel, bronze medals and delightful leslie jones commentary. There are a couple of things that i dislike about. The rc elite v2 lets get to those now first, and this is going to be the biggest one and thats price at 225. The rc elite version 2 is an expensive shoe. Its very expensive were seeing this trend. Ive talked about it on this channel before these super shoes, these carbon plated shoes, the price points are high, theyve been high, since nike started doing them. They have not really crept down, theres a couple brands that are doing you know more affordable options, nylon, plates and stuff like that from saucony, but here we have the carbon plate.

We have a lot of the fuel cell. We have a thin, very breathable upper. You know we have all of these elements that make for a front runner shoe or a pr shoe, but at 225 dollars its its very expensive. You know if youre willing to forgo a couple nights out on the town. People still do that uh. Then you know. Maybe this price point isnt such a huge deal, but at 225 i have to point it out that to me is sort of its biggest drawback. Go get mama come on. Lets, go! Get your clothes Music, its build time tongue. Obviously this is like a detailed sort of nuanced dislike, but the tongue sucks its very thin. It wants to slide all over the place. I am a big fan. Maybe this is just coming from the trail running world, but i like a good gusseted tongue. Uh im not ashamed to say it and gusseted tongues. These days, dont have to be huge, cumbersome things that cross your midfoot and cause all sorts of issues. They can be very subtle. They can be very thin and light and efficient and man when you start getting super thin tongues like this, that want to slide around and like reveal your sock underneath, which is like. Oh, please, put it back. Just give me a gusset its not that hard. I wouldnt know and finally insole. So this is something ive had a problem with new balance for quite some time.

This isnt the first shoe to have it, but its certainly a dislike. The insole wants to slide all over the place if things get a little sweaty or a little wet out there, and they want to slide out when you pull your foot out. They just want to go all over the place, so the insoles arent, stuck in there theres no real method to allow them to stay in just be prepared because the insoles are so thin and slippery. They will slide out with your foot and theyll. Allow your foot to slide around a little bit on the inside. Just a little dab of glue could solve that, but that, my friends is it for dislikes so lets get to the breakdown. Talk about the five criteria, build quality, comfort, fit price and looks starting with build quality. I have to say the shoe is holding up much better than i thought by being that top tier 225 carbon plated shoe part of you thought like man, this isnt going to last more than maybe 50 miles 60 miles before you really start to see the breakdown. A couple of marathons right, its a race day only shoe, but i dont think thats the case. While i certainly think other new balance shoes will work better as daily trainers. This could be the race day option for you. The materials are holding up much better than i anticipated so yeah. I use this as a trainer.

I think the materials are holding up quite well as a trainer. I have over 100 miles in this shoe and the only wear im really seeing is underneath the forefoot on some of the outsole pads thats it its pretty good comfort. Im, a big fan of fuel cell talked about it before theres plenty of bounce theres plenty of cushion underfoot. It feels nice and soft, while not uh, taking away from your stride. I think, if anything, it propels you forward. The carbon plate certainly helps uh, so comfort. Im a big fan. I think this is a great marathon day, shoe half marathon or middle distance type shoe. I think this will work for a lot of different foot types. I think itll work for a lot of different volumes, distances speeds, uh, yeah and its a super comfortable shoe fit better than i thought. More accommodating more room up in the mid foot and forefoot make sure you get the right size, but i dont think itll be a problem, its fitting true to size. For me, i get a little bit of toe overhang out here on the lateral side of the shoe, not a lot. Nothing significant, no irritation, uh, but just something to make note of im pretty pleased with the fit of the shoe price. This is the big wolf. 225, big price point – many of you might now be like thats, a normal price to pay for a carbon plated, shoot something that im going to wear a lot.

I do think you get plenty of miles per dollar out of this shoe so thats. I guess kind of the saving grace and finally looks. I do think its a pretty good. Looking shoe big nb here on the side is probably the one element i i dislike, but i do sort of like the retro vibes, the purple, the pink the way each individual shoe has different colors underfoot. I think its all very fun fun design and i think new balance took that to heart uh. There are some other color versions coming out that im. Also a big fan of new balance. Their design department does good stuff. This is no exception. Bringing us to our conclusion id say the new balance fuel cell rc elite version 2 is an awesome shoe ive enjoyed all of my runs in this shoe from short to long fast to slow. The shoe can adapt and respond to really anything that you throw at it. So you know speed days tempo days, just long distance plots. It does a great job of that. I also like how the shoe sort of begins to fade into the background. You sort of forget what youre wearing its not one of those shoes that just demands attention grabs you by the collar and like screams in your face or youre on your foot. It doesnt do that it sort of just fades and you just begin to enjoy your run. Itll be a solid marathon choice, middle distance choice and a really solid rival up against any other carbon plate issue thats out there its expensive its bold, but it is also holding up quite well.

So that says a lot and honestly that might be the winning combo. That a lot of you might be looking for bringing us to our final criteria is the new balance, rc elite version, two a buy, try or a why many of you might be surprised its a buy. If you have the funds to buy a shoe like this, which i thought would be race day only and does not its holding up well its doing well for training and racing speed days. All of that you know it might be worth an investment in something like this im im leaning towards buy on this. This might be the first 225 dollar shoe that im actually saying bye to im, hesitant to say that, but of course its your money, you can do what you want with it. I personally really like this shoe and i think its a super fun one to add to your rotation and it will last longer than i think you anticipate uh, so give it a shot check it out that my friends is my review now. The question turns to you: have you raced or run in the rc elite or version 2, which is what im holding here? I am super curious in the comments of this video. Let us know your experiences with the fuel cell rc elite im. Just im super curious to see what other people think weve had some crew members who have actually gone out and purchased the shoe since ive talked about it on our daily brew, live streams and stuff and theyve really really loved it.

They reported back that yeah its a great shoe and has worked well in all sorts of environments from road to light, gravel services and stuff so yeah. Let us know in the comments and well get that dialogue started thats. It make sure you subscribe to the channel uh like the video all that stuff um. If you would like to join our daily live streams or get some really cool, perks or other cool projects behind the scenes and stuff, please consider joining our gr crew. All you got to do is go to the gingerrunner. You can do that. We have some really fun stuff happening all the time again. Grgr tigerclaw whole bunch of fun new announcements coming soon youre, not gon na want to miss those. We hope youre getting out there training hard racing harder and partying the hardest. I know i am thanks.