That would compete directly with the mini 2 and the mini ac. If you want to see photos and a video snippet dont go away, hey guys mike here and welcome back to the channel. So, for a little while now, speculation has been rife about autel robotics, bringing out a sub 250 gram drone to compete with the dji mini 2.. But over the last couple of days, a leak on chinese social media seems to confirm that the autel evo mini is indeed under development and would likely feature three way: obstacle avoidance, autel, hasnt, really ventured into the hobby drone market before instead targeting the prosumer and commercial Space, so entry into the consumer market with the smaller drone, has the potential to really put the cat amongst the pigeons so lets dive into what we know but make sure you stick around until the end, because if what we have here is to be believed, ortel Arent just planning to dip their toes in theyre, looking to jump in boots and all with drones to not only compete with the mini 2, but also the air 2s and potentially to gazump the upcoming mavic 3.. So stick around for details on those drones too. First up lets dive into the video which popped up on tiktok and has since also been shared on twitter. It comes from the nanshan district in shenzhen china, a place thats home to around 80 drone manufacturers and is said to generate over 2.

9 billion dollars annually for chinas economy. In the video we see the auto booth at an exhibition where a representative is showing off various drones to a visitor, including various iterations of the evo 2 series, including the newly introduced enterprise series before the camera turns to a bunch of other smaller drones. Hiding in plain sight, in the background, the person filming the video asks the presenter. What are these before being told not released yet, and then you cant shoot this so either. This is a genuine mistake or its a carefully orchestrated plant, designed to look like an accidental leak ill leave you to draw your own conclusion as to which one you think is the most likely scenario. Next lets have a look at the leaked images which give us hints to the design of the drone, but not necessarily any of the specifications or do they. This leaked image tells us that the small new drone could come in four colours: the companys signature, orange colour, a light gray, a dark, gray and red. The remote controller bears resemblance to the ones that come with the parrot, anaphy or skydio2 drones, and has that game controller look about it and, though the photo doesnt give away the drone specifications. Jasper ellens, who first shared the news on twitter, is positive. Three direction: obstacle avoidance is to be expected and thats, because theres one more leaked image that shows the drone sporting back sensors. Take a look at this picture where you can clearly see what looks like sensors on the back of the drone, and not only that, given the angle of the orange and light gray jones, you can see protrusions on the front of the drones, which are highly likely To be forward sensors as well, there are clearly no upward sensors and from these images you cant really tell if there are side sensors, but perhaps we could make the assumption that there are downward facing sensors as they are quite common and the easiest to implement, which Would give weight to jespers claim of three way obstacle avoidance, considering that obstacle avoidance is one of the few features that the mini 2 lacks and is one of, if not the most requested feature for a potential upgraded replacement for the mini 2, the mini 3.

This makes perfect sense in all likelihood, dji will bridge this gap with the mini 3. But at this point the only sub 250 gram drone to offer obstacle avoidance is the hubsan mini pro, but given its lackluster review so far, we all know probably be some time before that company is able to credibly challenge the likes of dji. But unlike hubsan, autel has been building a track record over recent years and if they could bring to their mini drone, even a little bit of the omnidirectional high speed obstacle avoidance technology seen in the evo2 drones, it would be amazing. The evo2 system creates real time. 3D maps of the environment as well as automatic path planning and can recognize up to 64 subjects at once, even having some of the capability combined with a follow me type mode and the evo mini, would be a super popular drone. Now, in addition to the video and pictures we see on jasper, allens, twitter, post, some headline specs of the small drone, although we cant confirm where these came from so take them with a grown assault. First up, if these are to be believed, theyre running a little bit behind schedule showing an august 2021 delivery. The sheet indicates that the drone is under that crucial 250 gram weight benchmark and that its highly portable, given its foldable design, we dont know anything about the smart flight features, but this could be along the lines of the dji, quick shots functions or perhaps even some Sort of active track or follow me function and a battery life of 30 minutes and a range of up to 10 kilometers, which is about the same as the mini 2.

. And here we also get an indication that they might be bringing out two versions: the evo mini, which doesnt have obstacle avoidance and could compete directly with the mini 2 and the mini se, and the evo mini plus, which does have obstacle avoidance sensors, which would also Complete with a mini 2, but also potentially, keep it competitive. When and if dji bring out the mini 3, which theyre likely to release with features that are advanced from the mini 2.. We can also see that they are directly targeting the dji mini 2, as well as consumers, amateur photographers and first time, drone users now theres no indication of any other specifications at this stage, but in any case to compete with the mini 2 or mini 3. Depending on when the all tower drone is actually released, ortel will definitely need to offer 4k video or better. So the next interesting thing to understand will be the cameras, design and capabilities, but what about the price of the new drones? Well, we dont know for sure, but given theyre targeting the mini 2, its not a bad place to start, we know the mini 2, or this 450 price tag is a great beginners drone that even professional content creators have in their kit now, with obstacle avoidance factored In the autel, evo mini would likely be over 500 or maybe even over 600, but theyll want to be as competitive as possible and give people a real reason to choose the evo mini plus over the mini 2.

. So im guessing theyll keep it at the lower end of the range as possible. They might even want to surprise us and price it very close to the mini 2 and make it even harder for people to pass it up. This would get people into the auto ecosystem and if they deliver a capable and reliable product, potentially keep them there for a very long time. If autel is able to deliver in terms of image, quality, ease of use and software features, dji will finally have a worthy competitor in the segment of the drone market. As for the name well, the documentation weve seen indicates itll be called the mini and mini plus, but im, not so sure, ive seen some commentators talk about this class of joan being a nano segment, but i actually think thats likely to be the name. The evo nano i mean its a word that also means small, so theres no reason to directly copy the mini name that dji use. I guess well have to wait and see now theres been lots of talk in recent months about the potential mini 3 drone, but perhaps dji, knowing that autel are not far away from releasing their entry into that end of the market are holding off to see what They bring out so they can then make sure their mini 3 will be competitive. That could mean the mini 3 wont be out until next year. If all tower launched this year, they certainly didnt want to do what gopro did a couple of years back when dji brought out the osmo action with a front facing screen and then not long after that, gopro brought out their hero 8 model without a front facing Screen so lots of things to think about, but wait theres more where that came from from the product summaries released on jasper, allens, twitter, post.

It appears that autel is working on a bevy of new products, the evo 3, with four potential options, including a pro model. A zoom model and one they call supersense and all of these models have omnidirectional obstacle avoidance and then theres the evo light targeting the air 2s, with two potential variations being the evo light and the light plus, as well as the evo mini or nano. Now, if theyre, actually bringing some or all of these products into the market, we are potentially in for one hell of a shake up in the consumer drone market, as for when theyre gon na release the new drone or drones. Well, given the images weve seen, they look like theyre, already mass producing them or very close to it. Given weve seen the drone in four colours, they certainly look like theyre past the mock up or even prototype stage, so they could be waiting to see if they get any intel around. What dji are planning im sure theres some level of spying done between the two companies, or they could be waiting until the consumer electronics show in january, which is when theyve released new products in the past ill be keeping a close eye on this one. So make sure you subscribe, so you dont miss out on any of the new details now. All of this remains to be seen, of course, and given the ongoing global chip shortage theres a possibility that product announcement may come much sooner than the actual worldwide shipping date.

If you want more details on the chip shortage check out the link on screen to that video, or if you want to see why i think the mini 2 is actually preventing, or at least delaying the release of the mini 3 check out that video as well Click on the links on screen and ill see you over.