What is happening here? G’Day you absolute legend stew from uav futures here and today. Well, we are reviewing a video, but i think we also need to review some friendships that i’ve been flying around with, because in this video, let me just say a grumpy trevor and gunner. They are up to no good doing some shenanigans in the field that um well it’s, just uh. Let me put it this way. It was a bit too much more sausage than i could handle that doesn’t sound good, but in today’s video we’re going to be reviewing this and seeing what those boys are up to the jokes they’re playing on me. A couple of tricks. This is the diatone taken thai. Can whoever you want to pronounce this this bad boy? Let me tell you we’re, going to put on the bench we’re going to break it down, we’re, going to look at the text and the specs and all that sort of stuff and then, most importantly, we’re going out to the field. I’Ll fly it around. I’Ll. Give you my impressions, we’ll also see what the grumpy buggers think of themselves, and also, let me just say, check this out. Oh a little bit of fanciness right there. Unfortunately, though it doesn’t fly as well. Uh, as i was hoping so you’ll see that in the review as well – and this is made to let you guys know well number one – do you need to get this drone what’s it like? Is it worth purchasing there’s an analog version and a digital version? I’Ve got the analog version and number two uh be wary of your friends in the field.

Never ever trust them. So as a bit of an overview sticking this thing on the scales let’s tear these off make sure this is in the uh roof cam there. Also too, who likes my shirt thumbs up thumbs down. We got charlie on the t, shirt right here, let’s do it. This is coming in at about 310 grams, 309 grams, all right there i did happen to lose uh the antenna so i’m. Sorry about that uh diatone, um, yeah, just well it’s been a laugh at it for a little while, let me just say that, and what it is made for is for some gentle cruising around it’s like a city web style, so those people who are into filming Into photography, it’s not really made for flippy flops it’s, not definitely not made for racing, and, to be honest, i feel like it was kind of heavy. It did protect your components very, very well, it’s a very robust little craft, but um. Unfortunately, i just it. I didn’t have that much fun, so let’s break it down, have a look at the components and then we’ll go out and fly it around so starting at the outside in you can see one major special thing about this, though, is it does have some pretty gorgeous Led lights there so they’re in the roof cam as well cruising around. This would look awesome if you wanted a bit of a spectator drone. If you wanted to show some people on dusk or dawn or if it, if you’re allowed to go night flying in the states or countries that you live in, this would look awesome cruising around in the air.

Unfortunately, when you’ve got the goggles on you’re, not if you’re, just flying by yourself, well you’re, never really going to see these leds they’ve got a big spongy piece around the outside, so it is not going to cause much damage when you’re crashing into things. If you’re flying around some real estate or car shows or anything like that, however, the camera at the front, i guess if you got really unlucky and hit it maybe like i don’t know you could bump into something with this, but your components are very well protected. As well, you’ve got a nice big, thick shaft through the middle too many sausage innuendos right here, um, but yeah you’ve got a lot of carbon fiber right here. Protecting everything it’s gon na it’s gon na take an absolute hammering. I think this drone would be very, very hard to break that’s the case with a lot of these city with styles, but of course, 300 grams, it’s kind of getting heavy and it’s only a three inch. If we talk about the propellers right, there it’s rocking some three inch props uh, the motors are pretty chunky, so it does suck down the juice. Then everything in here from die tone is rock and mamba. So we’ve got some 1606’s 37 or 50 kv versions. It can take a 4s up to a 6s, but it just felt kind of sluggish because, speaking of those batteries, it recommends a 1500 4s. What sort of battery uh? What sort of three inch is going to be flying around with a battery that big it’s? Absolutely ridiculous, so uh, you definitely don’t feel very much acceleration or pop.

It kind of feels like a bit of a school bus cruising around with this um in the middle. Of course, we’ve got some more mumbai. Stuff we’ve got like our mamba vtx, which is great. Our mamba stack uh, the f405 i’ll link that down below as well one of the best stacks in the biz that’s got a 25 amp esc we’ve got an f4 flight controller, a rocket beta flat, yada yada, all that sort of stuff it’s, just the components in The middle are actually really good. I just don’t like the frame that those components are attached to and the battery recommendation. So if it was on a little three inch light frame, it would be an absolute beast, but unfortunately it’s stuck on this kind of school bus sort of flying, and i know that look it’s not for everybody. This cinewoop style of flying, but i just was expecting – maybe maybe a little bit more now the design of the thing it’s very robust, that’s one of the pluses, but on the other hand it just doesn’t perform like i’d like it to and the quality well, it Seems to be pretty outstanding, haven’t had any issues dieting generally make really good stuff, so let’s say about an eight and a ten there. Now before we go out to the field cruise around with the diatone and see what grumpy trev and those buggers do to me. Well, let’s say pros and cons pros things i like it’s about 220 bucks, which isn’t too bad it’s going to protect your components really.

Well, it looks great in the air someone’s watching it things i don’t like i just to be honest, it’s only really one thing i just don’t like how it feels on the sticks. It doesn’t it doesn’t excite me flying this thing around man, so many innuendos in this video, but what we should do, uh that’s it the diatonic i can type whatever that’s it this bad boy on the bench it’s linked down below. Let me know what you think about it: now: the fun stuff we’re going out of the field having some fun and seeing some shenanigans in three two one here in the field gt behind me. It is the diatone taken tycam, whatever it is, link down below we’ve done the i guess the baby brother. This is the big brother version. The three inch with some badass motors on here, we’re gon na fly. It around have some fun to bump into some things. Trevor, i don’t know what you’re doing behind me, but i kind of like it and we’ll finish. This review show you some dvr see what the grumpy brother think grumpy bugger thinks and find out. Is this a good purchase for you if you want this style of cine cine drone cine quad, whatever you want to call it? Is this going to be a good one? Are there some other options out there we’ll discuss all those stuff, all those things and really find out how it flies let’s.

Do it and don’t trust trevor, whatever he’s doing behind me in three two one? What are you doing? What are you doing? Hey, hey what’d. I do anything guys come on. You can just point it at me all right. You ready trev yeah. All ready. Look at this got something to show you Music, it’s, probably not even gon na. Oh okay, it’s, just what you wanted right. That’S tickling, your fancy! So now this is a bit different because normally they’re like a pusher quad, but not this one that’s just so pretty what about some night flying, i don’t think so mate. You wait till the let’s start, the turbines Music. He gets nothing. He gets some sausage. Now. Look i’m just going to freeze this here. Do a bit of a voiceover. I had no idea that this was happening. Trevor was all on saying to me: you should uh, you should film this dvr you and talk at the same time. Just do it live and i was like i don’t do that i was like yeah, you do so they convinced me to record this all at the same time, so uh. What they could do is film me and putting this in my face. So i had no idea that this was happening in the background, which makes it even more hilarious, and i didn’t understand until i got home and looked at this footage so anyway, we’re going to press play continue with the review, but i just want to make it Known that i had no idea any of this was happening, which makes it even more strange to things that i could mention so you’ll see i’ve guarantee you in for a laugh.

What are you guys doing? I don’t trust you. What is happening? Hey come over here for a sec, yeah gunner’s right there mate. I can see you in the fpv. What are you doing? Oh? This is why oh i see now. No, i reckon you should it’s all coming together, here’s what they say: stu you should fly and talk at the same time that might make your job if it is used to always do that now, you should try it a bit different. I see let’s wait till stuart’s in the goggles and he can’t see what’s happening and then you guys are filming and i i feel like a no joke like i can smell sausage, no joke. I could smell something like i’m at the butcher’s mate. What is happening here, pigment of your imagination? Okay, i just i don’t – want to watch the footage back let’s talk about this drone you’re distracting me all right, um yeah cruising this thing around i’ve got to put it. It. Doesn’T really have much poke at all, because it’s not really designed for that. I, like the props it’s, got on the out like the protection it’s got on the outside. I can’t trust you guys at all so i’m, just going to be a professional. The camera looks gorgeous the reception. Is nice let’s see what it’s like on a full punch it just? It does feel a uh a little bit sluggish all right.

Let’S me. Let me put it into self level mode, hopefully that’s on it’s not going to be that one. Maybe this one there we go let’s see what it’s like trying to be very controllable. I can feel bugs on my face there’s little spiders or whatever from under that tree yeah. It looks like to me a very bad star, trek cgi plane well cruising around it’ll look pretty yeah. I think it would look cool at uh at night time in the dark. You know yeah. You know what i actually feel like. I prefer the other one cruising around um. They had a really little one. I flew the other week with jono when we were out here and that flew a bit nicer. It felt a bit better on the sticks. Someone feels just a little bit sluggish and it’s meant to have a gopro on the top as well. Probably not my favorite uh one of these, but look they’ve never been known for performance. I should make that make that point known as well. I’M, really looking forward to having to go this one all right. My i think i’ve had enough actually uh for me, i’m. Well, trevor block your ears because i wouldn’t want to corrupt your review with mine, but it’s, not um it’s. Not my favorite feels a bit sluggish. I don’t mind the look of it but uh i wouldn’t be i’m, not excited by it at all it’s stable.

Maybe it would be a decent camera platform, but it’s, not uh, not the one that i’d be choosing, but anyway let’s uh bring it in Music. Don’T trust you guys in the slightest just a figment of your imagination, all right all right, it’s, one of the best tour games you’ve had i don’t even want to watch this footage back, but what we should do let’s hand it over to grumpy trev uh. Hopefully, oh it’s beeping at me, what’s that mean blow battery, probably um and i’ll. Stop my dvr let’s hand it over to gt and see what he thinks. Are you ready to do it you ready to give me the camera while you’re behind the goggles? You trust me right here: gt mate, i’ve got a spider hanging off my camera. Get out of here uh. This is the tie. Can from diatone what do it look like in the air? What are your thoughts, impressions, all that sort of stuff, and then you can have a rip what’d? It look like in the air yeah. Oh you didn’t, like it. No okay, oh look! This thing looks really good. I’Ve got to admit it does look good. I, like the look of it. I always had a soft soft spot for one of these things but uh. What do you think about the leds and stuff in there? Oh look that’s just a bit of a wank. Actually, i think it’s uh. That means not good yeah, all right yeah, i just bit overkill: okay, uh yeah, look up after watching you! I don’t really want to fly this, but i will for the sake of the review, because it didn’t look that good all right let’s.

Do it all right point that, at your face, i’ll start the dvr Music it’ll, probably survive Music? What am i looking at? Oh, my god, dude all right trevor talk to me: it’s noisy mate, oh it’s, noisy it’s, we’re in self level mode. Probably too are we. Oh, you want me to flick it out of that yeah uh, you ready yeah! Well, that made a big difference. Is that psychology? This? Can you do a flip? With this thing, you can try mate. What what do you like that it’s, probably not really made for yeah it is made for filming stuff i’ve, never really been big into this craze of quad yeah well you’re in the tree you’re on the ground mate. This is almost as bad as you’re trying to drive here there we go geriatrics on the sticks, that’s the name of our new segment, new segment geriatrics on the sticks today with gt trying to fly. Oh this yeah it’s. Really, this is how it’s talk to me. Drone that’s great one, one yeah you give this a one. I don’t, like, i think, it’s a piece of but let’s be let’s, be uh. What do you call it all right, you’re, giving this a one in performance, that’s performance uh? Well, no! I suppose it is probably a three okay um it’s about three hundred and thirty dollars. What aussie? Oh sorry so let’s say about 250 u.s. You got to be kidding me you’re, not a fan, no it’s, probably about 200 bucks too much.

Okay. Who would you recommend this for nobody, honestly, this don’t like it? No, this is, i don’t even know why most of their time, but the best part about this is the leds yeah yeah. The motors are nice but they’re on the wrong quad yeah yeah yeah. It looks the camera’s not too bad either. Actually, uh. Look, i suppose, for a uh. Oh, this is just horrible. Are you having fun that’s horrible to fly no that’s a piece of i can’t? I’M? Sorry, but uh, no i’m, not sorry, it’s! Crap! Look i it’s! Well and truly overpriced it. It looks way better than what it is. Yeah it’ll get flies. What’S. The shame is the original type, the other one, the little brother. It actually was. Really nice yeah. Oh look, it’s it’s, just not fun that’s. How i felt it’s not fun uh, it doesn’t feel smooth. I i just won’t. Even i don’t recommend this one. If you’ve got money to burn and uh, you don’t enjoy your fight. One of these, too easy all right, hey guys, hang on all right, uh, you wan na hold that for a second, yes, i just i’ll unplug it. No! You leave your battery on there because i don’t trust whatever you’re gon na do with it. The uh i like the antenna, i should say you get a nice antenna. Foxy oh yeah lollipop is nice yeah, some camera protection at the front. Yeah um, yeah it’s, like all the components, are pretty nice.

It just doesn’t flop. You you do your reviews there. You go. What are you gon na say nice velcro strap the uh final thought hang on. That is probably the best part about it. All right, trevor’s, uh trevor’s, not a fan, he’s dropping the mic. Didn’T break that antenna all right. Thanks trevor, you can pick that up mate right. This, whose show is that is that kitten don’t buy it guys? Okay, if you do no instead of buying it sends you the money all right there we go sign up to my patreon link is down below. Thank you very much trevor for that brutal honesty, all right, all righty. Oh there, it is there’s my review of the diatone. I guess i should possibly review my friendship circles as well. The crazy part is, i had no idea any of that was happening until i got home and i reviewed the footage. So thank you very much there gunner and trevor for that extra sausage in the face. But as far as this drone review goes uh, i got ta say it just didn’t excite me: it didn’t feel that great i i kind of liked the look of it and stuff it just felt like a i don’t know just a bit sloppy on the sticks. I should say so anyway that’s it. Let me know what you think. Let me know what you think about: grab your trevor and gon na link those this will be linked down below.

What do you think about this charlie t shirt as well? Hopefully, you guys enjoyed it because my aim is to not only inform you guys and entertain you about fpv, but just brighten up your day as well, because you guys are awesome uh. What i want to say is be kind to each other and most importantly, be kind to yourself. Why? Because you deserve it, you are kind people, and i want to say thank you very much for being here. Hope you enjoyed it subscribe for more fpv, related content.