Let me switch right. Okay were back here for the unboxing portion of the video here for the nahimi um nh330 drone and um ive kind of taken everything out of the box here so that we uh. You know we saved time. You know its just just kind of a plain uh. You know playing box here: uh plain white box, theres, the you know black light picture of the drone theres some of the branding uh, some of the specs here um go over them real fast with you. Its got altitude hold uh 360 rotate emergency stop headless mode. Three speed switch 360 flip and one key take off and landing so thats about it on the box kind of a kind of a plain generic looking box, nothing wrong with that, of course, and it came in a nice like blister pack type thing with a cover. So it came in very secure the drones in a great shape. So before i show you all that im going to show you, it comes with a a quick start guide and a a a user manual. So it comes with both of them, and you can see the user manual is a little bit bigger. I guess you know showing that it has more information, so well, go through all these before the first test flight and we got a uh award, activate your warranty card free free 12 month, warranty, so thats good and then uh. They got a loading program.

You can join by hitting the qr code on facebook and you can sign up maybe getting a new release free products, so thats always good. Okay. Here we got a goodie bag of stuff. Here, um, you know, im going to go to drove for someone will go over the goodie bag since i got stuff out already. Okay, the nice thing about the drone is um that uh i see in the goody bag theres a battery in there and theres a battery inside of here too so uh it comes with two batteries, and this is a very you know. You know this is a well praised drone, i think its around thirty dollars on amazon.com um. You know if your prime member, you get two day free shipping, so it would like some drones. You order from a site like banggood, you know or or so on, gearbest. This doesnt take, you know a month to come and it arrives just a couple days and the uh. The batter goes in just like this down here, ive taken it out already, but uh. I had it backwards there so inserts there you know, goes in very solid. Its like a little switch there so uh with the drone itself. Uh there is the on off switch there. It has some branding but nahimi there um. You know with a like that. I guess like a little drone picture there, i like the little uh black and white, almost like the you know, kind of lines, or you know when when maybe maybe win effects there uh black uh silver and red theres, it saw that kind of the color on It – and i noticed that you know, of course it has these nice inducted, uh props here, which is good.

You know for indoor fly you can bump on things and not break your props and bump off the walls and just keep flying so thats good, especially a journal like this would be a lot of younger people getting it so a first time flyer. So those bumpers will be a lifesaver as far as uh fulfilling the drone from uh crash crashing burning. So i do notice that has four bladed props in there, which is, which is good. I mean, i think. Usually this type of drone comes. The three braided props is giving you a little bit more performance and lift, which may make a tad better outdoor flower than if you had the three inductive prop um, but these are well covered so that thats a good thing and a drone it um. You know it feels a little bit heavier than you would think would be, so i think it has. You know some some good weight to it, especially you know with a battery in it uh, and i did notice that it has lights, see that light in the front. It has a light. The side light in the back and light on the inside, so its got lights all the way around, and even though this is may not be necessary knife flower, but this is good for orientation. You get a little drill like this more than a few feet away from you and you dont know you know if youre, if youve got the back facing front facing you, so its its tough to keep orientation says lights will really help you out a lot now.

I did say that it had a headless mode on it, which kind of makes it so you dont really need to know the orientation, but a lot of people dont like headless mode. So maybe you dont have to turn on if you dont want to its on its on a switch but um yeah, so uh thats about it. You know um, i you know all the motor specs and stuff like that – well ill link to the uh description on amazon. So you could check all the uh specs like that or whatever this isnt really a spec channel here or whatever um. So, okay thats it with a drone itself. I know you know. I went to the good part first, but as people you know, do the trolling dance but uh so well put the drone down over there. Now we have our controller here. Its again got the tahimi branding on it and um. It looks like it tells you what the functions is: thats always good. So its got your standard. Little thumb sticks here and they feel just like you would expect on it. On these little controllers. Heres, your automatic take off the land button. Heres your on off button uh here is your headless mode button. Here is your 360 flip button and uh. Here is your battery bay back here and uh? Surprisingly, it takes three batteries. Use these little controllers only take two batteries and it looks like it says aaa so through aaa batteries to power.

This thing up so and uh. You know, i dont know what this red piece is. I think its i think it may just be for looks here. I dont think its functional anyway, but uh ill check that out instructions, but its kind of cool. Okay. So thats your you know, standard little, um little peanut controller ill call it for these type of drones. Here you know these little things usually do the job. So um heres our goodie bag already the screwdriver is out so theres your standard, little kind of phillips head screwdriver that you get with these drones and i think its the top replace the props. Okay here is your uh usb charger and uh. I forget what that little can get, that camera focus. Probably cant like i forget what you call that little connector in the end here dont tip my tongue, but uh. You know its uh. Of course it matches up with you. I see a little better in the battery there, so yeah yeah its a little hes, a pretty standard, little um charger for these type of things, im having trouble figuring how this out goes in goes in like this. There we go thats thats, how you insert the charge up here and, of course we get actually got a full set of extra props. You can see its four props in there, so thats good nice set of you know all those extra props and, as i mentioned before, this is a four bladed prop, but you know could be, could be a good thing as doing con as it may eat the Battery up a little bit, we dont know what the battery life is on this, but and it has this standard, i dont know what you call it.

You know it kind of goes over like a a small pin and you just push it down and you know not my favorite setup there you, you tend to lose these, but you know with this inducted um. You know uh props, here, thats – probably not an issue here but um. You know i dont even know how you would get in there. Oh theres the theres, the screws down there to uh. You know get it. You know get in these and replace the blades or you know so on so um yeah, so thats real good. They sent you all those extra full set extra props. So, okay, i think that about covers it. For the unboxing portion of the video i mean we will charge these batteries up and go for like kind of an indoor flight here see how it performs indoors and uh. If it does well indoors, we may take it outside maybe to the back porch and see how she does outside on kind of a low wind day, um yeah, so im looking forward to getting this little guy in the air here um, you know i you know. I know ive had stuff like this, my channel in the past, but you know these things. These things are, hopefully you know they kind of get a little bit better every year. So hopefully this is even better than the last one i reviewed as far as uh flight performance, and so now i i know a coup.

If i havent said this, this does not have camera on it. This is not a camera drone. This is just a you know: a fun flyer uh and its probably too small than that much of a camera. Maybe you could put like a one theres little. You know um uh. What do you call those little fpv style? Uh things that connect to something i mean it feels like you know. Hopefully you can put some little type of camera on it, but uh for the most part, its just a fun flyer, its not meant to be any type of a camera drone. So, okay um, you know just uh. You know stay right where you are folks and we will be right back with that. First test flight um: i think ive got it in raid three ive clicked the the uh button on the right three times, but ive got im dealing with some wind here, so its still having trouble fighting this wind, even raid, three yeah ive got ta, keep it Full stick from having not below to my left here you know. Maybe i need to uh calibrate it its hovering a little bit better. Now, im gon na bring it down and calibrate it all right, yeah its really fighting the wind out here um i floated, unfortunately off camera and it did really good and uh. You know flying without a whole lot of wind, but uh its just tough in the wind i mean i cant even show you like a flip or anything, because if i even attempt to stop steering it for just a micro second um its gon na fly, you Know away with this wind here you know i have to do nothing but full throttle the whole time at the trolling, its just uh not made, for you know, uh the kind of wind im facing out here i mean im getting like little gusts, but im trying To fly between the houses here, but you can see its really moving around with the wind its behind me now and i cant get enough.

You know um to get it forward when that winds blowing it so its gon na be a short flight test here. I hope to to get a little bit of a little bit. Less windy environment were back with the you know the little um little nahihi, drone uh, you know sorry thats, the correct pronunciation and before we um we get outside to do a a flight test. I just want to get you real familiar with the uh controller here now. Lets lets go over all the um functions of the controller in detail here and im going to start. You know left to left here, work my way around okay. Now this up here is your uh headless mode button right here. If you sure presses headless mode, a long press makes it do a um. I forget what they call this, but a rotation itll. You know this is the uh i got. My bearings here was the front uh of the camera. Um yeah itll do a like a 360 rotate um and i think it keeps doing it well test it in the field until you stop it, but thats a long press to do the 360 rotate and a short press to go in the headless mode. Okay. Now this stick here is your uh thats, really kind of throttle up and throttle down and, of course, uh. You know you can uh. You know yall to the left and uh yall to the right, but you also can press it down to change speed mode.

You hear like that little click there so youd be like at speed one or you know, rate rate two and rate three. This babys got three rates on it. So by clicking this, you change your rates. Um this button is your automatic automatic land button. Of course, if its on the ground, its going to be automatic takeoff, if its in the air, its going to be a automatic land, okay over here, is your uh on off button and this uh its a little hole there now, but itll be an indicator light On uh, you know when the drone is turned on itll turn uh. You know uh red agreed depending on the charge of the battery, and now this here is your directional. Stick, you know you, can you know this push it up and make it go? You know forward, you know if you have a head away from you forward, uh backwards towards you. You know, of course, uh you can have it move to the left or you know, move to the right and not not just yall the whole drone, and but it has another secret trick here. If you push it down, it allows you to trim it up. It calls fine tuning in the manual, but in the old days um it was called trimming. So you push it down and you can trim it like, say, for instance, its its bearing too much the less. So you would, you know, trim it to the right.

A little bit so it wouldnt it wouldnt move to the left as much or any other. I just said that you know it could be any anyway. You need to trim it you you do it by pushing this down. You hear like a click just like you did with the speed race there, okay and finally up top here. We have our 360 degree flip button here. So just a short press theyll do one complete 360 degree uh flip. So you know – and you can flip like crazy, but remember every time you you do a flip. It takes a pretty good hit on your battery, so uh. If you flip a lot, youre gon na have a shorter flight, so thats a thats, a detailed look at the um, the the remote controller for the nahimi drone and uh. Okay. Now the next part of the video well well have it out in the field and well do a little flight test for you. But i just wanted to you know know exactly you know what controls did. What before im out in the field and im kind of shouting out, you know what im doing youll youll know exactly what button needs to be pushed to do uh the functions. I show you during a test flight, all right, um, to stay tuned for the next portion of this video cant keep as low as i can here that way less affected by the wind.

I think i dialed in a little bit better now i just had lower when i get a wind gust oops there. It goes theyre the way its fighting to win it. Ive lost control, im just gon na kind of bring it down as low as i can there we go now. Ive got control back so yeah. You got ta watch yourself in the wind. With this uh im gon na give you, the indoor flight will be a little bit more uh, more representative, how well it flies all right. Folks, i got the uh little uh. You know the nahimi drone here, im gon na do a little indoor uh test flight. Try to do uh outdoors, but i can never catch a day where you know its either. You know its either too. Windy like today is its sunny outside, but its uh, too windy, and as soon as the breeze comes along it just takes. I live at the shore, so its extremely breezy at the jersey shore. You, you may have better luck, you know if you live in land, you know where you have uh, you know the breeze dies down, or whatever i mean i actually did fly this one time. Um, you know on the back porch uh on on a windlass day uh, but i did not film it. I just i just got it. I was just testing it out to see how it didnt fly. It flew well, you know with no breeze, but i mean days weeks have gone by either get breezy rain, uh the suns not out or whatever so lets.

Just uh do a little indoor flight and see how we make out, and so i think, ive showed you uh. I dont know if i shoot the desktop okay, the power buttons on the top here um – and this is the front. The drone is kind of slim down important. So you push that in and you see, the blue lights actually has lights all around blank. So um, then you hit the power button on here. Ill show you just the desktop, and then you uh you hit this uh left throttle up down, and now you bound so now youre ready to you know, youre ready to fly, take off. So what you want to do to take off is you want to uh push this button up and ill start the motors, and then you hit this um this button here to launch it. Okay, so weve lost okay, so here we go, they were removed pretty good. Here it flies real nice, this guy, how to the how to hold. So when i fly over something i think that affects it a little bit, but this is a little flyer. You fly up to the camera here best i can. I dont manually fly my thing more these days, so um im, not the manual flyer. I used to be so bear with me here, so you can see the lights on it. The blue one outside the blue on that side, the white, the front and the red in the back, so okay lets try some uh lets.

Try the flip here, its a delayed flip. I hope that got the camera hold one more time, one more time. Okay, i think you got that camera okay, thats the uh thats a 350 flip lets. Do the at that rotate thing: okay, uh! Let me see here, i think its twice on it. Ive got headless mode. Unfortunately, let me take it out headless, so i got in catalyst when i got confused. I i dont fly headless mode, much anymore, the headless button, if you do something to it like double press its supposed to make the drone rotate through six and ive hit it before but uh. I dont know exactly how i did it. Let me try again yeah im. Sorry i cant get. I cant figure out how to do the 360 rotate here, but it works. Ive done it before and of course uh. This is your uh. This button over here is your ring button. Now ive turned to a lower rate, then ive turned to high rate rate. One is great ones real slow. This. I think this is great to raise two five for inside said this little flyer. Sorry, i cant do any outdoor testing its just again even right through it just blows it up right away from me. I cant even like keep it in camera, so this is not a um. This is predominantly an indoor flyer. You cant fly um. You know outdoors. If you have almost zero wind conditions but uh if you live in a breezy place like the jersey shore, its not too many of those days, but this thing flies like a you know a lot like a champ indoors, so this would be like excellent uh, beginner Um type of growth i want to you know i dont.

I didnt set time to hear so well, just time it off the video how long, how long, how long this thing flies for. I think it was to four to five minutes. Of course, less outdoors and less if you use the higher uh frame rate, i mean frame rate the higher speeds that really grass flying good. You know what i think yeah there we go. We really got it flying good. Now, look weve got the speed going there. Theres, a great one, real nice good, good indoor rate for beginners, nice and slow Applause. You know no problem at all excellent little flyer and its got these um. You know i showed you, the im gon na call them the top guards the bumpers, whatever you want to use, so you can bump it off walls in there im not gon na bump it off the wall. One side because i dont wan na i dont tip and paint but uh. Let me turn around for you see that light flashes, that red light that shows thats showing that the battery is uh its free, it landed. It went back landing, but it landed right at the foot of the tripod on low battery. So lets stop the clock here and uh thatll give us a good uh test of the battery time. I did have a fully charged battery, so were gon na were gon na turn it off right here, just by holding it down for just seconds and then the controller off and again i do like the fact that it has these uh these lights for orientation.

These blue, you got a red in the back and a white in the front, so um, you know i dont fly badly much anymore im, mostly flying gps camera drones. Now so my um, my manual flying skills uh, have declined but uh, but you know i did do a little um. You know uh moving around in here, so it did help me. Keep my orientation im. Sorry, but i went into um headless mode uh. I i really its been a while since ive flown headless mode, so you know headless mode it doesnt matter. If you um, you turn, you know the the the direction of the head of the drone doesnt matter anymore. Whatever you know, whatever moving way you remove, the trigger will come back to you or the the throttle come back to your go away, but uh even thats kind of confusing. So i got kind of confused on it. So um and uh this button over here should have been uh. This is my 360s, which you demonstrate in the video this button here. One one headless bone two should make it go into a little 360 turn, but i cannot get that to work, but i had got it working well, it did fly outdoors off camera one time, so it does work. I just couldnt remember how to do it. So uh and again this is your you know clicking. This is your speed button, and this is your trim over here.

You click it. You trim so um. This thing works just as described in the box um it does everything its supposed to do and does it well. You know great little flyer all the functions uh work well in it. If you can remember how to do them, like that 360 turn but uh, you know im im really happy with this drone.