So this is the new. I guess theyre not really calling the v2, but the essentially is a v2 of the um. This is the flash transmitter, the flash tx theres 2.4 gigahertz module. This is obviously the micro module, not the nano sized. So i did a video a while back on these black version ones, and this one here is also the 2.4 gigahertz micro module um. They i think um were making a 900 megahertz black v1 as well. Back then, im not sure if i showed in that video or not, but it doesnt look like they have a gray v2 and 900 megahertz. Yet, as far as i know – and this part does seem to be fairly um hard to get its – they did have some stock at pyrozone and a few other places, but its quickly going on stock, and i dont know the reasons why that is now the reason They went from this v1 to the v2 other than obviously the screen which ill talk about here shortly is because of the chip shortage. The v1 here was based on the at least for the mcu. The basic the processing unit was based on the stm32 chip, which is um pretty much impossible to get now or so expensive um. They cant really use it. So they stop production on these. You cant get these anymore. These v1 theyre pretty. If theres any stock left there, you know pretty hard to find, as far as i know, thats pretty much all gone and when they switched from the stm32 to the esp32 chip, which is the more common ship now for express lrs, they came out with this new Model here and um all of the ways that the you update and everything like that, for example, theres no usb port here on the v1, whereas theres one down here on the v2 and to do the update um via these little pins.

Here i think i had to get inside here and do the uh like something called st link, which is kind of complicated. There obviously was documentation on the express website explaining how to update this model. So if you want to go back to that video or links to the extra sellers website, all the explanations are going to be in that video im not going to cover that again in this video. But i just wanted to explain what the differences are and why it changed and why you cant get this anymore, so now that they have this new v2 model with the updated chip in there, it does have the wi fi capability, which is how i updated this To v2 now i think it came with some sort of, like maybe rc version of e2 on here already the button didnt work, the screen works and just show you some status information on here, but the button doesnt work and when i flash it to the latest Version of 2.0 it still doesnt work. I dont know why theres information out there. Some people were telling me that the button works on this one so thats. Why i acquired this and it does not so theres some fake news out there false information. I dont know why people are saying that maybe theres some sort of special firmware. I need to flash to this that you cant get through express sellers configurator. If thats the case.

Let me know and ill update the video i did go to the on the memno rc dot com website, where theres no website there just get a blank like a error, page um, nothing, there, no support there, uh so im, not sure where people are saying they Can get these firmware files these mysterious firmware files to get the button to work um? I didnt see a pull request either. So maybe yeah someone could explain to me down in the comments. Let me know how to get this button work. I know that on the um beta fpv module, you can get there, custom forked firmware to get the button to work and if you just want to get the standard express, lrs 2.0 uh build, the oled screen will work as well, but the button wont work. So you can do the same thing you do on this in the manual module itll work as well. Of course, this ones only 500 milliwatts, the beta fpv version. This one here does go up to 1 watt, like the the v1 so uh. If youre looking for one watt express lrs, this one will do that, but i think right now in banggood um you can get the module by itself um and you can get the receiver with the built in smd antenna. The ceramic antenna or the tower antennas is oftentimes referred to. As now. I actually picked up the module plus the three receivers, so theres, two of them here and it comes with the standard receiver, which comes with the um and basically the dipole antenna and the ufl connector um, and also when you get the wires, are included in here.

As well as some heat shrink pretty standard stuff here but yeah, i got the bundle, but that one is out of stock. So the only parts you can get at least im being good are the module. You can get that its like 55 right now and then the receiver with the tower antenna, not this version. This version is out of stock and i think its not coming back until like february or something like that. So anyway, they did update the receiver as well. As you can see, this is their half size, nano receiver, its similar in size to like the happy model ep ep1 ep2, and it does come with the esp32 chip and with the wi fi radio. In here for updating and by the way, um now that this module has the uh usbc port, you cant update via usbc. However, i think it needs a different driver and i was not able to get it to work on my computer and i do have all the standard drivers installed. So im, not really sure whats. Up with that, i did update mine via wi fi and i just followed the instructions on the express lrs website uh for this module. So this is the the new updated module theres. I think three different methods of updating this and i think i use method number two, which is the basically you um put this into like itll, just go into wi fi hotspot mode, and then you connect it to your home network and then express lrs.

Configurator will see it on the network and then, when you do the build and flash youll upload it directly to the hotspot here, thats created and thats how it will update. So i think thats, probably the going to be your most reliable method. If you do it that way, i was not able to get the usbc method to work and um. I think theres another way you can get it to update via the transmitter, but i heard that some people werent able to get that to work either. Now. Youre, probably wondering whats up with the screen here. There is a screen sticker right here that youre supposed to put on. I actually just didnt, bother to put it on um, but yeah thats not installed from the factory, and you do get this moxon. I think this is a moxon antenna and it is sma, not rp sma and, as far as i know, all these modules are basically have sma antennas thats. That seems to be what everything comes with, even though some people say rps may should be the standard, and then you get a standard dipole antenna as well in the box and then uh. This one comes with this little. I think this is for the qx7 to get the crossfire or the baud rate to its a baud rate fixed something like that. So if you need to mod your um qxo, i think this chips included in in the bundle.

This is the the bundle with the module and the three receivers, so the voltage range on the or the input voltage range on the xd30. I think its like six to 16 volts, so basically 3s voltage im going to put a 2s battery in here. So it turns on and you get the screen, but yeah just show you the button doesnt work. Obviously you can. If you get the v2 lua script on your open, tx radio, it will work no problem, but until version 2.1 of express lrs comes out when all the oled screens and buttons are supported. Uh, you wont be able to use this on um non open, tx radio to control the settings here, uh. So so, if youre looking at this and thinking that you can get this for those non open, tx radios, youre gon na – have to wait a little bit until they update to version 2.1 thats going to be when its officially supported for this module. Okay, so just to take a quick look inside. If you want to see what this looks like theres a actually the jr module connector there and then theres, actually a cable with the connector here and also another connector on the board. Theres a bunch of uh boot. Loader buttons here, one is for the backpack and the other one is for the main controller unit, the main mcu so im thinking that i might need to probably press one of these bootloader buttons down.

When i powered on to get the usbc um flashing to work, i yeah. Actually, i didnt see that before. Okay, so here is what it looks like on the other side where the heatsink is so the heatsink uh. You see the fan. There blows on the heat tank and theres some fins there that stick outside in the front of the case, thats. What you saw earlier of course, theres a little plug there for the fan, and you see the screen as before. But it looks like the heatsink is glued to the uh, this back side of this board. This pcb, let me see there, i dont see it actually attached to any chips like you would expect. In fact, i think this is the same way beat fpv did theirs, and i think they were highly criticized for that. You can see the control units here. These are the main chips here that are all the the chips that control the backpack and the main mcu theyre on the other side of the board so looks like they did the same thing. I dont im not sure why i dont think i any saw any other videos on this particular module that showed this but um interesting that this, and this is yet another second module here. That does the same thing with the heatsink on the wrong side. I guess, or i dont know, if thats the right side um, you guys, can tell me in the comments below uh.

Why were seeing it like this? I suppose you know the heat sinks should be on the side with the chips are so theyre actually directly cooled, but i think i heard i saw a post from beta tv said that it doesnt really matter um, that the heat dissipation is adequate even with the Heatsink on the other side, so it probably isnt going to be a problem. This one either even at um full power at 1 watt. But, of course, their module is only 500 milliwatts, so im off to see how this actually does at one watt, um yeah people have a follow up video later. Let me know if youre interested in that uh interesting anyway. I think its going to cover for this video uh. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below on this module. I know that a lot of people think this is a really nice module. I mean it looks um from a build quality. Everything looks very nice. I do wonder about why theres a ufl connector here with nothing on it. I wonder what thats for this is the main antenna here that the sma comes out, and then this ufl connects over here thats for the main transmitter, but im thinking thats for the possibly for the wi fi backpack, but um with no antenna connected and kind of Wondering if thats uh, not a good thing, uh yeah, let me know what you guys think about that in the comments below as well.